Riddle looks to take on Rilling, who has $135K in donations

At left, Democratic Mayor Harry Rilling, as shown in a campaign photo; at left, Republican Mayoral hopeful Jonathan Riddle, as shown on his LinkedIn page.

The 2021 Election is Nov. 2.

NORWALK, Conn. — Democratic Mayor Harry Rilling has collected about $135,000 in his drive for reelection. On Tuesday, a potential Republican opponent came forward: former U.S. Rep. candidate Jonathon Riddle. And John Kydes has collected another $550 in his bid to be a Mayoral candidate in 2023. (Yes, in two years.)

Meanwhile, Lisa Brinton’s Independents for Norwalk PAC has raised about $14,000. It’s rumored she has 15 people interested in running for various Norwalk offices under the independents banner this year, but they would need to petition their way onto the ballot.

Monday was the deadline for quarterly campaign finance filings, detailing donations and expenses incurred from April 1 to June 30. Riddle filed his campaign registration Tuesday.




Riddle, a South Norwalk resident, has been Chief Executive Officer for Deep Value Investments since February, according to his LinkedIn page. He’s also Chief Executive Officer and President of Empowered Learning Corporation, since December, and was director of Altium Wealth from January to November 2020. He was Vice President and lead advisor for the Private Bank of Bank of America in Westport for two years and four months, ending in December 2019.

Riddle grew up in Westchester County, New York, and was a three-sport athlete at Archbishop Stepinac High School, going on to play Division 1 football at Iona College in New Rochelle, his website stated in 2019. He originally intended to run for Common Council that year, and was endorsed by the Republican Town Committee, but he instead challenged U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-Greenwich) in 2020.

Riddle won 12,873 votes in Norwalk while Himes took 29,580 Norwalk votes. Himes won the district contest with 68.5% of the vote.

Riddle did not reply to a Tuesday evening email from NancyOnNorwalk.

He’s currently the only GOP candidate who has filed for Norwalk Mayor, Acting Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Fred Wilms said.

“There is a lot of excitement around his candidacy. However we will not know the final results until the convention,” Wilms said.

Norwalk Republicans meet next Tuesday, in person at the Norwalk Inn, to endorse candidates.





Rilling is seeking a fifth two-year term. He closed the quarter on June 30 with $135,800.01 in receipts, $48,370 of that contributed in this three month period. The later was fueled by 26 $1,000 donations, 12 of them from people connected to Shoprite.

Friends of Rilling had $114,491.18 left in its warchest as of July 1. A news release said the $48,000 raised during this reporting period came from 174 individuals, with approximately $9 out of every $10 contributed coming from individuals and residents of Norwalk. Overall, there are 400 contributions from individuals.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support we have received, and will continue to work with diligence and determination to earn it,” Rilling said in a statement. “I am grateful to each of our contributors, our campaign team, and our incredible volunteers. I am equally thankful for the continued support of working families and labor unions like the Fairfield County Building Trades, carpenters, plumbers and pipefitters, electricians, roofers, bricklayers, laborers, telecommunications workers and firefighters. I am proud of our city, our residents, our businesses, and our city employees. While we are still emerging from the pandemic, I have never been more optimistic for our future. I will continue to work hard to earn the votes and support of the people of Norwalk.”

Adam Wood, campaign spokesman, said, “We are encouraged and motivated by the enthusiasm and support Mayor Rilling continues to receive from the people of Norwalk. Voters have appreciated his steadfast leadership throughout the pandemic, and make it clear that they want that kind of tried and true experience to help Norwalk prosper in the future.”

Itemization is below.



Kydes, a Common Council member since 2013, opened an exploratory committee for a Mayoral run in December and dissolved it in April, converting it to an exploratory committee for 2023. In May, he “officially announced” that he’s running for Mayor in 2023.

He’s also seeking reelection to the Council, where he has represented District C for nearly eight years, been Council President for two years and served as Planning Committee Chairman since November 2015.

Kydes for Mayor raised $15,412 in the first quarter. The maximum donation for an exploratory committee is $375. Kydes received 19 maximum donations, seven of them from out-of-towners.

