Republicans endorse Dem Kimmel for at-large council run

Norwalk Republican convention 072213 153
Common Councilman Bruce Kimmel (D-District D) is applauded by Republicans Monday night after being nominated to run as an at-large councilman on the Republican ticket.

Updated 3:09 a.m. Tuesday, July 23, with full rewrite, new details and comments.

NORWALK, Conn. – Bruce Kimmel is clinging to his Democratic party affiliation even as he runs for the Norwalk Common Council as a Republican-endorsed Common Council at-large candidate.

Nominated by Councilman David McCarthy, who made Mayor Richard Moccia wince with his caustic comments about the Democratic Town Committee, Kimmel said running as a Democrat on a Republican ticket is “totally legal” and a sign of the kind of bipartisanship that cities need.

“This is something new, for me, for the Republicans,” said Kimmel, who left the Democratic caucus shortly after winning election as a Democratic District D Common Councilman in 2011 and joined the Republican caucus after a year on his own. “This is taking bipartisanship a step further. Many towns already have non-partisan elections. Most big cities. With local issues, having these big fights with two parties – it’ll be a thing of the past in 20 years. Norwalk Republicans are moving in the direction of many other parties. Democratic and Republican, different municipalities. I’ve always been told bipartisanship is good.”

Norwalk Republican convention 072213 132
Common Councilman David McCarthy (R-District E) bashes Norwalk’s “Democrat organization” Monday evening at the Republican convention.

McCarthy’s growing reputation as an attack dog showed itself in the most caustic speech of the evening.

“As I look around this room I see people from every walk of life and different political spectrum, which proves to me that this Republican party is truly a big tent party in the city of Norwalk,” he said. “This is in stark contrast for the Democrat organization in the city, which, because of a never-ending focus on special interests, its thuggish behavior has seen wholesale defection from their ranks, and in fact a criminal citation, of many of their office holders and candidates – it has to be said.”

That last phrase – “it has to be said” – was in response to the reaction from the room. At the word “thuggish,” both Moccia and his wife Barbara bowed their heads. Moccia smiled, but didn’t look up again until McCarthy finished.

“This is unprecedented, but it’s unfortunately not surprising,” McCarthy continued. “That should absolutely not be a reflection on all Democrats in the city of Norwalk.”

He moved on to endorsing Kimmel, “someone I can call friend, someone with whom I can easily work with … someone who works for Norwalk, not himself. For constituents, not cronies. Regardless of an occasional difference on the issues, I have always respected his thought process, his logic and his courteous, factual manner.”

Councilman Jerry Petrini, who ran against Kimmel in the last election, seconded the nomination.

“I wholeheartedly support Bruce,” he said. “You’re not going to find a more intelligent council person, a person who does his homework, very fair, and he is for Norwalk. He is not a Republican, he’s not a Democrat. He is for what he votes for. He caucuses with us and I, wholeheartedly, am so glad to support his nomination for council at large.”

Bruce Kimmel listens as David McCarthy nominates him Monday night.

Kimmel had said in April that he had many options and didn’t know which one he would choose.

“Believe me, it wasn’t as if it was a done deal,” he said Monday night.

Having a primary for an at-large seat would mean “everybody spends a fortune” to knock off the weakest candidate, he said.

“If I were running in District D, I would have primaried,” he said. “But at-large, it makes no sense.”

Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Amanda Brown, in the room to see Kimmel nominated by the Republicans, gave a low-key response to the unusual twist.

“I have no idea whether it’s legal or not, but I do know that the citizens of Norwalk will make the decision when the time comes in November, who should be elected,” Brown said. “If they choose Mr. Kimmel, than I can’t fault them for that because that’s their choice.”

Correction, 12:33 p.m.: Kimmel did not join the Republican caucus right after the election.

Norwalk Republican convention 072213 126
Mayor Richard Moccia, right, listens as Councilman David McCarthy (R-District E) nominates Councilman Bruce Kimmel (D-District D) for election as an at-large council candidate on the Republican ticket.

Original story:

NORWALK – Bruce Kimmel, a District D Democrat who has been caucusing with the Republicans for much of the past two years, has been endorsed by the Norwalk Republican Town Committee to run for an at-large seat.

