Records show SoNoCC in compliance with non-profit rules

NORWALK, Conn. – South Norwalk Community Center is an IRS-registered 501 (c) 3 (non-profit) organization and is a registered non-profit in Connecticut.

These facts have been challenged by NancyOnNorwalk commenters, but they are not in dispute. A record search shows both registrations are current. SoNoCC has provided NoN with a pdf copy of its most recent Form 990 filing — required of all 501(c)3’s — with the next due by mid May. A copy of the 990 is attached below. It was done via the short form (postcard), as the agency took in less than $50,000 in 2012, the year covered by the filing.

“Our last 990-N was filed on a timely basis on May 15, 2013, for the 2012 reporting year (see attached document),” SoNoCC Deputy Director Pat Ferrandino wrote in an email. “Our next 990-N will be filed on or prior to May 15, 2014, for the 2013 reporting year. We are scheduled to meet with our CPA later this month.”

In addition, SoNoCC is in compliance with rules governing the 501(c)3 that require a minimum of three board of directors members. Ferrandino listed Chairman Warren Peña, Deputy Chairman and Agent Edwin Camacho, Secretary Oscar Destruge and Treasurer Nathalia Gonzalez as board members.

Camacho, a former board member, told NoN Friday that he had agreed to rejoin as deputy director until they can find a replacement. Camacho, who sits on the Norwalk Board of Estimate and Taxation, is also SoNoCC’s attorney and recuses himself from all BET discussions that relate to SoNoCC.

The management team, as supplied by Ferrandino, consists of Executive Director Marina Forero, Ferrandino and Lauren Rosato, director of development. Ferrandino and Forero are married, and do currently to not take a salary. Rosato works part time on a contract basis and is paid, Ferrandino said.

Ferrandino said there has been confusion surrounding the agency’s status caused by a situation discovered when Forero and Ferrandino took over management in 2013.

“Specifically, we discovered that, under the Chairpersonship of Mimi Burgess, South Norwalk Community Center Inc. failed to file State of Connecticut-required documents and was served notice of the same on May 29, 1987. Subsequently, on October 3, 1987, the State of Connecticut served notice of “Forfeited” status,” Ferrandino wrote. “In 1995, with Mimi Burgess as Chairperson, a new corporation was organized with the State of Connecticut, under the name of South Norwalk Community Center, Inc. with a filing date of September 21, 1995. That corporation continued filing annual returns on a regular basis through 2012.

“At a Board meeting held on September 25, 2013, the Board of Directors (BoD) passed a motion to re-instate the original corporation that had had a “Forfeited” status since 1987,” he said. “Another motion was passed to dissolve the corporation that was formed in 1995. The Secretary of State of Connecticut accepted the reinstatement of the original corporation on October 3, 2013.”

In addition to the SoNoCC form 990 copy, copies of the IRS confirmation of non-profit status and the September 2013 meeting minutes are attached.

SoNoCC – Minutes – 09-25-13

SoNoCC – 2012 IRS Form 990-N

IRS Determination Letter – SoNoCC


4 responses to “Records show SoNoCC in compliance with non-profit rules”

  1. Norwalk Spectator

    In thirty words or less, what is the difference between the 1987 corporation and the 1995 corporation?

  2. SoNoCC

    @Norwalk Spectator:
    The 1987 CT corporation matches the federal I.D. filing, whereas the 1995 CT corporation does not.

  3. ScopeonNorwalk


    This is contrary to what this article says about Camacho always recusing himself.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Shortly after we printed that, I authored an editorial on a few topics, including the mayor’s record so far on civility and transparency, the discrepancy in the recap of the voting to remove Mr. Igneri as council minority leader (not unanimous as portrayed by some caucus members), and the appearance of a conflict when Mr. Camacho was involved in a SoNoCC discussion on the BET.

      Following that, Mr. Camacho addressed the issue with the BET and said he would recuse himself in the future from all SoNoCC discussion. Friday, in reply to my emailed question regarding his return to the SoNoCC board, he said:

      Mark, given the current constraints on my time, I agreed to serve as vice chair until a permanent vice chair can to be selected. Several weeks ago, I stated publicly, before the entire BET, that I wished to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, and, inasmuch as I was, then, SoNoCC’s, attorney/agent, I would recuse myself from any further discussions or votes in connection with the agency.

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