Perone gets National Coalition for Capitol honor, picks up union endorsement

Chris Perone
Chris Perone

NORWALK, Conn. – State Rep. Chris Perone (D-137) has been named a 2014 Champion of Small Business by the National Coalition for Capitol.

The coalition is an organization dedicated to supporting economic development, job creation, and entrepreneurs through increased access to capital.

This is the second time in three years Perone has been so named by the group.

“I want to thank the National Coalition for Capitol for recognizing my efforts to help businesses succeed in the state,” Perone said in a Friday press release. “As House chair of the Commerce Committee, I have been a strong advocate for increased access to capital for small businesses in Norwalk and Connecticut as a whole. I believe in supporting our small businesses because when our small businesses are succeeding, our entire community reaps the benefits.”

“I am not surprised at all by this honor,” says Edward J. Musante, president of the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, in the release. “Chris’s commitment to small businesses extends from Norwalk to the rest of the state. In a difficult economy, he realizes the value that small businesses bring to the health of our communities.

“He proves his expertise every day as co-chairman of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Commerce Committee, which he co-chairs with another Norwalk state representative, Gail Lavielle,” Musante said. “Together they have forged a bipartisan approach to helping the state of Connecticut.”

“Representative Perone has been an advocate for the small business community and has worked tirelessly to improve economic opportunities for both the owners and the employees,” said Joe Brennan, executive vice president of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, in the release. “As chair of the Commerce Committee, we appreciate his leadership in passing the apprenticeship tax credit during the 2014 legislative session.”

Also Friday the Perone campaign announced he has been endorsed by Council 4 AFSCME. Council 4 boasts a membership of over 32,000 state, county and municipal employees across Connecticut, most of whom provide essential public services.

Sal Luciano, executive director of Council 4, expressed the union’s pledge to “do everything we can to help elect candidates like Rep. Perone who are committed to fighting for working families,” citing Perone’s record of support better quality health care, better jobs with stronger job security and workers’ rights, the release said.

Perone has also received endorsements from the International Association of Machinists and the Connecticut Education Association.

Perone, a five-term incumbent, is facing a challenge in the Aug. 12 Democratic primary from Common Councilman David Watts (D-District A). Watts won the Democratic Party endorsement in May in a close vote at the district nominating convention.


13 responses to “Perone gets National Coalition for Capitol honor, picks up union endorsement”

  1. Chris is a hard working legislator….a good listener and solves problems!

  2. longtimedem

    I have always been impressed by Chris’s willingness to listen to his constituents and represent their interests in a quiet and effective manner.

  3. John Hamlin

    Chris Perone does a lot of good things and he’s an impressive guy. And it seems like he works well with others and keeps the partisan rhetoric to a minimum. However, as long as the Democratic party in Connecticut remains in the pocket of the public employee unions instead of making taxpayers the number one priority, there isn’t really much hope for them — or Chris Perone — being able to tackle the fiscal problems that seem to be making Connecticut doomed for the economic status of Detroit. While I am no fan of Scott Walker’s social policies, his fiscal policies and his taking on the public employee unions and fixing Wisconsin’s economy should be an example to every political leader — Democratic and Republican — across the country. We are not talking about private unions, which Walker’s fiscal policies don’t touch — we are talking about public employee unions — which create a corrupt bargain with politicians in Connecticut (we will give you our financial, campaign, and political support in exchange for your vote to increase our compensation) — think Jimmy Hoffa, not Norma Rae!!) If Chris Perone wants credibility and the support of fiscally sensible voters, he will need to align himself with the taxpayers instead of the public employee union bosses.

  4. Rod Lopez-Fabrega

    Chris has always been the quiet guy behind the scenes that actually gets the work done. Glad to see him getting more public attention for his achievements.

  5. piberman

    Is there any disconnect between Mr. Perone’s championing of Gov. Malloy’s tax and spend policies and claims of being a “friend” of small business and public unions ? Can a Legislator be all things to all people – Democrats, small business and public unions ? Looks that way. Lucky us.

  6. peter parker

    @John Hamlin, […] Chris Perone doesn’t need your advice, he has done just fine without you for quite some time.

    This post has been edited to comply with our policy against name-calling.

  7. One and Done.

    Honestly can anyone name one thing this guy has done. I mean besides voting for every job killing economy ruining idea put forth by his party?

  8. Chevy Vega

    Evidently not.

  9. Chevy Vega

    Hello. This guy doesn’t exist.

    1. Mark Chapman

      For those who missed it, here is our Chris Perone profile.

  10. John Hamlin

    Chris Perone may be doing just fine — too bad the State of Connecticut isn’t doing so well under the leadership of Chris Perone and the public-union-loving, fiscally irresponsible General Assembly.

  11. EveT

    Chris Perone is an excellent public servant, ready to listen to people’s concerns and always reading the fine print to gain a full understanding of what each piece of legislation will actually do. He does his work without fanfare, not attracting attention to himself. Wish we had more State Reps like Perone.

  12. Chevy Vega

    Chris Perone is a nobody, and the only reason he is now getting some attention is because David Watts is making him work. What a change. Keep up the heat David.

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