The endorsement was made Monday night at the NRTC convention at the Norwalk Inn.

As expected, incumbent Mayor Richard Moccia was nominated for a fifth two-year term at the helm of Norwalk’s government.

Moccia took the opportunity to question how the city’s embattled Democratic Party can lecture him on civility, and proceeded to snipe at each of his challengers, including former Police Chief Harry Rilling, who he ridiculed for looking for another job while under contract to Norwalk, and who he subsequently appointed to the Zoning Commission. He also said Matt Miklave’s Performance Based Budgeting plan was something his administration already does, and that Andy Garfunkel should have done a better job as town clerk.

Rilling fired back via email.

“Moccia extended my contract as police chief three times and appointed me to one of the most important commissions in the city. To now question my professionalism, competency and commitment to Norwalk is disingenuous and self-serving,” he said. “I have dedicated my life to service of my country and my community.”

Rilling said he has support from Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters, and that his record of service “speaks for itself.”

“I stand ready to engage in a dialogue on what is not happening in Norwalk and how other communities are moving in a positive direction while in Norwalk ‘for sale’ signs are becoming more prevalent every day,” he said; “while businesses are closing; how we are not aggressively pursuing investors to bring smart growth and development to a city with amazing natural resources and cultural diversity. I am a proud son of Norwalk and I am committed to serving all people. I look forward to making Norwalk the best it can be.”

Democratic mayoral hopeful Vinny Mangiacopra, who is also the Democratic District D chairman, issued a statement regarding Moccia’s official nomination.

“If Mayor Moccia’s promises included higher taxes, a $4 million education budget shortfall, and stagnant growth, then I can understand his new slogan (Protecting Norwalk’s Future, but formerly Promises Made, Promises Delivered). The longer Moccia has been in office, the further out of touch he has fallen. He certainly knows how to take care of his own, but we need a mayor who can take care of all Norwalk’s 85,000 residents.”

Kimmel, who abandoned the Norwalk Democratic Party in deed, if not in name, not long after being elected in 2011, did not seek nomination from the NDTC to retain his District D seat.

In choosing to caucus with the Republicans, Kimmel slammed the local party’s behavior and partisanship and said he wanted to do what was best for Norwalk rather than one political party.

Kimmel will be joined in the at-large field by Republicans Joe Kendy, Glenn Iannacone, Richard Bonenfant and Doug Hempstead.

Republican Common Council district nominees include:

District A: Robert Mercurio and Ed Ryan

District B: Frank Verdone and Edward McQuillan

District C: Michelle Maggio and Sarah Mann

District D: Jerry Petrini and Shannon O’Toole Giandurco

District E: Emily Wilson and David McCarthy

Rick McQuaid was nominated for re-election as town clerk.

Board of Education candidates nominated include John Bazzano, Sue Haynie, Lauren Rosato and Artie Kassimis.

Common Councilman Fred Bondi (R-At-Large) was nominated for constable.

Check back later for more from the convention.

Nancy Guenther Chapman was at the convention and did the reporting for this story.



44 responses to “Republicans endorse Dem Kimmel for at-large council run”

  1. Tim T

    He should become a Republican as us dems don’t want him.

  2. ScopeonNorwalk

    Sounds desperate to me. Just like Geake and Hilliard. They’re like Republican groupies.

  3. NorwalkDinosaur

    @Bruce Kimmel you’re a selfish, pathetic politician, but at least Norwalk finally knows where you really stand. Why don’t you just stay home and retire on the very same teacher’s pension you’re Republican friends hate so much. You turncoat, two-faced creep.

  4. Joanne Romano

    It’s too bad you don’t understand the concept of being a public official,, when you are elected you serve ALL the people, not just those of your party and Bruce has shown this throughout his career! Having worked with Bruce over the years and while sometimes we haven’t agreed on issues, this man is for Norwalk residents, through and through and his party can’t grasp that part of the equation..Sad for them they threw away a true candidate for the people who makes decisions based on the needs of his constituents~!

