Peña, Perone officially approved for public campaign funds

Primary Dems
Bruce Morris and Warren Peña (top, from left) will face off in the 140th District primary Aug. 12, while Chris Perone and David Watts (bottom, from left) battle in the 137th. Peña and Perone were approved for state funding Wednesday afternoon.

NORWALK, Conn. – All of Norwalk’s primary election candidates have now officially qualified for state campaign funding from the Citizens’ Election Program.

As indicated would be the case in emails sent last week to both Warren Peña and Chris Perone, the program voted Wednesday to approve funding for both campaigns. Because both candidates are Democrats running in primaries in what are considered as primarily Democratic districts, both will receive grants for $27,850.

Peña, the former at-large Norwalk City Councilman, is running in the 140th Connecticut State Legislative District against four-term incumbent Bruce Morris, who won the Democratic Party backing with a strong showing at the party’s nominating caucus.

“Over 150 Norwalk donors contributed to bring real change in leadership to the 140th District,” according to a Thursday press release from Peña’s campaign.

“I am extremely excited that all of my support is coming from residents of Norwalk,” Peña said in the release. “They truly want to move in a different direction from the status quo and I look forward to finishing the campaign strong.”

The Perone campaign also issued a release, quoting the District 137 five-term incumbent as saying, “First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone that contributed to my campaign. It’s been a great pleasure to serve you for the past 10 years and it’s a joy to see that people stand with me as strongly as they were when I was first elected.”

Perone is being challenged by District A two-term Common Councilman David Watts, who edged Perone at the district caucus for the Democratic Party nomination.

Perone will now focus on continuing to reach out to voters by knocking on doors across Norwalk, his release said.

“Whether it’s talking to parents about the increases in education funding and Pre-K seats or speaking with working class families about job programs, tax credits and the renewed economic revitalization of our city, I’ve always relished having the chance to chat with my constituents and understand their issues,” Perone said.

To qualify for the CEP, a candidate must raise $5,000 and have at least 150 contributors from within Norwalk.

“Participation in CEP promotes clean and fair elections while minimizing the destructive force of outside interests from influencing elections through indiscriminate spending,” Perone’s release stated. “Perone has always been a firm supporter of public financing and is committed to it’s vision of transparency and inclusion that is central to the democratic ideals of America.”


7 responses to “Peña, Perone officially approved for public campaign funds”

  1. Bill

    Glad to see Pena was able to get taxpayer funds for his political ambitions from somewhere other than SoNoCC

  2. Carlos Rodriguez

    Amazing! This is what happens when you get fired and then have no plan b, a job or a career. You hold a grudge behind the computer!

  3. Pat Ferrandino

    @Carlos Rodriguez a/k/a Warren

    Congratulations, Warren. FYI, I can’t possibly be Bill, that wouldn’t be allowed. NoN already verified that I’m not Bill. I have no idea who Bill is, but I enjoy reading his comments! Voters take notice. Warren “fires” a volunteer, then character assassinates him for more than a month now. And, you believe people out there will respect you for this nonsense?

  4. LWitherspoon

    One way or another, the taxpayers fund Mr. Pena’s political aspirations. Sad.
    I have never heard of a non-profit “firing” two dedicated workers who were working nearly full time for zero pay.

  5. Bill

    @Warren Pena

    I’m not Pat Ferandino and I never will be so quit claiming I’m that guy. I’ve never even met him, but I have met you and I’m tired of seeing the corruption that goes on at the SoNoCC and within local politics where everyone gets taxpayer money to fund never ending careers of political consultants and political aspirants. It is really sad that these guys can not find work in the private sector […].

    This comment has been edited to remove a potentially libelous statement. Also, Mr. Pena is employed by Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

  6. Bill

    @editor, well northwestern mutual apparently isn’t paying the bills

  7. delgado

    This comment has been disallowed because of our prohibition of trolls.

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