Photos from Nancy’s vault

This is from the Silver Star Diner. There are no distortions resultant from fancy camera equipment, it’s just how this looks.

NORWALK, Conn. – If you’ve seen me out covering a meeting or an event you know I take a bazillion photographs. I rationalize this by saying I am collecting file images, things I will use later. But guess what? It often doesn’t happen. Much of the best fruit dies on the vine…

So here are a few photographs from the past year. Some of them didn’t get used because they didn’t tell the story as well as some other photograph. Some didn’t get on this site because they weren’t news! Some became outdated before a story came along to pair with them.

Here’s a collection, a 2013  look-back, as it were….


They say people are moving in soon.

Construction workers move materials into place at the Waypointe site in late March on Norwalk’s West Avenue.
Vertical elevation begins in late March at the Waypointe site on West Avenue in Norwalk.



Went into Stepping Stones for a forum about proposed landscape changes for West Avenue on April 10. Came out to find this.

A front moves in over the Stepping Stones Museum for Children in early April.
A front moves in over the Stepping Stones Museum for Children in early April.


Tense council meeting

The Jan. 8 Common Council meeting was memorable, but you won’t find much on this site about it. Here’s a quote from Councilman David McCarthy (R-District E): “The right to a free press in the state of Connecticut does not include the right to commit crimes in pursuit of a scoop.” Right. It doesn’t. And none was ever charged.

Councilman David McCarthy (R-District E), left, and Councilman Matt Miklave (D-District A) point at each other in this composite photograph. The shots are 40 seconds apart. Miklave pointed first.
Common Councilman Matt Miklave (D-District A) and Common Councilman John Igneri (D-District E) listen to a spirited debate.


‘Snow kidding

This winter, if it’s snowing, I stay inside.

Snow falls in early February.

Construction hub

Work continues on Interstate 95 but the new Norwalk Fire House is now in business.

Work continues on the new Norwalk fire house in March, as evidence of work on Interstate 95 sits nearby.
Work continues on the new Norwalk fire house in March.

Tennis anyone?

Golfers made their way to Norwalk’s Oak Hills golf course on March 5.

A woman crosses the parking lot at Oak Hills Park in March.


Parking lot art

I was poking around the area of 127 Fillow St. when I decided those spots on the pavement were worth taking photos of.

Presumably this is gasoline on moisture in the parking across the street of the site of a proposed mosque.



The reflection of the vehicle in the bureau front is kind of cool, I think.

A SoNo storefront in March.


Yankee Doodle sunset

I took this from the Yankee Doodle Bridge. We used one I took about 20 minutes later. I still like this one, too.

The sun sets over Norwalk in June.


Somewhere over Norwalk

Veterans Park, actually.

Norwalk Common Council 061313 075
A rainbow over Veterans Park in June.



Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON) board member Cynthia Bowser has this expression a lot. This photo is from August, before the mass exodus of board members.

Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON) board member Cynthia Bowser expresses herself in August.


Greek Orthodox

Went to see Vinny Mangiacopra as he campaigned at the Greek Festival in August.

Candles sit in sand in August in the lobby of Norwalk’s Greek Orthodox Church.
The interior of the Greek Orthodox Church.


Oyster Festival fun

Yep, this pic is a no brainer for a camera lover.

A child uses the newest attraction at the Oyster Festival.


Glad I wasn’t driving the truck

I got detoured on the way to a Harry Rilling press conference. This was why.

Norwalk firefighters cut the top of a box truck to free it without damaging the Washington Street railroad bridge.
Norwalk firefighters cut the top of a box truck to free it without damaging the Washington Street railroad bridge.
Norwalk bridge strike 103113010-20131101
A box truck sits wedged under the Washington Street railroad bridge on Nov. 1.

Colorful sunshine

Autumn seemed more colorful than in our previous two Novembers here.

Trees are lit up in late day outside Norwalk City Hall.
St. Ladislaus Church peaks through autumn foliage on Nov. 1.


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  1. Sable

    Well, you have ben holding out on us, havet you Nancy? Steeping Stones, Fillow, NEON and the YD bridge all show you have an eye for capturing images. The City Hall in November is a post card. Nice work. Now how about sharing your hidden gems with us more often? Anyway, thank you for sharing them with us Nancy. And thank you both, for all you both do, day in and night out to bring this valuable community news forum to keep us all informed and engaged. Hope all that can step up and chip in to not only keep the lights on but expand. May the new year bring all happiness, prosperity and health. Keep snaping away Nancy. Your doing great.

  2. Casey Smith

    How about a monthly feature with various images? Some of them document events that many of us knew about but didn’t see, like the box truck, and others are just simply enjoyable.

  3. Diane C2

    I totally stink at taking photos, so I’m always amazed and impressed with those who have this skill. I really love nature shots, so the rainbow at Veterans Memorial Park and the sunlit trees at City Hall are my 2 favs. Also absolutely any picture with clouds in it!
    Keep ’em coming Nancy – and thanks for sharing!

  4. Bruce Kimmel

    Very nice. I enjoyed the pictures. Please do this more often.

  5. Phyllis Bolden

    Nancy, the photography is very beautiful. I enjoyed each one! Thank you for sharing!:-D

  6. Eloisa Melendez

    Loved these pictures! Please share more often!

  7. Excellent.

    We all know how many words a picture is worth.

  8. Moina

    You have an artist’s eye, Nancy. Thanks for capturing our community so beautifully.

  9. Cassandra Mineo

    Hi !

    You have a couple gorgeous photos of Norwalk, CT during the fall on your website. Would you be able to tell me when those pictures were taken? I am planning an October wedding in Norwalk and would love to find out what the foliage might look like. Again,,,,,gorgeous photos, any advice you could give me would be wonderful!

  10. Hi Cassandra,

    Thank you. Those were both taken in the first week of November. I think the season might vary a bit from year to year, though. I think it had been lovely for a week or two when I took them.


  11. Cassandra Mineo

    Thank you again for the wonderful advice, we are planning an October 22nd wedding in 2016 so if the foliage looks half as good as it does in your photos I will be happy ! Do you have any more photos of Norwalk in the fall that you could email me? I would so appreciate it ! Thank you again for your time

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