Q&A With Norwalk Candidates for At-Large Common Council

The 2023 Election is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

NancyOnNorwalk recently sent out questions to all candidates for At-Large positions on the Common Council. With 14 contenders, this is the largest group running for office.

We are publishing their responses as separate posts, in their entirety.

Questions were sent via email and the answers have not been edited or copy-edited other than for formatting issues.

We hope this provides you with even more information when you head to the polls this coming Tuesday. Bob Giolitto, a volunteer, did the legwork and we are grateful.

Click on the links below to jump to candidates Q+A. Candidates that are not linked did not submit responses in time for publication.


2 responses to “Q&A With Norwalk Candidates for At-Large Common Council”

  1. Tom Farrington

    The link for Rich Bonenfant seems to be broken.

  2. diane keefe

    I’d like to add one more illustration of John Levin’s track record of taking on public issues and leading to a positive result. A group of Norwalk residents including John Levin worked to prevent a condo development at Foder FArm at Flax Hill Rd and Scribner Avenue. We advocated that the Fodor Farm community garden would be a much superior choice for community development.
    By building the community garden the city avoided additional traffic (which had the neighbors up in arms) and improved the property values in the surrounding neighborhoods To me, this is emblematic of the city responding to a good idea presented by community activists to preserve what is beautiful, historic and unique about Norwalk.

    Full disclosure I’m John’s wife and a life long Democrat. I find John a thoughtful community minded leader who would be a great addition to the Council. I would vote for him even if he weren’t my husband.

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