Photos: Goodbye, Norwalk political mainstays

After years of service, none of these men are in Norwalk government anymore.

NORWALK, Conn. – There’s been a changing of the guard in Norwalk, and not just because there’s been a change in administration.

Long before the city knew that Mayor Richard Moccia’s reign would end at eight years, Councilmen Fred Bondi, Nick Kydes and Carvin Hilliard made it clear that they were through. All three have been Norwalk movers and shakers for a long time, especially Bondi, who once ran for mayor.

Also leaving center stage is Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba. Three department heads – former Corporation Counsel Bob Maslan, Director of Business and Marketing Tad Diesel and Personnel Director James Haselkamp – are also exiting (or have exited) in the wake of the mayoral tidal change.

We thought a photo retrospective was in order.

We hope you enjoy it..

Norwalk Common Councilman Carvin Hilliard (D-District B) makes a point at a Board of Education budget presentation last January.
Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba chats with then-Mayor Richard Moccia at an RTC meeting in April.
Mayor Richard Moccia attends a vigil for Greenpeace Captain Peter Willcox in October in South Norwalk.
Common Councilman Fred Bondi (R-At Large), left, Common Councilman Nick Kydes (R-District C), right. Bondi has been a part of city government “on and off” for 28 years, he said.
Director of Business and Marketing Tad Diesel
Norwalk Common Councilman Carvin Hilliard
Norwalk Common Councilman Carvin Hilliard spent a decade on the council.
Norwalk Inauguration 112211 011
Art Scialabba is stepping down as chairman of the Republican Town Committee.
Corporation Counsel Bob Maslan
Nick Kydes
Norwalk Personnel Director James Haselkamp, right, addresses the Common Council with Finance Director Thomas Hamilton in March. Hamilton is not going anywhere, to the best of our knowledge.
Mayor Richard Moccia reacts to criticism of Norwalk budget plans last February in City Hall.
Carvin Hilliard is reportedly in South Carolina now.


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