Recount affirms Norwalk DTC members

Votes are tallied Thursday at Kendall Elementary School in the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee election.

NORWALK, Conn. – The winners of last week’s election in Norwalk District A were affirmed in a recount Monday, Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said.

“On Monday, January 13, 2014, Democratic Party Chairperson Amanda Brown, Town Clerk Rick McQuaid, Deputy Registrar Robert Sodaro and I broke the seal and opened the ballot box for District A and recounted the votes. There were 43 valid ballots,” Wells said in an email. “The totals were very slightly different from those reported on January 9th, but there was no change in the endorsement winners from the caucus.”

This resolves a minor controversy resulting from two recounts Thursday at Kendall Elementary School, where District A chose seven Democratic Town Committee members from 10 candidates. District A Chairman David Watts read the ballots too fast for those tallying the results the first time. He slowed down for a recount but there was still some confusion. Those counting came up with different vote counts for Matt Miklave and Rosa Murray.

Watts refused to count them a third time, saying that everyone knew who the winners were.

The results were as follows:

Carolyn C. Fuller — 40

Matt Miklave — 39

Rosa M. Murray  38

Eloisa M. Melendez  36

David A. Watts  35

Steve Serasis  32

Dwain Omar King  32

Elsa Peterson Obuchowski,  19

David Lloyd Jaeger Jr. 17

Andy Garfunkel   13

Watts said Monday that he had originally tried to make sure that all of the incumbent members won re-election, organizing a meeting at Miklave’s house. He said he wanted to do what District B did, settling the lineup ahead of time to avoid problems later. Then Elsa Peterson Obuchoski filed a letter seeking a nomination, and Melendez, his running mate for Common Council, said she wanted to get onto the DTC and submitted papers. That caused a chain reaction resulting in 10 candidates and incumbents Garfunkel and Jaeger being ousted.

In 2011, Garfunkel ran for mayor and Jaeger ran for town clerk. Garfunkel was the District A chairman in 2013, but resigned that post — but not his spot on the committee — when he entered the mayor’s race.

“I know some people weren’t happy, but I really did everything I could to make sure all the incumbents come back on,” he said.

District A has been doing great, he said. Watts and Melendez won in a landslide last November.

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” he said. “We’re trying to grow the district and we didn’t want to purge anybody.”

There’s a lot of experience among the 2012-2013 District A DTC members, people of “solid caliber,” he said.

Some people have criticized Watts and his family because his wife, Kathleen Watts, checked people in to vote. Watts said he had an elderly woman lined up for the chore, but that person backed out because it was very cold outside.

His wife is District A secretary, Watts said. “My wife is in the e-board of the district committee,” he said. “They voted for her to keep accurate records. She is the elected secretary, responsible for keeping accurate accounting.”

They had a computer connected to the state database during the caucus election, so they could tell ineligible voters why they were being turned away, he said.

Wells said all the paperwork was filed correctly. Processes were followed, he said.

“I just really recounted that one because it didn’t add up. The results are all the same, maybe one or two there,” he said.

Miklave gained three votes in the recount. Murray gained one.

Other results are as follows:


District B

(Only seven candidates ran)

10 ballots were cast

Phaedrel “Faye” Bowman

Edwin Camacho

Ernest W Dumas

Bruce V Morris

Michael Mushak

Travis Simms

Martha Wooten-Dumas


District C

56 ballots counted

John Kydes 55

Peter Thor 55

Taber Hamilton 52

Linda Langston 52

John Hauter 51

Brenda Penn-Williams 51

Kevin Poruban 48

Deb Goldstein 16

Scott Kuykendall 5

District D

Haroldo Williams 34

Nicholas Sacchinelli 32

Vinny Mangiacopra 31

Lynne Moore 29

Warren Pena 27

Diane Lauricella 26

Krysten White 24

Marilyn Robinson 23

Anthony Ditrio 23

Joe Tamburri 22

Adam Blank 17


District E

Michael Barbis 55

Kate Tepper 55

Robert Frazier 54

John Igneri 54

Piet Marks 52

Galen Wells 51

Nora King 48

Bill Krummel 16


8 responses to “Recount affirms Norwalk DTC members”

  1. EveT

    Since when is it the district chairman’s job to make sure all the incumbents are re-elected? Voters should decide who is worthy of holding office. Many people are turned off about voting because they think the whole thing is rigged ahead of time. The comments Watts has made feed into that perception.

  2. Osgood Schlater

    Here is a district committee (A)that “needs” an executive board, according to Czar Watts, even though less than ten members usually show up at any meeting. And the executive board includes the Czarina,Kathleen. Talk about nepotism!

  3. “Watts refused to count them a third time, saying that everyone knew who the winners were.”
    Nooo, that’s not it…Watts refused to count because it was HIS BIRTHDAY and the birthday boy wanted to eat his cake and open his presents….
    Just the type of democratic “leader” (cough cough) needed in the city of Norwalk….
    (remember people, he is laughing at you all through this little drama scheme)

  4. looks like one thing is sure….w/o the incumbents the DTC will certainly have a different look and feeling…good luck to the newbies when it comes time to make decisions based on HISTORY…but..then maybe that was the point…i.e. forget history…..

  5. Norwalk Voter

    Every one take note. This is the other David Watts who showed up for NoN’s interview. The one who bulldozed the Dems in the caucus was in hiding I guess and Nancy bought his whole story. Hah!

    1. Mark Chapman

      @Norwalk Voter

      It is not up to us to “buy” stories. Standing in judgment is up to the reader. It is our job to give all sides of a story and let the readers — the voters and taxpayers — decide. Did anyone else report this story? We are here to bring these things to light, not to serve as judge and jury. The dots are there. Readers can connect them.

  6. we the people!

    Men lie, Women lie, numbers do not! Congrats, to all winners.. move on.

  7. @We the People!
    You are correct, numbers don’t lie…but that is not what all the broohaha was about, it was that Watts couldn’t wait to get out of his responsibility to the voting process to celebrate his birthday so he WOULDN’T go back and recount again.
    Yes, congratulations to all the winners~

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