Prosecutors say video incriminates former Deputy Republican Registrar

Norwalk Police wait for the Crime Scene Investigations unit, Jan. 20 at 16 Nelson Ave. (Harold F. Cobin)

NORWALK, Conn. — A graphic video completely contradicts Ellen Wink’s claim that she shot her tenant Kurt Lametta in self-defense, a state prosecutor says.

In a Jan. 24 Motion for Review of Bond, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Michelle Manning asks a Superior Court judge for a “significant increase” in Wink’s bond from the $1 million set during her arraignment on a murder charge three days earlier.

A Norwalk Police detective reported finding Lametta’s phone in bushes outside the home where he was shot. In her filing, Manning says officers extracted the video fromthe phone.

Then-Norwalk Deputy Republican Registrar Ellen Wink, as shown in her mug shot Jan. 20. (Norwalk Police Department)

“The video completely contradicts the defense’s assertion that there are defense claims that could be made in this case, particularly self defense,” Manning writes.

“Upon review of the video evidence, it is the State’s belief that the defendant is clearly a danger to the community…. The State’s case is significantly stronger with the video evidence and as a result the risk of flight is also higher,” Manning asserts in requesting the bond increase.

She also asks that the video be sealed to prevent any potential pretrial prejudice to Wink.

The case is being prosecuted by the State’s Attorney’s Office for the Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District.

Wink was terminated from her job as Norwalk Deputy Republican Registrar the day after the Jan. 20 shooting. She was Norwalk City Clerk under then-Mayor Richard Moccia and served on the Redevelopment Agency under then-Mayor Frank Esposito. She also ran for Common Council in 2017 and for State Representative in 2020.

Wink owns both 16 and 18 Nelson Ave. She lives in 18 Nelson Ave. with her boyfriend and rents rooms across the street, court documents show. Lametta, 54, was her tenant and she entered that house to confront him, armed with a gun, prosecutors say. He was shot five times with a .38 Smith & Wesson; twice in the chest, twice in the back and once in the arm.

Wink had sought to confront Lametta, her tenant, and went over there armed, prosecutors said. After the shooting, she went back to her home and called 911, yelling, “He was after me,” Detective John Sura wrote. Wink stated she has a gun and that her tenant at 16 Nelson Ave. came after her because she was “cleaning up a little and he was all over the place.”

“I am so tired of this guy, he is on the floor,” Sura quotes Wink telling the dispatcher who answered the 911 call, received at 11:48 a.m. The gun was empty and in the kitchen, Wink reportedly said.

Responding officers spotted Lametta lying on the floor, bleeding, through the glass top of the front door. They forced entry through the door. Lametta was declared dead at 12:19 p.m. after attempts were made to revive him, reports say.

Wink’s boyfriend, James Gavin, said Lametta was a “big bully, and that Wink was afraid of him, Detective Daniel Serio wrote.

Lametta had threatened to kill another tenant, using a slur in a conversation that was recorded, and was known to “just snap,” Gavin is reported to have said. Lametta was the reason Wink “wanted everyone to move out and that’s why she wants to sell the house.” Lametta hadn’t paid rent since September, Gavin said.

“James stated he did not know if Ellen would normally carry the gun on her when she would go over to the house,” Serio wrote. “However, James stated Ellen told him that she would carry it on her all the time even when she was walking the dog.”

Gavin said he’d seen Wink leave 18 Nelson Ave. via “the side door next to the garages,” Sura wrote.

Police said they found Lametta’s cell phone in the bushes next to the garage.

The reports list two other tenants, one of whom was said to hear Lametta yell “call 911” as he argued with Wink.

Wink has not been released from custody. Her plea hearing has been rescheduled to Feb. 16.


22 responses to “Prosecutors say video incriminates former Deputy Republican Registrar”

  1. David Muccigrosso

    Yep. Not gonna say “as expected”, because believe it or not, I actually hadn’t fully made up my mind, despite having biases I’ll happily admit to.

    But it definitely makes you wonder how often other “self-defense” claims are also BS, but just aren’t caught because the only witness is dead.

  2. James

    It’s too bad people feel so paranoid that they need to have guns. Now she’ll be the one not paying rent while incarcerated at the taxpayers expense. This should have been handled differently.

  3. John C. Miller, Jr.

    F. Lee Muccigrosso has spoken. Case closed.

  4. Overwhelmed

    I’m curious how the cellphone (with the video of the shooting) ended up outside in the bushes while the victim died in the house (and the police had to force their way in). The phone was confirmed to be the victim’s. Wonder who moved it?

