Re-elect Rep. Lucy Dathan: A leader with empathy and grit

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Now more than ever, one of the most important qualities we need from our public officials is empathy. We need to be represented by someone who sees us. We need a leader who is in it with us and puts all of their heart into serving all of their constituents. Representative Lucy Dathan is this kind of leader. I’ve seen Lucy work hard day after day with a unique mix of empathy and grit for Norwalk and all of the residents of the 142nd District.

She is incredibly effective on our behalf in Hartford all while being one of the most accessible State Representatives here at home. I am inspired by how many people she has helped during the pandemic, from helping constituents file unemployment claims, to finding PPE for our nurses, to helping small businesses find paths forward through this pandemic recession.

And her work to ensure health equity before COVID is needed all the more now. She deeply cares about our health and wellbeing, fighting on our behalf to expand insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. She leads in the fight for lower prescription drug prices, supports women’s access to reproductive healthcare, and is a crucial voice in the movement to ensure healthcare is a fundamental right for all of us in Connecticut.

She understands us and what our families need. Through hard work she shows us that we are not alone. She listens with empathy and works with grit on behalf of all constituents, representing us with purpose and determination to improve our lives on the issues that matter around our kitchen tables.

Like so many Norwalkers I know, I am proud to support her. Let’s re-elect Lucy and keep Norwalk moving forward.


Dominique Johnson, Norwalk Common Council


2 responses to “Re-elect Rep. Lucy Dathan: A leader with empathy and grit”

  1. King Donna

    I’m so proud that Lucy represents us in the 142nd Dist She has distinguished herself in Hartford in this first term and will continue to do a great job in her second term. #VoteLucyDathan

  2. Drew

    Moving Forward?? Like more and more taxes? Because that’s what she and her fellow Democrats are calling for in Hartford. What has she done exactly except follow right along with what the Democratic Leadership has told her how to and what to vote and do?? We haven’t heard a thing from her until only a few months ago when she decided to post the Covid updates on Social Media. She is also part of moving Norwalk to be on the hook for Bob Duff High to the tune of over $40 Million. She voted for the bill without even properly having it vetted through committee as it was supposed to do. It was done in the middle of the night like per usual because her and the Democrats like to operate so no one can see what they are doing. But the people are and have been watching. And they have realized this back room, closed door politics are no longer acceptable and the totally inept management of the States revenue. It time to bring back REAL leadership and honesty to Harford for our City. Fred Wilms is not only that person but one of the most sorely missed and needed people in Hartford to save our City and State from the path of financial ruin it is on and has ben applauded by Lucy and the Democrats.

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