Perone qualifies for the Democratic primary in 137th District

Chris Perone (left) and David Watts.
Chris Perone (left) and David Watts.

NORWALK, Conn. – State Rep. Chris Perone (D-137) has qualified for the Aug. 12 primary election.

Perone, a five-term member of the General Assembly, is facing a challenge from Common Council member David Watts, who won the party nomination in a May district vote.

Perone confirmed his spot on the primary ballot at noon Monday, according to a campaign press release. He filed his petition with more than the 228 signatures require, the release said.

Fellow State Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140) and Norwalk State Senator Bob Duff (D-25) helped Perone get signatures, the release said.

“The reactions of people at the doors was fantastic,” Duff said in the release. “Voters expressed enthusiasm for Chris for his proven leadership and ability to bring real results back to Norwalk.”


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  1. EveT

    Voters will have a choice on August 12. Chris Perone is a thoughtful, intelligent representative with a track record of good work for his constituents.

  2. Carollissima

    Thank god. We need to send Watts back to New Haven. I can remember that he did this very same thing again and again there. He would primary reasonable established office holders and say the most outrageous things to get the uninformed to support him.

    You can see that here http://new-haven-register.vlex.com/vid/tension-marks-competition-ward-aldermanic-205111351

    He ended up in a confrontation with the mayor of New Haven, a Democrat, and accused him of crimes while supporting an opposing candidate. He was asked to leave New Haven after that, and he came here as a manchurian candidate.

    Has not accomplished anything here other than making wild accusations (sound familiar?) and he is not even a resident of the district.

    Perone is the One.

  3. LWitherspoon

    I saw Rep. Perone speak at a public event and while I didn’t agree with everything he said, I was impressed by his thoughtful statements and command of the issues. His challenger, in contrast, is known for impolite outbursts, childish buffoonery, not showing up to Council committee meetings, giving Unions whatever they want, playing the race card at every opportunity, and not paying his property taxes, with unpaid tax bills stretching back to 2011. It’s no surprise that NoN did not endorse David Watts for re-election to Common Council last November. The choice in the 137th on August 12 is clear. Best of luck to Rep. Perone.

  4. Tim D

    Has Watts moved into the district yet?

  5. minimum wage worker


    It didn’t take long for you (Perone Supporter) to go dumpster diving. While you’re looking for stuff on Watts-I hope you find the Branford Eagle article. According to the Branford Eagle ..the FBI visited Mr. Perone’s home during the Roll Your Own (RYO) scandal/ investigation and none of the local media asked any questions. Hmm.

    Mr. Perone has not been charged with a crime but he needs to come clean about the interview.

    Just in case you’re lazy.


    When the State of Connecticut was trying to close a loophole on RYO. “On one side are the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) and the Attorney General (AG). They argue the state is not only losing tax dollars to these businesses but, if legislators turn a blind eye, could actually be in violation of the 1998 tobacco settlement and lose out on those hefty payments.”

    Perone stood on the side of Roll Your Own tobacco companies not the state. Why?


    The status quo doesn’t want to talk about the lack of ECS funding nor any of the local issues facing Norwalk. Obama said it best ” If you don’t have a record to run on …you use stale tactics to scare voters. ”

    Our guy isn’t perfect but neither is yours. Just saying.

    God Bless You, Dave!

  6. New Era

    We can trash talk on the candidate but let’s listen to them in debate and find out who is the best candidate for the democrats that way.

  7. LWitherspoon

    The article you linked is behind a paywall.
    @minimum wage worker aka David Watts
    You can ask Rep. Perone about the FBI interview when you debate him, if you have the courage to debate. Hopefully at the debate you will explain why you have unpaid Norwalk property taxes dating back to 2011.

  8. peter parker

    Congrats to both candidates! May the best man win.

  9. spanner

    A few episodes of the State House meetings on issues would tell most of Norwalk what we have in the State house is useless when it comes to passing bills.No secret the Republicans have no use for those who rep Norwalk.Perone was taking hard hits standing on the floor recently not able to answer simple questions on a failed bill of his recently.This is what Norwalk needs in the Statehouse?

    A five term – member only means in Norwalk 4 terms too many.

    reruns of Ct State house coverage would give any challenger the job once the city watches what Norwalk has in the State house.

    This was not a personal attack its simply fact.

  10. Norewalk Lifer

    Again, the 182th Flying Keyboardists come to the rescue of their candidates!, Look, here’s the long and short of it, Norwalk has turned into a crabbed, complaining, ego centric, spoiled, little town!
    People who didn’t necessarily get along used to work together for the betterment of the town
    Now it’s good sport to attack those who step out to serve politically, they are immediately “guilty” as a function of seeking public office, HOW DARE THEY!
    If any of you experts can do a better job, run, I am sure there are some of us left, willing to be patient and listen to your words, who would give you a chance.

    Norwalk Lifer

  11. One and Done.

    Watts wrote “Perone stood on the side of Roll Your Own tobacco companies not the state”.
    Clearly, letting us know that when it comes to small businesses he will side with the state. That is just creepy.

  12. Minimum Wage Worker (Watts) writes the most hysterical postings – I didn’t think he was so flexible… being able to pat himself on the back like he does in everyone of his own postings (as MWW).

  13. Oyster

    Excellent news. Bring it home Rep. Perone!

  14. we the people!

    This is going to be a great primary.Perone is the favorite but Watts is a workaholic and will not go quietly.

    These two men are good democrats. Let the best man win!

  15. One and Done.

    This comment was disallowed for violating our policy against offensive and personally insult remarks.

  16. LWitherspoon

    @we the people
    Watts a workaholic??? You’re kidding, right? What gainful employment, apart from short-term campaign work, has Mr. Watts had in the past five years? Most workaholics I know have paying jobs and work long hours at them.

  17. we the people!


    I am totally convinced you’re in love with David Watts. Watts is a very talented political organizer and known for winning on a shoe string budget. Making a 10 year incumbent go collect signatures is a great achievement.

    However, Watts will come up short against Perone.

  18. LWitherspoon

    @we the people!
    Why didn’t you answer my question regarding Mr. Watts’s employment history? Disappointing.

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