Republican Party fundraising efforts improve

HARTFORD, Conn. – It’s no secret that the Republican Party’s fundraising efforts have been limping along for months. They were out-raised 4-to-1 by Democrats in January, but things have started to look up for the minority party in a blue state.

“I am very proud to report to all of you that our fundraising in the first quarter of 2014 didn’t just beat the record, it destroyed it,” Republican Party Executive Director Elissa Voccola wrote in a memo to Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr.

According to official filings, the Republicans raised $37,366 to their federal account in February and between January 1 and March 31 they raised more than $69,000 in their state account. But the biggest haul for the party came in March when it raised about $213,000. The March report has yet to be filed online, but between Jan. 1 and March 31, the Republican Party says it raised $391,000 in both its state and federal accounts and has $265,000 cash on hand.

Last year, the Democratic Party raised in about $2.1 million and the Republican Party raised about $528,503.

This past February the Democratic Party raised about $103,500 from individuals and the Republican Party raised about $27,598 from individuals, but $37,366 overall to its federal account.

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  1. Silence Dogood

    The state republican party is a joke. They collect $100 from you then spend $200 on mail asking you for more, instead of giving the citizens a healthy two party system.

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