POKO’s extension up for debate Thursday

NORWALK, Conn. – POKO Partners has submitted the paperwork demanded by the Norwalk Zoning Commission in order to advance its latest six-month extension. The matter will be discussed at Thursday’s Plan Review Committee meeting.

The commission granted POKO another extension in early December but gave POKO a Jan. 23 deadline to submit seven pieces of information. The information is in the Plan and Zoning office, dated Jan. 24:

A building permit for Phase 1 would cost $461,345, which would include $309,112 for market rate units and $152,233 for affordable units, the documents show. A zoning permit is estimated to be approximately $4,400.

A letter from the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) dated Oct. 24 indicates the validity of the $5 million Urban Act Grant from the state, as requested by the commission.

There are drawings for the projects, the documents indicate. The architect would need three weeks to produce finalized drawings, the documents say.

An application for Connecticut Housing and Finance Authority (CHAFA) tax credits was submitted on Nov. 18, the documents say.

Norwalk Redevelopment Agency Chairman Felix Serrano wrote to CHAFA in November to express support for POKO, describing the development as a lynchpin in the master plan, without which there would be a huge gap. “The NRA has worked closely with POKO throughout the many years that this project has been in the pre-development stage,” he wrote. “We have watched as POKO has continued to stay with the concept and meet the goals of the LDA in an extremely challenging economic environment. We believe the time is right for the project to move forward for the benefit of the city’s working class residents and commercial community.”

Norwalk Redevelopment Agency Executive Director Tim Sheehan said that POKO will find out in March if it has qualified for the tax credits it seeks.


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  1. Suzanne

    Are there any repercussions if POKO does not get the tax credits it seeks? Is there any truly final end to the process, i.e., does Norwalk ever say, “Finalize these documents by such and such to be shovel-ready by so and so or….?” Norwalk has waited long enough.

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