  5. Scott V.

    It’s not being paranoid to want guns. You’re ignorance of gun ownership shows!

  6. James

    @ Scott V unless you need guns for hunting or sport, please elaborate? Obviously casual gun ownership is not a necessity and is detrimental to society when so many people have access to them, no??

  7. David Osler

    I’ll make up my mind when I see the video but I know the state prosecutor in the state doesn’t look at video evidence of somebody stealing your car torching your house threatening your tenants or attacking your tenants on a regular basis they are very biased on because I have given them evidence with clean video or audio recordings and they’ve routinely done nothing to the point where other people get in trouble and not them the entire system is dirty show us the video. We can decide.

  8. David Muccigrosso

    @John – Your Boomer is showing. If you’re going to insult me, at least use more recent references. Also, assuming you’re referring to F. Lee Bailey, he was a *defense* attorney. Not sure what the heck you think I have in common with him.

  9. Jorge C.

    @ James, it’s everyone’s constitutional right to own a firearm, when the second amendment was written – it was not about sport or hunting then, as it isn’t now, nor it ever was, quite frankly under the 5th amendment – you really have no right to question why anyone needs a gun, or for what purpose, or necessity.

  10. Norwalker

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

  11. Peter Franz

    I’m sure that Mr. Lametta will be relieved to hear that guns don’t kill people.

    This is as good of a time as any to remind everyone that the United States of America has long been, and continues to be the homicide leader of the developed world. By a huge margin. The tragedy that happened on Nelson Avenue is a textbook case study in why guns make societies more dangerous, not safer.

  12. Jalna Jaeger

    This is a very safe neighborhood, the worse crime to occur here was Ms. Winks murdering her tenant! You do NOT need a gun to walk your dog here. I have lived here for 40 years.

  13. John C. Miller, Jr.

    @David – I’m honored by your recognition that I am in fact a “Boomer.” I guess the reference to “F. Lee” gave it away; although it would probably be safe to say that the defendant in this case is in need of an “OJ Dream Team” level defense attorney right about now. Keep in mind that between August 5, 1965 and May 7, 1975, 2,709,918 Americans (most of whom were Baby Boomers) served in uniform in Vietnam so you’ll have to excuse my connection with the past.

  14. Karen

    Just very sad for everyone involved. I pray for the Lametta family. Not sure what transpired at Nelson Ave , I will wait to hear the truths from videos.. I do however feel someone snapped and should not have been given a gun since the September arrest..

  15. Mr. Taxpayer

    People are pushed onto the tracks in NYC so ban subways

    People are knifed daily in NYC lately so ban knifes.

    Drunk drivers kill many thousands per year so ban cars.

    Simple logic !!

  16. Mr. Taxpayer


    Some interesting facts about country’s that don’t allow firearms but are on top of the list for knife related deaths


  17. Mitch Adis

    Nobody should die needlessly. Just remember, your actions contribute to how long you have on this planet.

    Boys and girls- Mind your business. Pay your debts. Spend time with people you get along with.

  18. James

    Mr Taxpayer, subways and cars are needed to transport people, knives are needed to assist with eating. Outside of law enforcement, hunting or sport, guns contribute nothing positive to society. There are too many of them, stories like these are unfortunate, also look at all the police who have been killed recently (NYC and Bridgewater College yesterday) because there are too many guns on the streets.

  19. Thomas Belmont

    It doesn’t look good now for the defendant. Video is strong evidence. Those who jumped the “gun” and said “guilty” have a lot to hang their hat on.

  20. Mitch Adis

    Let’s not get too far ahead of our skis here. Remember a case with a fellow named O.J.? Guilty as can be, but still walking free.

    For those who want to abolish guns – First figure out how to get them out of the hands of criminals, then decide if you need to get rid of the rest.

  21. Carol

    Karen, I don’t know whether Wink was “given” a gun after the prior arrest, or whether she already had a gun, but she shouldn’t have been given special treatment by the judge in allowing her charges to be sealed. That special treatment may have given her the idea that she was privileged and could act with impunity and escalate the situation.

  22. JustaTaxpayer

    Isn’t it time to take this article down? Will this bias a potential jury pool? The prosecutor may be correct but, Kyle Rittenhouse’s prosecutors said the same.

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