Personnel panel makes it official: No raise for Rilling

Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling leads Monday’s Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) meeting.

NORWALK, Conn. – During the 2013 mayoral campaign, then-candidate Harry Rilling made it known that, if elected, he would turn down a $23,944 pay raise approved last year by the Common Council.

Wednesday night, his rejection of the raise became official. At a special meeting of the councils’ Personnel Committee, a change to the Pay Plan was approved that allowed Rilling to not accept the increase in his salary.

“He declined an increase … retroactively to 12/31/2013 thru 11/17/2015,” Council Minority Leader John Igneri (D-District E) said in an email. Igneri also sits on the Personnel Committee.

The savings to the city equals about $48,000.

Rilling had repeatedly reaffirmed his intention to reject the raise before and after his election. “I’m not taking any pay raise for the duration of my term as mayor,” he repeated Thursday. He recently told NancyOnNorwalk hs had sent emails to the council and the Finance Department reminding them he did not intend to accept the pay increase and that it should not be included in his upcoming paychecks.


4 responses to “Personnel panel makes it official: No raise for Rilling”

  1. Don’t Panic

    They should use that money to give the council members a raise. It won’t amount to much across 15 people, but it would be nice if we helped them defray the costs of serving a little bit. They are seriously underpaid.

  2. LWitherspoon

    Bravo Mayor Rilling! Way to set an example. Now you can credibly ask city employees to follow your lead and do the same. Will you?

  3. Casey Smith

    I believe there were various other mayors in the past who declined pay raises.

  4. Ken

    Why not, how many pensions is he collecting already? Honestly Im not impressed at all. He will still bring home more than most of us can hope to make this year, just as he has for quite awhile. Refusing any check would be something to boast about, but I think its obvious that the man has ego issues & working simply for the betterment of the City would be beneath him.

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