  5. NorwalkDinosaur

    @Joanne Romano, I don’t agree with much you believe in, but you have integrity. @Bruce Kimmel has none. If you think @Bruce Kimmel is caucusing with Republicans because he is fighting for the people of Norwalk, you are sorely mistaken. It’s all sour grapes and baby stuff. @Bruce Kimmel is a selfish, tax funded pensioner, who flip-flopped his way to try and keep his small (and only) piece of power. This has nothing to do with “Intellectual Freedom” as Bruce touts. This is all about @Bruce Kimmel finding friends who will make him feel like he’s really, really important.

  6. Joe Espo

    Dear Norwalk Dino: Bruce simply has good sense: I think he had a problem associating himself with the bam-push-pow-black-eyed ugly party. The Kimmels might have had something to do with his decision.

  7. NorwalkDinosaur

    @Joe Espo If I were an elected official I wouldnt want anything to do with the Norwalk D-Party either. But I wouldn’t run away like a hurt-feelings school boy either. I would work to change things. @Brice Kimmel jumped ship with his raise-my-taxes-more, public taxpayer-funded pension months before the “bam-push-pow-black-eyed ugly party” even existed. All he has been doing for months is hiding behind his new friends and throwing stones at anyone and everyone who hurt his feelings. @Joe Espo, you are always calling for a tighter grip on spending. I agree with you, but how can we take @ Bruxe Kimmel seriously when he is eating off the public pie himself?!

  8. M Allen

    It’s pretty sad to see such animosity towards Mr. Kimmel from his party because he isn’t Democratic enough. He seems to be one of the few who is capable of working across party lines in order to get something done. I suppose if the roles were reversed and a Republican began caucusing with the Democrats, the argument would be just as ugly from the other direction. But for most taxpayers, who just want to see a functioning government, people like Bruce Kimmel are probably more representative of the people of Norwalk than any candidate who can’t get past their party affiliation and simply toes the line. For a state that produced the likes of Joe Lieberman, it is surprising that so many can’t see the similarities in Mr. Kimmel. He is Norwalk’s Joe Lieberman. But then again, Democrats shunned Joe at the end as well.

  9. Bruce Kimmel

    There is a factual error in the story. It states that I joined the Republican caucus soon after the 2011 election. That is incorrect. I did not join the Republican caucus until the second year of the current Council term. Here’s what happened:
    After witnessing a physical brawl among the leadership of the local Democratic party on November 8, 2011, I informed the party that I was severing my relationship to the local organization, even though I planned to remain a Democrat. I told them that after witnessing and being involved in every kind of feud imaginable for fifteen years it was just not worth it, that I was done with the organization. At the time, many local party activists and officials sympathized with my decision.
    For about a year, I functioned on the Council without a caucus, attending every committee meeting, doing the best I could without any type of real collective. This was extremely difficult, legislative bodies are essentially collectives and officials need to bounce ideas off of each other.
    In the second year of the current term, after observing how the Republican caucus members operated, how they focused on governing instead of political mudslinging and partisan games, I decided to join their caucus.
    There are some people who are highly critical of my actions. While I respect their opinions (but not the personal attacks), I believe that bipartisanship is not a thing of the past, even during election campaigns.

  10. NorwalkDinosaur

    @Bruce Kimmel, the fact is that the going got tough and you jumped ship. You are not bi-partisan if you only work with one party (Republican in this case). You are not bi-partisan when you only attack Democrats who hurt your little feelings. Site ONE example on this site where you have been critical of a Republican in the last 18-months. You rail about efficiency and having a thoughtful, factual approach to solutions, but you’re living fat-and-happy on a public, taxpayer-funded pension. You are a disingenuous joke. The fact that you accepted your nomination from the most widely known social deviant in town (David McCarthy), sums up how far you’ve fallen.

  11. Bill Dunne

    It doesn’t take much to be an “attack dog” in Nancy’s world. Norwalk Democrats can brawl in Council chambers, brawl in the streets, and employ the most hateful language against each other (anonymously, of course — check out NorwalkDinosaur’s comments above), but merely to make that observation gets one labeled an “attack dog.” Funny how that works.

  12. M Allen

    Actually, the comments from NorwalkDinosaur are exactly why a rational person might choose to causus with another party.
    Does anyone else find it incredibly odd that in a state like Connecticut and a culturally diverse city like Norwalk, that the Democrat party can be as bad off as it is? The Dinosaur may be a proper mascot for the DTC as this group is becoming less and less relevant with each passing election. And we all know what happened to the Dinosaurs.