In the second quarter, Kydes for Mayor raised $550 and had $17.45 in expenses, leaving a balance of $15,474.31.

Itemization is below.



Independents for Norwalk

Brinton, an unaffiliated voter who has twice tried to take down Rilling, formed Independents for Norwalk as a Political Action Committee in June, according to Town Clerk Rick McQuaid.

She has filed papers to run for Council at large this time around. Multiple sources say she’s filed paperwork for 15 candidates, but she and McQuaid say that’s not accurate. Brinton explained:

“We have a petitioning process to follow that is different from the other two established local parties. While the Independent Party exists on a state level and has a rich history in Norwalk, it lapsed a couple of decades ago. We are reinvigorating the line, the party and its local platform, with candidates from all political backgrounds.

“Once we go through this municipal election cycle, we can create a local organization and won’t  have to complete this complicated, rules based petitioning process for future elections.  We’ll be able to nominate and endorse candidates just like the other two parties.   As a truly big tent party, Independents For Norwalk welcome anyone interested in advocating for the interests, long term quality of life and economic well being of our city and its residents versus the cronyism and special interests politics we are witnessing in our city today.

“Regarding your questions as to how many or who is petitioning – I’ll say this.  Both the number of candidates and those expressing an interest in running is fluid.  In fact, I just took paperwork for a new petitioning candidate this evening.  We will continue to welcome anyone interested in serving and running on our line, as they have until August 4th to submit petitioning paperwork.”


Former Board of Education member Erik Anderson has registered to run for constable, according to McQuaid. Sources say it’s under the Independents for Norwalk banner.

Independents for Norwalk has raised $4,485 and spent $698.85, leaving a balance of $4098.15 as of July 1, according to the campaign filing. All but one of the donations came from Norwalk residents; Attorney Marc Grenier lives in Danbury, according to the paperwork.

Itemization is below. Correction made 4 p.m., Thursday.



Friends of Rilling

  • Balance on hand at beginning of quarter: $79,101.58
  • Contributions from individuals this quarter: $43,220
  • Receipts from other committees this quarter: $2,500
  • Other monetary receipts this quarter:  $150
  • Total purchase of advertising this quarter: $2,500
  • Total monetary receipts this quarter: $43,370
  • Total raised: $135,800.01
  • Expenses paid by committee this quarter: $12,980.40
  • Balance on hand at close of reporting period: $114,491.18
  • In-kind contributions received: $2,277.88


Total donations from contributors listed in the filing:


  • Jacqueline Alarcon of Stamford, Shoprite
  • Michael Berkoff of Stamford, BevMax
  • Joseph Cingari of Stamford, Shoprite
  • Dominick Cingari of Stamford, Shoprite
  • Jenna Cingari of Stamford
  • Thomas Cingari Jr. of Stamford, Grade A markets
  • Nancy Cingari of Stamford
  • Salvatore Cingari of Stamford, Grade A Shoprite
  • Thomas Cingari of Stamford, Grade A markets
  • Suzanne Cingari Jr. of Stamford, William Pitt Sotheby’s
  • Kathleen Cosby of Greenwich
  • Dominico Chiapetta, DMC Electric Services LLC
  • Ennio Dinino Sr. of Stamford, AJI Services LLC
  • Chuck Kriewald ($500 this quarter)
  • Alan Lazowski of Hartford, LAZ Parking
  • Jane Lyons of Stamford, Rhodor Associates
  • Isabel Imbrogno of Stamford
  • Oscar Imbrogno of Stamford, 360 Connecticut Ave. Associates
  • Felicia Lofaro of Stamford, Grade A markets
  • Joseph Lofaro of Stamford
  • Laurie Longo of Stamford, F.D. Rich Co.
  • Gabriel Jaramillo, 360 Connecticut Ave. Associates
  • Barbara Murphy, retiree
  • Anel Montanez of Stamford, AM Contracting/self
  • Rosemary Montanez of Stamford, Grade A Shoprite
  • Lawrence O’Brien ($650 this quarter)



