Please support injured NPD officer Phil Roselle

Send signed letters to [email protected]

I have received many messages on how people can support my husband, Phil Roselle, and proposed State Senate Bill #556. Phil was injured while at work as a Norwalk Police officer and will never be a cop again. This bill would allow Norwalk to help our family.

I am asking anyone who supports this to please email a written testimony to  [email protected] . Testimony should clearly state the testifier’s name and related bills #556. If anyone would like to attend, please see address below. I am sorry about such short notice. However, I did not think this would happen this quick but do understand how important it is to get as much support as possible to get this Bill passed which will not only help Phil but any other critically injured first responders in the State of Connecticut. Please share this post to as many people as you can,  let’s continue to work together and do the right thing for all of the first responders who risk their own lives for all of us.


The Planning and Development Committee will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 11:15 A.M. in Room 1A of the LOB.


Debbie Roselle



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  1. Piberman

    Well said. Remains puzzling why a City headed by a former Police Chief can’t help take “care of its own real public servants who protect us” given the extravagant $150k salaries granted to various “City Chiefs”, “special arrangements” to Developers and monies to study the weeds on Manresa Island.

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