  13. Bruce Kimmel

    “Norwalk Dinosaur” is an excellent example of why I will have nothing to do with the local Democratic organization. There are dozens of decent Democrats in this city who have walked away from the local party organization over the years. What seems to make some people angry is that I have refused to be driven out of politics by the continued nonsense of a relatively small group of people.

  14. Norwalk Spectator


    I was sorry to see some of the comments posted about you, but not at all surprised. Discussions can’t be productive unless ideas are freely exchanged.

    As Mr. Dunne observed, it doesn’t take much to be labeled on the Norwalk associated comment boards. The pattern also includes the Norwalk Daily Voice board, which should be renamed the Norwalk Daily Dump, since the posters there routinely mock and name call anyone who doesn’t line up with the specific “Republicans and anyone that may be associated with them are the cause of all problems world wide” philosophy”. At least this board is monitored.

    What I can say is that someone – and I don’t know who – clearly is wildly jealous of your retirement and your pension, which you earned through hard work by teaching in the New York school system. For myself, I say – Good for you, Bruce!!!! I hope you do well in the election.

  15. Joe Espo

    Norwalk Dino: I would be interested in hearing from you what Bruce could have done to effect any change in the D-party to counteract the trajectory of recent changes wrought by Pena, Simms, Mangiacopra, Duleep, Brown and their ilk. It’s these malcontents that drove out not only Bruce Kimmel but also Bondi, Geake and Hilliard and literally pushed out Regina Krummel and punched the lights out of Bill Krummel. There’s practically no one left to help Bruce change anything. Apparently, the DTC, as it’s now constituted, is beyond repair. It would be a waste of time for Bruce to even try. There’s too much momentum in the opposite direction.

  16. Lisa Thomson

    I’m sorry you have to read the annonymous personal attacks. People have a right to their opinions, but when they don’t have the courage or conviction to sign their name…well…
    As an unaffiliated voter, I have always appreciated the fact that Bruce puts Norwalk and not party first…something a lot of local politicians might benefit from observing. Highly partisan and inflammatory statements might make for amusing entertainment in the papers and blogs, but when 40% of unaffiliated Voters take the booths, they will vote for the individuals who best try to serve the city, despite the old-style backroom deals from EITHER party.

    With a $.3 Billion budget, that’s right 1/3 of a billion dollars to run this city, we need thoughtful, intelligent people on the common council to start getting a better return on our tax dollars. Republican or Democrat – it’s all about managing the money, because taxpayers have had it with rising taxes, average services and bickering politicians.

    Good luck Bruce!!!!

  17. @Bruce Kimmel
    Correction made.

  18. Joanne Romano

    @ NorwalkDinosaur – Thank you for the compliment I hate that people feel they can’t use their own names when posting in blogs because I would really like to know who the people are who think they know me at all. I find that if I have something to say and I believe that my comments are for all purposes true and accurate to my knowledge then I don’t need to hide behind a moniker. I should think that we are adults enough to respect each others opinions whether or not we agree, we have the right and freedom of speech to say that which we know to be true in our own minds. However, I do not think that gives us license to defame, bash trash or otherwise destroy the character of others.

    We can agree to disagree without such playground bullying! Again, I have worked with Bruce, he was not on committees because he was a caucus of one which he has explained his own personal reasons for but, Bruce attended each and every meeting of the subcommittees of the Common Council and fully participated, called us to task if we were wrong and all around made sure he was informed on each and every issue. This is the type of leadership we need. Not ones who show up for photo ops and come to meetings ill prepared. Whether you agree with Bruce’s choice to separate himself from the local Democrats or not, does not give you a right to treat him like some dog on the street. He made his choice just as over the years some prominent candidates have changed parties on several occasions just because they didn’t get picked for a prime spot.

    So try to play nice, you can express your disapproval without attacking someone who has dedicated much of the last decade and more to trying to do what is right for Norwalk. It’s not like the compensation for this abuse legitimizes it, after all $600.00 per year before taxes isn’t exactly what I call payment in return for abuse!

