Republicans McKinney, Walker team up

Sen. John McKinney and David Walker  (Hugh McQuaid photo)
Sen. John McKinney and David Walker (Hugh McQuaid photo)


UNCASVILLE, Conn. – Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney and David Walker merged their campaigns Saturday shortly before Republican delegates would decide which one of five gubernatorial candidates and three lieutenant governor candidates would move forward to an August primary.

“He has strengths I don’t, I have strengths he doesn’t,” McKinney said. “But we have the same idea and vision to bring Connecticut forward.”

The two are hoping their partnership gives them an advantage not only in the delegate count, but in the race for public financing.

“If we were to merge our finances today we’d be qualified and ready to go,” McKinney said. “As far as delegates, we both expect to get our 15 percent, hopefully more, and move on into a primary.”

It’s unclear yet if the two will merge their finances, but McKinney said they would be qualified if they merged today. However, both will continue to fundraise with the hopes of achieving their goals separately so they are able to access the full $750,000 and $1.3 million for the primary. McKinney said if that’s not attainable then they will merge, but they have until July to continue raising funds.

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