Polselli’s resignation wordlessly accepted by Norwalk BOE

NORWALK, Conn. – The resignation of a beleaguered Norwalk IT specialist was unanimously accepted by the Board of Education Tuesday.

Director of Technology Robert Polselli has been accused of making improper purchases with a Norwalk Public Schools credit card, according to a series of stories in The Hour. The Massachusetts resident was flying to work, the stories say, and paid for aviation equipment and other things with the credit card.

His resignation is effective June 20. Board members made no comment as they voted on it. The vote had been tabled from the last meeting.

The vote occurred after an executive session that last about an hour. A lawyer was present.


3 responses to “Polselli’s resignation wordlessly accepted by Norwalk BOE”

  1. Bruce Kimmel

    What a lot of folks would like to know is, who on earth was approving the purchases in the first place, were the purchases in line with provisions in his contract, does the purchasing process have any type of oversight? I recall some of the issues that emerged during the so-called autism scandal, for instance, the check writing process or lack thereof. Have we gotten past those problems?

  2. Hobbes the Calvinist

    To Mr. Kimmel’s comment, one must ask what changes he proposed when he served on the Board of Education.

  3. These problems came to light precisely because we have put new procedures in place to detect these kinds of activities. Our new COO (Elio Longo) and new CFO (Rich Rudl) have implemented additional controls that simply were absent in past years. Unfortunately, if you put the controls in place and identify the problems, you end up getting attacked for the problems, even though they started years earlier and it was only your system improvements that brought them to light.

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