  19. ScopeonNorwalk

    On election day, Kimmel will be a Republican and people will vote for him as a Republican. A handful of insiders will know he’s actually a Republican and the rest will see his name in the Republican column and assume he’s a Republican and vote accordingly. Take it as you wish. But he’s not tricking anyone or being smart, because at on election day, he will be a Republican.

  20. YourDaddy

    Bruce and Lisa are right. Look at the two candidates who tried in vain to get a majority of votes for the party endorsement: Harry R, who’s not really a Democrat, but wants to oust his old pal the Mayor and Vinny M, with no support outside of his DTC click. Even the prize fight outside City Hall wasn’t enough to prompt either of them to voice an opinion. Who wants to be part of that?

  21. loveforthecity

    Joanne, get a life! No one really cares what you have to say.

  22. Kay Anderson

    Mayor Alex Knopp’s observation of my husband a number of years ago describe’s Bruce’s political motivation succinctly: Bruce is interested in governing, not in politicking.

  23. M Allen

    Scope – are you stating the obvious for a purpose? You are correct. The drones who pull a party-line lever because they know no better will in fact do as they always do.

  24. Joe Espo

    Joanne: I agree with you totally. Some of the characters here have two or more monickers, like ScopeonNorwalk who also posts as Superwoman.

    (Editor’s note: A comment search for “superwoman” comes up empty. There is no one commenting under that name on this site. There are people with multiple screen names but we try to make sure they do not use them on the same story. There are also commentors on several boards in Norwalk who insist they know everyone else’s litany of screen names. They don’t. We don’t. And, for those we do know, we will not reveal anyone’s identity.)

  25. Joanne Romano

    loveforthecity- apparently I hit a nerve? I have a life which no longer includes being dissected by the likes of people such as yourself who have no public manners and quite possibly no manners at all! Actually there are quite a few people who care what I have to say so believe me, I’m not playing to a party of one such as you seem to be. If your moniker were even close to be true you wouldn’t care what political party someone belongs to and you would realize that elected officials don’t work for the party, they work for the people who put them in office because contrary to belief, one party does not elect one party, as in most cases each candidate gets votes from all parties based on people actually listening to what they have to say and working towards the goals they promise to achieve. Because I happen to not like being nasty to people I won’t tell you to get a life although I wouldn’t object if you did!

  26. Mr. Ludlow

    Can anyone say “weak bench”?
    Iannacone didn’t impress anyone as BoE chairman. Bonnefant is a quality guy and is outspoken but isn’t well known outside of his old district. Hempstead is a fixture- he can easily get re-elected without doing much work. Kimmel might have some draw, but it’s hard to see the people voting for him looking down the rest of the Republican line– and who’s to say that people will know where to find him on the ballot (second party and third office in four years).

  27. NorwalkLifer

    I’d like @BruceKimmell to respond to @NorwalkDinosaur’s question about his pension. Is it true you have a government pension? If so, why do you so righteously cut the public pensions of others?
    Bruce, you obviously read these comments; please explain.

  28. NorwalkDinosaur

    I appreciate that @Bruce Kimmel’s Republican friends have stepped up to defend him, but what is untrue about my previous comments? Less my name calling, (sorry @Bruce Kimmel, just sick-and-tired of your righteous, egotistical grandstanding), every point I have made is factual. He has a fantastic taxpayer funded pension that he likes to keep secret, he has repeatedly attacked the Dems on this blog who he feels slighted him, and he is not bi-partisan; he has toed the Republican line since he jumped ship (nothing wrong with this, but stop claiming to be bi-partisan). And if there is anyone on this site who doesn’t think David McCarthy is a borderline sociopath, please let us know.

  29. Tim T

    If you hate the dems so much why don’t you become a Republican as you seem to support every wacko idea they have.. Do the right and honorable thing and become one of them.. Maybe they don’t want you full time either .

