Republicans endorse Hampton for District 143 State Representative

Nicole Hampton speaks to Republicans, Tuesday in the Norwalk Inn. (Harold F. Cobin)

The 2022 Election is Nov. 8.

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk Republicans have endorsed Nicole Hampton to run for the District 143 State Representative seat.

Hampton will face Democratic candidate Dominique Johnson in a scramble for the seat being vacated by Stephanie Thomas after one term. Thomas won the Democratic endorsement for Secretary of State; she may face a primary. District 143 includes part of Norwalk and part of Westport.

Video by Harold F. Cobin at end of story

Hampton, speaking Tuesday to Republicans at the Norwalk Inn, listed three issues she will run on:

  • “Parents’ right to choose for their child.”
  • “Full support of our community, law enforcement and other emergency services, to make sure they have the proper resources and policies in place to effectively do their job.”
  • “Behavioral health prevention, treatment and recovery from mental health and addiction services.”


Hampton testified to a General Assembly Committee in March, 2021.

Nicole Hampton, April 19 in the Norwalk Inn.

“I am woman in recovery from alcohol use disorder and mental health. I work as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist at Norwalk Hospital, and I volunteer at Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery in Bridgeport,” she said, according to an online document. “I also co-chair the Catchment Area Council, Area one and two, three and four, and co-chair the Billable Peer Support Group.”

In an email to NancyOnNorwalk last month, she said she always shares that information.

Her testimony was in response to a bill concerning mental health care and substance abuse services, announcing her support for a statewide task force to study insurance reimbursement for peer services. She works on the Community Care Team of Greater Norwalk, she said.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection! My first CPRS connected with me in many ways no one else could. He treated me like a human being!” she said. “… I went on to obtain my CCAR Recovery Coach Professional Designation and my CPRS state certification through the Connecticut Certification Board which follows specific standards of responsibility, validity and legal defensibility to protect the population we serve!”

Hampton’s comments to Republicans at the Norwalk Inn were brief and she left before NancyOnNorwalk could get an interview.

On Wednesday, she provided an update:

  • “I am no longer at Norwalk Hospital or coordinator of the Catchment Area Council local prevention council.
  • “I serve as a member on our local prevention council, the Norwalk Partnership, as well as the alcohol and marijuana subcommittees within the partnership.
  • “I serve as a member on few DMHAS (Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services) committees.”

On Tuesday, she told the group that her three priorities “are only a few things of many that I will dive into that will restore hope, integrity and transparency back in our community.”

Updated, 2:04 p.m.: More information.


Stuart Wells May 18, 2022 at 7:15 am

Redistricting happens after each census. Fairfield County’s population increased over the last 10 years and Wilton got the additional legislative district. Consequently District 143 no longer includes part of Wilton, and instead includes much more of Norwalk. District 143 now includes the West Rocks, Wolfpit and Nathan Hale areas in Norwalk. (District 142 had to change as well and that district lost the West Rocks area, but gained Brookside and the northern part of Rowayton.) The 143rd in particular should be politically interesting in 2022, as it is both an “open seat” and includes a lot of new territory.
Stuart Wells, Registrar

Lindsay May 18, 2022 at 9:07 pm

I think Nicole will make an excellent representative for the 143rd. I respect her transparency knowing such stigma exists around mental health and addiction. It is evident she cares about people in the work that she does.

Piberman May 20, 2022 at 12:29 pm

If there’s any lesson to be learned from observing politics over many decades its that “new blood” usually brings “improved attention” to major issues. As one of the nation’s 3 states with a decade long stagnant economy (Wyoming, Alaska the others) CT needs some new “attention” in Hartford. We’re becoming a divided State – the Gold Coast and every place else. Our kids get the message. They’re moving away after graduation. And our major cities remain stuck with failing schools and few good new jobs. Without some serious attention to reducing taxes CT is on its way to becoming another Rhode Island.
Hopefully Nancy will encourage new candidates to send in their platforms. New ideas about CT are really needed.

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