Reminder: Taxes due by Friday, Aug. 1, or face interest penalty

NORWALK, Conn – The last day for Norwalk taxpayers to settle their current tax bills without penalty is Friday, Aug. 1.

A Friday, Aug. 1, postmark also is acceptable, regardless of when it is received, said city Tax Collector Lisa Biagiarelli.

Late payments are subject to interest penalty at the rate of 1.5 percent per month or fraction thereof, or 18 percent per year, from the due date of the tax.

To see the various ways to pay your taxes, see the city tax collector’s website.



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  1. piberman

    Citizen property owners might reflect on the City’s financial management when they pay their semi-annual property taxes and wonder if there’s any connection between our stagnant property values, tax rates and City employee salaries. Those that do understand the connections have no difficulty seeing Norwalk’s future. Ultimately citizens get the governance they demand. City residents like to elect officials who always raise taxes. And hire public employees who avoid living in our City.

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