  30. Joe Espo

    Mr. Ludlow: weak bench? …as opposed to the Dem’s criminal thug bench?
    At least three dem candidates have called the Norwalk court house their second home within the past three years. Two have managed to get their on-line records erased due to case dismissals but they were plain as day two years ago. One has been prosecuted twice for gun possession and domestic violence. Another has been prosecuted twice for domestic violence and a couple of egregious motor vehicle raps involving moral terpitude.
    Then there’s the parking lot a$$kicker who should have been facing at least five years but was accorded affirmative action justice and given a pass.
    Lest we not forget the two other a$$kickers -sitting council members- witnessed by Bruce Kimmel in the dem caucus room but of which I have no knowledge of the actual participants.
    And in the “you are known by the company you keep” department, we have a dem mayoral candidate who was the right hand campaign operative for two-time Bridgeport felon Ernie Newton. Newton was pinched on federal charges of corruption and campaign finance fraud. We hope Bridgeport history doesn’t repeat itself in Norwalk during this election cycle.

    I’m sure David McCarthy did his homework before he spoke out against the thuggery and criminality that’s indelibly imprinted in the NDTC’s DNA.
    I think the Republicans sleep well knowing their bench may be a bit weak, as opposed to being lawless.

  31. M Allen

    Such bitter feelings. It’s like jilted lovers, but where the partner who cheated and gambled away all the food money for the kids gets all emotionally whacked out and blames the partner who decided they’ve had enough. It’s OK for you to just move on. He obviously doesn’t want to date you anymore.

  32. EastNorwalkChick

    I find it interesting that it always seems that the Dems are asked to be more “bi-partisan” and should “reach across party lines”, but you never hear of calls to Republicans to do so also….strange.

  33. RU4REAL

    @Joe Espo,
    The Krummels were not innocent in the altercation, it seems you may have forgotten that important piece in your posts.

  34. D(ysfunctional)TC

    Not much to see here other than a well oiled machine ready to sweep the current crop of Dems under the rug.

    The highlight of the evening had to be McCarthy’s ringing endorsement of Bruce, calling the Dems and their thuggish behavior out on the carpet.

    Amanda Brown “ask me again and I’ll knock you down” made a beeline right out of there after that doozy. Was it shame or was she waiting in the parking lot for Dave? Not sure, but depending on the size of the key chain or brass knuckles I might just give the nod to the Senior Basher.

    Watch your back DM!

  35. NorwalkLifer

    Hey @brucekimmell, still waiting for answer… How is that public pension?

  36. NorwalkDinosaur

    @NorwalkLifer, he won’t answer you. He knows I’m telling the truth. He is perfectly happy dismantling other people’s pensions, deeming them wasteful, while at the same time collecting his own. In fact his household collects two large taxpayer funded pensions. He wants to play the smarter-than-everyone fiscal conservative, but it’s a hoax. He is a knowledgable guy, but he wants to have it both ways and its ridiculous.

  37. oldtimer

    ” managed to get their on-line records erased due to case dismissals ” ? You say that as if they were guilty in your mind, even though the criminal charges were dismissed. Tread very carefully on that theme, it could be a very, very, sensitive issue on your side, too.

  38. M Allen

    So wait, because he collects a pension, which was the only retirement option available to him from his former employer, he can’t choose a different position as a city leader tasked with adapting to changing times? The straw man arguments against Mr. Kimmel’s pension are nonsensical.

  39. LWitherspoon

    I had a good chuckle over the Kimmel foes who are bashing him for his good work in reducing the cost of Norwalk’s municipal employee pensions and benefits. What better way to ensure Mr. Kimmel’s re-election than by reminding everyone of those accomplishments?
    Mr. Kimmel has devoted lots of energy to thoughtful, independent representation of Norwalk. We are lucky to have him on the Common Council.

  40. Norwalk lifer

    What is distressing is how long the bar has been moved. If Mr. Kimmel was disillusioned by his party’s actions, then the right thing to do is to test one’s leadership ability and influence those individuals in working for the common cause. In my opinion, this article does nothing, but announce an appointment; Democratic ideals have bolstered this country and indeed are the foundation of a cohesive society. I’ve seen the degradation of aid to those most in need, not in want, need, in Norwalk under this administration. To find our homeless shelters do not take clothing donations because they must save every inch of space for beds, is something that does not make me proud. I fear that Norwalk has set her sights low, and the economic health of this city suffers for it. Mr. Kimmel has every right to make any move he wishes, but I will admonish, that calling sour grapes, well, Aesop told the story much, much better. It would be refreshing to hear an original motivation, instead of what is easily used as a tool for a personal goal. If the Norwalk Democratic Party is in such disarray, a real leader would support and help to motivate change. Bailing out, well, employees do that every day when they give notice. We do not see their announcements in any journal, that’s just the way it is.

