Reasons for hope in the new year

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To the Editor:

The recent United States negotiations with Iran on limiting Iran’s use of nuclear power for peaceful purposes have been historic. Following 30 years of refusals to talk, they have already created greater trust between our two countries by demonstrating the good-faith efforts of the Iranians to permit regular, thorough inspections. If ultimately successful, they will enhance the chances of peace in the Middle East, creating greater security for Israel, as well as enhanced economic prosperity for Iran and bordering nations.

While the current round of talks has not achieved a completed agreement, enough progress has been made that good-faith negotiations are proceeding, without the U.S. instituting further trade sanctions on Iran. In their most recent national election, the Iranian people clearly expressed their desire for renewed relations with the United States. With a nuclear agreement close at hand, this is no time to punish them with further, extreme trade barriers.

The Connecticut congressional delegation has shown tremendous leadership. In November, more than a dozen Connecticut residents acting as appointed delegates to Friends Committee on National Legislation visited members of the Connecticut Congressional delegation to applaud them for their efforts to date, as well as to urge them to hold the course in supporting a diplomatic solution.

It is time that the U.S. recognizes that, most often, diplomacy works far better than military approaches. We strongly urge the members of our Congressional delegation to remain steadfast on negotiations with Iran and give peace a chance to grow through staying at the negotiating table.

Diane Keefe

Friends Committee on National Legislation

New York Yearly Meeting Delegate

Wilton Monthly Meeting –Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)


4 responses to “Reasons for hope in the new year”

  1. Mike Mushak

    Thank you Diane. Happy New Year and Peace on Earth!

    The sudden lower oil prices over the last few weeks are suddenly bringing Middle East countries and Russia to new bargaining positions, as they see their strength based on oil wealth suddenly disappear. Amazing what one simple commodity price can influence. It’s like gift from God, if you aren’t an atheist of course!

    I also love how the right blamed Obama for high gas prices in 2012 when he ran against Romney, but now that gas prices have plummeted they are over at Fox saying its bad for the economy. Lol!

  2. Paul Cantor

    Well said Diane. Paul

  3. EveT

    Thanks for reminding us of all the good work that dedicated people are doing every day to make the world safer, more peaceful and more livable!

  4. Martin Tagliaferro

    Ms Keefe and Mr. Mushak – your comments are amazingly clueless. Iran is well on the way to going nuclear (and not for peaceful purposes) and the so-called negotiations have been ridiculed by anyone actually paying attention. As far as oil prices coming down – that is a direct result of fracking and the Saudis attempt to flood the market to try to stifle fracking.

    President Obama has thwarted oil production on federal lands but can’t do anything on private lands where production is soaring. Oil prices are coming down in spite of President Obama not because of him.

    And appeasement does not make the world safer – it makes it more dangerous.

    However, I do agree there is good reason to hope for the new year – and that hope is that with an overwhelmingly Republican House and a Republican majority in the Senate – things have a real chance to get better.

    A Happy New Year indeed.

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