Parsing the Supreme Court’s ‘vicious’ horse ruling

HARTFORD, Conn. – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy renewed his push for legislation Wednesday to protect horse owners from additional liability following a Supreme Court decision regarding “Scuppy,” a horse that bit a child in 2006.

Malloy proposed the legislation last month in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a lawsuit stemming from the 2006 incident, during which the horse bit a toddler at a farm in Milford.

Horse owners fear that the lawsuit and resulting precedent could impact how horses are perceived by insurance companies. In 2012, a state Appellate Court ruling in the case concluded that horses were vicious, inclined to mischief, and possess a natural propensity to bite.

Through a summary of an opinion published Wednesday, the Supreme Court indicated it was ruling in favor of the young boy who was bitten, and decided that horse owners have a responsibility to prevent injuries that are foreseeable.

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