  41. Norwalk lifer

    One last comment, Mr. McCarthy’s comments about “thuggish behavior’ in itself is thuggish behavior, maybe the Mayor dipped his head so he could test the winds post this comment, and hold his response so it could be calibrated to the general perspection or reaction of the people of Norwalk. To character assasinate an entire body of people over the actions of a few, and truly, this clearly shows how inept our party leaders are on both sides, is thuggish, it is untoward, it is low rent. I hope many understand that we do not view our political leaders as “entertainers”, they are city employees, I do hope there is an understanding while all have a right to their opinion, they also must view the feedback on such an opinion. What would have been “bi partisan” in Ms. Romano’s words, would have been a working meeting with the Democratic town fathers, instead of a photo opportunity for the next election. The immediate tableau that came to mind was the RNC in NYC pre-2004, where Zell Miller got up and basically spit upon his own party. This shows clearly how little “ideals” matter to individuals when called to serve, it is a litmus test of their rib rock ideals, to cast them off so blithely is a denominator that shows inability to remain steadfast; so in conclusion, this means what Mr. Kimmel has done, he could do to the Republicans in Norwalk also.

  42. Norwalk lifer

    To Ms. Romano, your words:

    I should think that we are adults enough to respect each others opinions whether or not we agree, we have the right and freedom of speech to say that which we know to be true in our own minds. However, I do not think that gives us license to defame, bash trash or otherwise destroy the character of others.

    I would recommend that you hold some influence over your party brethren and admonish that the defamation of a whole party of people as “thuggish” is not licensed also.

  43. Joanne Romano

    Norwalk Lifer-I do not think that any person, no matter their party affiliation, gender or status has a right to defame, bash, trash or destroy another’s character! However, I am responsible for my own actions as we all are and if people choose to speak in such a manner, it is on them to correct themselves. I don’t speak for my party nor do I influence them or anyone else. I speak for myself and how I view situations. I do not condone bad behavior from adults anymore than I do from a child. People are responsible for their own actions. This goes for everyone/anyone who chooses to speak/write publicly. We all have families who can be hurt by the actions/words of others and just because you think you are speaking to/about one individual (not you in particular) you are in fact spreading your comments not only to the person in question but also to their spouses, children, parents and other family members who don’t deserve this kind of behavior!

  44. Norwalk Lifer

    Dear Ms. Romano, I would assume that your dedication to public service alludes to an urge to make things better for those who are your family and those in a community. Maybe my assumption is wrong.

    What I am saying is that in the august position of being a public figure you too, can hold sway over the words of those in your party who in their acolyte zeal, would characterize a whole body of people as “thuggish”. Do you understand my point now? While I see the attacks on you here as unfair, I would admonish, that those who are your colleagues themselves, have used hurtful and defaming language to describe an whole body of people who care about their city, I am one of them, and have been active in my community for decades, that volunteer spirit was taught to me by those who Mr. McCarthy might consider “thuggish”. So you see, while I do understand clearly the ideal of advise and consent, debate, when objective, is clearly productive. What I read about this celebration of consensus was sullied by the words of one of your junior members, Mr. McCarthy, and who else, but the party elders in Norwalk shold admonish and correct such behavior? Better the high ground was taken to recognize Mr. Kimmel’s cooperative spirit, but to then further damage one’s own gravitas by low rent comments as expressed by Mr. McCarthy, the final value is net zero. You and the Mayor both could have stopped this kind of behaviour, but instead, you choose to defend your personal position. I am sorry Ms. Romano, but as a party member and yes leader, there is a modicum of obligation to hold objective, meaningful debates, the debate here, and clearly my intent was to condemn the words of Mr McCarthy and to enlist you to condemn them also, as we have the same common denominator reaction to such unwarranted criticism. As Ben Franklin said, and very clearly, “Do not point that finger at me, it has a dirty nail at the end of it”

    Norwalk Lifer

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