  • Ed Camacho ($250 this quarter in cash)



  • Michael Gray



  • Kim Morque of Greenwich, Spinnaker Realty ($250 this quarter)



  • Kevin Conroy



  • Martin Kenny of Cromwell
  • Win Baum of Fairfield ($250 this quarter)
  • Kevin Graff of Glastonbury
  • Peter Cimini of Rocky Hill
  • John Harkins of Stratford ($200 this quarter)


  • Allan Kleban of Wilton ($200 this quarter)
  • David Westmoreland ($250 this quarter)



  • Adam Wood ($25 this quarter)



  • Mike Mushak ($250 this quarter)
  • Frank Caico of Newtown, Spinnaker Real Estate Partners



  • Patsy Brescia ($100 this quarter)



  • Michael DiMeglio of Margate, N.J. ($205 this quarter)


  • Piet Marks ($200 this quarter)
  • James Murphy of Darien



  • Doug Stern ($25 this quarter)



  • Scott Emerson of Stamford
  • Galen Wells ($100 this quarter)
  • Jud Aley
  • Sylvia Schulman ($100 this quarter)
  • Ron Banks ($50 this quarter)
  • Steven Touger ($100 this quarter)
  • Donna King ($50 this quarter)
  • Kevin Tepas ($50 this quarter)
  • Anne Lantz
  • Anthony Camiliere of Wethersfield
  • Michael Johnson of West Hartford
  • Paul Nunez of New Haven
  • Stephanie Rasmussen
  • Donna King ($50 this quarter)
  • Kevin Reynolds of West Hartford
  • Patrick Sullivan of Hartford
  • Dulce Ghandi of Darien
  • Steven Touger ($150 this quarter)
  • Richard Baskin ($150 this quarter)
  • John Suchy of Wilton
  • John Leako
  • Michael Skiber of Westport
  • Carelton Giles of Middletown
  • Dominic Muro ($50 this quarter)



  • Marc Bradley
  • Jeff Balasa
  • Robert Bryant
  • Anthony Carr of Mamaroneck
  • Manny Langella ($50 this quarter)
  • Linda Johnson of Wilton ($150 this quarter)
  • Martin O’Marra
  • Richard Baudouin
  • Manny Langella ($150 this quarter)
  • Daniel McInerney of Trumbull ($100 this quarter)
  • Charlie Taney of Redding ($100 this quarter)



  • Bradford Craighead of South Salem, N.Y. ($50 this quarter)



  • Christine Names ($50 this quarter)
  • Patricia Tinto ($100 this quarter)
  • Nicholas Kantor
  • Dorothy Mobilia ($50 this quarter)
  • Joan Gray
  • Laoise King ($50 this quarter)
  • Carl Ordemann of New York, N.Y.
  • Austin Luo
  • Maria Cheung
  • Richard LeGreca
  • Nancy Meany
  • Karen O’Connell of East Haven
  • Antonio Pires of Bridgeport


  • Mary Ellen Flaherty-Ludwig ($50 this quarter)
  • Robert Burgess ($50 this quarter)



  • Fran Collier-Clemmons ($55 this quarter)



  • Pam Parkington
  • David Heuvelman ($50 this quarter)
  • Andy Garfunkel
  • Dominique Johnson
  • Michael Gertsch
  • Douglas Moss
  • Marc Alan
  • Patrick McCabe of Hartford
  • Thomas Startup of Westport
  • Chris Cloud of Farmington
  • Peter Smith of Milford
  • Miguel Fuentes of Chesire
  • Michael Sweeney
  • Ryan Bingham of New Hartford
  • William Finch of Bridgeport
  • Michael Doyle of Mansfield
  • Jay Malcynsky of Chester
  • Stephan Kinney of Old Saybrook
  • Joseph Aresimowicz of Berlin
  • David Cole
  • Ellie Becker
  • Mathew Condon
  • Duane Gates of Deep River
  • Richard Rivera of Derby
  • Wilfredo Vega Jr. of Stratford
  • Karen Spencer ($75 this quarter)



