Pedaling on

(Paul Cantor)

So what’s ya pedaling?

Usually a bike.  But today, a walk.  Stay close.  But keep a distance. The sun is shining, birds are blooming, flowers chirping, rivers burbling, woods beckoning …

Yes, we are in Norwalk and


And I’m thinking I miss a lot when on my bike or in my car.


Like these signs outside so many peoples’ houses thanking and celebrating the brave hard working health care workers, first responders, grocery store employees, truck drivers, mail deliverers, etc. who make it possible for us to be out walking like this.

You’re­ losing me.

(Paul Cantor)

No.  We’re still in Norwalk.  Again, stay close.  But keep a distance.  Did you see that Op. Ed. by Sandel in the Times in which he wrote that the coronavirus pandemic has suddenly forced us to reconsider what social and economic roles matt­er most?

Do you know where you are going?

Yes.  And then he pointed out that any of the essential workers during this crisis are performing jobs that do not require college degrees; they are truckers, warehouse workers, delivery workers, police officers, fire fighters, utility maintenance workers, sanitation workers, supermarket cashiers, stock clerks, nurse assistants, hospital orderlies and home care providers.


So I wonder how much they are being paid.

Where are we?

Flax Hill Road.  Take a look at that Church.  The Church of God at 463 Flax Hill Road.  That’s what the sign out front says.  Never even knew it was there.  And now we are at 328 Flax Hill Road.  Fodor Farms.  Built in 1802.

(Paul Cantor)

Woops.  Watch out! Time to wave and cross.  So many people just like us out walking or biking and taking in the sights and…

Hey where are we now?

Still Norwalk.   But I’m not sure exactly where.  Sorry about that.  Too often my eyes are open but I don’t notice where I am.   Now on these walks I am noticing more.

Such as?

Such as the woods and rivers and stone walls and beaches (now empty of people) and harbor views and  privately owned creatively landscaped properties.

Makes me appreciate how spectacular is the New England countryside where I live.

Yep, these walks are opening up my eyes.

Figuratively speaking.


Paul Cantor

(Paul Cantor)

(Paul Cantor)

(Paul Cantor)

(Paul Cantor)

(Paul Cantor)

(Paul Cantor)


Barbara Meyer-Mitchell May 18, 2020 at 1:31 pm

Paul, do be careful off the beaten path, especially in May. Tick nymphs are tiny and hard to detect, but can still transmit awful tick borne diseases. One can treat one’s pants, shoes and socks with Permethrin to protect against them! May is Lyme Disease awareness month. 🙂

Scott Vetare May 18, 2020 at 5:11 pm

JustaTaxpayer, yes every day there’s more than you can imagine. It’s disgusting!

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