Re: Norwalk Council members concern about PFAS in artificial turf fields

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The full debate on artificial turf fields in Norwalk should have come much earlier.

It’s unfortunate that artificial turf has been popular as an alternative to natural grass not treated with pesticides.  Artificial turf needs water because it requires periodic cleaning with water mixed with antimicrobials. Some fake turf uses styrene butadiene rubber from tires, aka crumb rubber, for cushioning, and it could pose a toxic risk to those who use the fields and breathe the air around it.  The turf also contains heavy metals and toxins such as lead, dioxin, carbon black, styrene, butadiene and other carcinogens.

Friends of Animals urges communities to ban turf that uses crumb rubber, and avoid fake turf, or pesticide-sprayed fields entirely.


Priscilla Feral

Friends of Animals


3 responses to “Re: Norwalk Council members concern about PFAS in artificial turf fields”

  1. Tysen Canevari


    The scare tactics you speak of are outrageous. Were you planning on bringing a child to a ballfield to get exercise or eat it for dinner? Heavy metals? I dont ever recall getting any metal splinters on my body or needing oxygen after playing on the field at Norwalk High. Artificial turf needs water? It gets plenty when it rains. There are no sprinkler systems in the turf fields. If you are afraid of them then dont play on them. Again, I urge you conservationists to bother the mayor about the raw sewage pouring into the sound right next to maritime center. Its the overflow from all of the apartments in Norwalk that our antiquated system cant handle. How come he doesnt ask Lamont for some money to fix that? How do you think the poor rowers feel that row by there, the fish that swim and breed there, the birds and ducks there, or better yet the visitors to the maritime center that smell it at low tide? I imagine it isnt healthy for the fisherman that eat the fish from there? Yet, we talk about crumbs from the turf fields. Lets talk about something real in an election year people. Thats right you all must vote Democrat so we wont cross that bridge i suppose! Grow your grass high and let the ticks thrive!

  2. Nora King

    Another old timer who has no kids in the school or athletic programs. Why do they think they have a voice when it comes to our kids?

  3. Priscilla Feral

    Nora King misunderstands a few things, but my interest in toxins is informed, and although I have two grandchildren headed for Rowayton’s schools, I don’t have to prove credentials to anyone who makes all their gripes political.

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