  • Elizabeth Golden ($50 this quarter)
  • Joshua Goldstein ($50 this quarter)
  • Charles Nystrom ($50 this quarter)
  • Judith Cobin ($25 this quarter)
  • Marilyn Robinson ($25 this quarter)



  • Fanny Osorio ($50 this quarter)



  • Eric Fischman
  • Bruce Kimmel
  • Sheri Brown
  • Steven Wager
  • Dana Garbrielson
  • Jacquen Jordan-Byron
  • Daniel Verel
  • Louise Flax
  • Kevin Hobson
  • Jacqueline Lightfield
  • Eloisa Melendez
  • Leonel Rosales
  • Daniel Sanchick
  • Beth Siegelbaum ($25 this quarter)
  • Kathleen Tepper
  • Benjamin Cherner
  • Chanda Bronax-Nino
  • James Condron
  • Mary Finnegan
  • Alexandra Pillon of West Hartford
  • Alexandra Baudouin
  • Caren Glickson ($25 this quarter)
  • Roma Stibravy
  • Jennifer Bangser
  • Anne Farrow ($25 this quarter)



  • Elsa Obuchowski ($25 this quarter)
  • Daniel Obuchowski ($25 this quarter)



  • Claudia Boerst
  • Tina Duryea
  • Rita Startup of Westport
  • Kathleen Williams
  • Wilbur Escobar
  • Jordon Hensley
  • Nathaniel Yordon of Easton
  • Dan Aron of Westport



  • David Murchie of Stamford ($10 this quarter)


Contributions from Committees

  • Connecticut Firefighters PAC $1,500
  • CT Union of Telephone Workers Local 1298 $500
  • AT&T Connecticut Employee PAC $500



Purchases of Advertising $250

  • BJ Ryans
  • Accurate Auto Repair
  • Raymond Funeral Home
  • McMahon Ford
  • Gault Family Companies
  • DePino Nunez & Biggs
  • Gaffney Bennett & Associates
  • Capitol Strategies Group
  • Garavel Auto Group
  • A.Pappajohn Company


In Kind

  • Edwin Camacho $232.24
  • Colin Hosten $232.24
  • Mario Coppola $300
  • Norman Bloom $698.15
  • James Bloom $815.23




  • Balance on hand beginning of reporting period: $14,941.76
  • Contributions from individuals: $550
  • Total monetary receipts: $550
  • Subtotals: $15,491.76
  • Expenses paid by committee: $17.45
  • Balance on hand at close of reporting period: $15,474.31


Contributions listed:

  • Bruce Beinfield $100
  • Blain Nicholas of Wilton $200
  • Clyde Mount $100
  • Andy Garfunkel $100



Independents for Norwalk

  • Contributions from individuals: $4,485
  • Total purchase of advertising: $250
  • Expenses paid by committee: $685.85
  • Balance on hand at close of reporting period: $4098.15
  • In-kind contributions received: $254.21


  • Bryan Meek $1000
  • Lisa Brinton $500
  • John Velez $500
  • Sue Haynie $500
  • Sue Small, $250
  • Marc Grenier $200
  • Jody Sattler $100
  • Kristin Guttroff $100
  • Cheryl Kemeny $100
  • Lynne Pratt $100
  • Ester Stefandis $100
  • Rosaria Konstantin $100
  • Jo Bennett $100
  • Jen Farnum $100
  • Margaret Epprecht $50
  • Lisa Henderson $50
  • Jeffrey Rolhings $50
  • Erik Anderson $40
  • Lisa Helyhe $40
  • Scott and Kathleen Kuhner $40
  • Jane Graham $30
  • Donna Smirniotopoulos $30
  • Stuart Garrelict $30
  • Irina Marquis $25
  • Joan Smith $25
  • Marlene Cohen $25
  • Stephen Bentkover $25
  • Heather Schneider $20
  • Sarah Johnson $20
  • Andrew Meyerson $20
  • John Romano $20
  • John McKissick $20
  • Glenn Iannaccone $20
  • Nora King $20
  • Juanita Olguin $20
  • Margarita Connors $20
  • Tamsen Langalis $20
  • Alexandra Kemeny $15
  • Cheryl Warner $15
  • Mike Barbis $15
  • Miner Nelson $15
  • David Davidson $15


