Primary primer: Still time for unaffiliateds to sign up to vote on Tuesday

NORWALK, Conn. – Hey, there, Norwalk voters – it’s that time!

Tuesday is Democratic mayoral primary day, and that means it’s time to make a choice about who is the right person to send into the race against Republican four-term incumbent Mayor Richard Moccia.

Only registered Democrats can vote Tuesday, so if you are a Republican who is wavering, or who would just like to have a say in what the Nov. 5 general election choice will be, you are out of luck.

If you are enrolled as unaffiliated, though, there is still time to become a Democrat – if only for a few hours. Unaffiliated voters can sign up as a Democrat until noon Monday. Switching back is just as easy after the election.

Here is a list of things voters should know about registration (from the city website):

• You must register before Election Day — To vote in Norwalk, you must be registered to vote. You must register before the election, as election day registration is not currently permitted in Connecticut.

• Where you vote is based on where you live — You vote on election day at the polling place designated for the district in which your residence is located, so you must be registered at the address of your current permanent residence.

• If you move permanently, you must re-register at your new address — The Registrar of Voters’ Office receives change of address information from the post office, and from the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you move out of Norwalk, you lose your voting rights in Norwalk, and you must register in your new town or state in order to vote there. If you later return and reestablish a Norwalk residence you must register in Norwalk again.

• If  you move temporarily, you may still vote in Norwalk — If your move was only temporary, such as for college or military service, or to a summer or winter residence, you do not lose your voting rights in Norwalk unless you register to vote somewhere else.

• If you move out of the country, you may still vote in Norwalk — If you move temporarily or permanently to another country you also retain voting rights in Norwalk.

• You must declare a party affiliation to vote in primary — Primary elections are often held to choose a political party’s nominee(s) for public office. To vote in a political party’s primary, you must be affiliated with that party. All you have to do is check the appropriate box on your voter registration card. You can do this when you register initially, or you can fill out a new registration card at any time. To be entitled to vote, party members who wish to switch parties must do so at least 90 days before the primary election date, but unaffiliated voters may join a party up to one day before the primary.

For a form to change from unaffiliated to Democrat, click here (use the same form to change back or become a Republican).

To check your registration status, click here.

Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. To find your polling place, click here.

To check out the candidates’ websites, click their name:

Andy Garfunkel

Vinny Mangiacopra

Matt Miklave

Harry Rilling

Monday we will bring you a bullet list of what the candidates have said they will do should they win Tuesday’s primary and go on to become Norwalk’s next mayor.



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  1. Don’t Panic

    Thank you NON. We can only hope all the commenters who have been saying that the candidates have not laid out their platforms will take the time to get informed.
    Everyone who is registered Democratic should make sure that they make time to vote!

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