Q&A With Common Council Members By District

The 2023 Election is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

NancyOnNorwalk recently sent out questions to all candidates for Common Council. In the last of our 3-part series covering Board of Education and Common Council elections here are the responses from those seeking elections to represent specific districts in Norwalk.

Questions were sent via email and the answers have not been edited or copy-edited other than for formatting issues.

We hope this provides you with even more information when you head to the polls this coming Tuesday. Bob Giolitto, a volunteer, did the legwork and we are grateful.

Click on the links below to jump to candidates Q&A.

Not sure which district you vote in? Check out the Municipal Elections map on the city website.

District A:

Nicole Ayers

Tricia Massucco

Jalin Sead

District B:

Donna Smirniotopoulos

Dajaun Wiggins

Darlene Young

District C:

Read Auerbach

Carl Cooke

Jenn McMurrer

Melissa Murray

District D:

Jan Degensheim

Douglas Sutton

Bryan Meek

Heather Dunn

District E:

Denise Brown

Ernie DesRocher

James Frayer

Jay Parisi, Jr.

Lisa Shanahan

(Note: Candidates not linked did not return answers to our questionnaires in time for publication.)


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