In kind

  • Lisa Brinton: $254.21 signs
  • UDrive bought an ad $250


John O'Neill July 14, 2021 at 9:00 am

Two Things hit me right away:
1) Based on the $ 1,000 Donors it seems like Rilling is running for Mayor in Stamford. Does anyone else get that impression? That being said, the Cingrari family is terrific. Just not sure why all these Stamford people are supporting Harry financially
2) Ed Camacho putting his money where his mouth is. Good for him. On a side note has anyone in town noticed Ed’s picture at practically every bus stop. Prior to Ed those same ads had pictures of “Spitting” Image of Bob Duff last election. Coincidence? Probably, but interesting all the same.

David Muccigrosso July 14, 2021 at 9:50 am

This is a perfect example of why we need multiparty reform for Norwalk.

For all that Rilling’s opponents rail about one-party rule, they are conspicuously silent about the one type of reform that could help tip them over the edge of ending his machine’s odious reign.

I call on Riddle and Brinton, as well as the rest of the opposition to the political machine that runs Norwalk, to PUBLICLY commit to multiparty reform – whether it be Ranked Choice, Approval, or any other sane method that does not put Norwalkers at the mercy of having their votes to end this machine being split.

And just to be clear, this fear of vote-splitting has its fingerprints ALL OVER this primary cycle. Kydes bowed out rather than risk splitting the Democratic vote. Brinton running for Council is on its own a smart move, so we can’t really accuse her of untoward motives, but there’s no denying that it cleared out the “opposition” slot for Riddle; Lisa’s past campaigns have also suffered from having the opposition vote split.

Look, this isn’t NYC. We don’t have 15 candidates. And if we have any kind of local pride, I’d hope we can pride ourselves on being able to more competently execute a Ranked Choice tabulation than NYC.

But we get the politicians our elections give us. Our elections are giving us this machine, a machine that’s killing our businesses – unless they pay the right people! – and handing the rewards of our growth over to rich developers. Change the elections, change the politicians, end the machine.

Bobby Lamb July 14, 2021 at 6:10 pm

Harry must be doing something right if all the opposition can come up with are two people who went for higher offices and failed and are now going for lower offices, and are destined to fail again. Riddle and Brinton should have sat this one out. All they will gain is sealing their political reputations as losers once again. When they both lose how can they ever run for office again?

Taxpayer July 14, 2021 at 11:04 pm

Some spinnaker money, Suchy donation, a few city donations including the elusive Jr Mayor and Stamford special interest money wasted in support of a campaign that’s guaranteed to win. Taxpayers can see who wants preferences

David Muccigrosso July 15, 2021 at 8:31 am

@Bobby – Lisa IS sitting this one out by going for council.

But the opposition needs to do more than just take its licks every 2 years. Multiparty reform is the best way to fight back.

Steve July 15, 2021 at 11:06 am

Happy to see Lisa B running as an independent but am surprised to see the large donation from Republican, Bryan Meeks and other well-known Republicans. Is this to scuttle the Republican candidate and run “their” candidate but without the baggage of the Trumpublican Party, which more than one non-Trumpist Republican has called fascist?

Bryan Meek July 16, 2021 at 8:56 am

@Steve, it’s not large when you divide it over dozens of people who are trying to make Norwalk a better place. We need more than glasses of water with Ds on them running the city. Traffic is insane because of lack of planning and we are headed to a New Rochelle like existence of permanent gridlock in the urban core. New Rochelle is bulldozing most of their mistakes from several decades ago. It’s too bad someone took a paycheck here over doing what is right. Now we will all be paying for it as long as we decide to make a home here.

Political bigotry is still bigotry and we have many here in Norwalk who would be just fine if Trump had a D behind his name while finding some other Republican bogeyman to blame everything on. Bush was Hitler. McCain was a racist. Romney was a mysoginist….fill in the blanks, because it’s all you have…blanks.

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