Parents, students protest school principal’s extended absence

Parents and students held a rally outside Norwalk City Hall Tuesday night to protest the lack of information about the leave of absence that has kept  Concord Magnet School Principal Medard Thomas off work since late November.

“We have no timeline and no information,” said parent Nicole Chu about Thomas’ absence on paid leave since Nov. 29. ”We understand that it could be potentially private, personal information, but at least let us know what’s going on and when we can see our principal again.”

Thomas has been principal of grades K-through-8 school on Hunters Lane since 2015. A statement by Norwalk Public Schools issued Dec. 8 said Thomas was “on leave with pay and without prejudice pending resolution of a personnel matter.”

It declined to provide further information citing confidentiality of school personnel issues, adding: “We are working promptly to resolve the matter.”

“We’re going to keep making noise and letting people know that we support our principal until he’s reinstated and he comes back to us,” Chu said.

The school’s assistant principal, Jennifer Scanlon, has been serving as interim principal.

The rally, held before the start of a Board of Education meeting, was relocated to City Hall from its planned location outside school grounds at the request of school officials. The crowd of about twenty people included Concord parents and students.

“A common criminal gets more decency than Mr. T got,” said parent Lillian Cenatiempo. “A common criminal is innocent until proven guilty. He was immediately removed, so what assumption are we supposed to make when someone is automatically removed?”


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  1. Bryan+Clark

    These people have no understanding of privacy and personnel matters. Do they even work? He’s on PAID leave, he wasn’t transferred, fired, or criminally charged. If he wants the parents to know the reason he can tell them himself. They have NO right to know. How do they know it’s not something so egregious that they wouldn’t be supporting his return? No clue!

  2. Bryan Meek

    @Bryan. Or maybe they are aware of how the BMHS principal was railroaded out of the district in basically the same fashion. My guess is like that person, this one will be fully exonerated at some point from false allegations, but they’ll be long gone from NPS. What a recruiting tool.

    1. Bryan+Clark

      I get the impression that due to your distaste of the Super, any action she takes against an employee is viewed as wrong and spiteful. So pretty much no principal can do any wrong and every accuser is a liar 👍🏼

      1. Bryan Meek

        I never said anything about the super. Those are your words.

  3. Dee Laws

    Like many other parents and students we miss our principal and are showing our support, and desire to see action taken.

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