Rilling campaign collects $155K; Riddle, less than $2K

At left, Democratic Mayor Harry Rilling, as shown in a campaign photo; at left, Republican Mayoral hopeful Jonathan Riddle, as shown on his LinkedIn page. Rilling has also been endorsed by the Working Families Party.

The 2021 Election is Nov. 2.

NORWALK, Conn. — Democratic incumbent Mayor Harry Rilling has raised more than $155,000 in his bid for reelection. His Republican opponent, Jonathan Riddle, has raised about $1,700.

Finance disclosure forms were filed Tuesday by both campaigns. Rilling for Mayor reports $11,750 in contributions from individuals this quarter and $3,061.18 from other committees. Friends of Jonathan Riddle began the quarter with $60 and reports $1,735 in total contributions from individuals on the summary page but calls it $1,730 on every other page.

Riddle came forward in July to challenge Rilling, Acting Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Fred Wilms said. Rilling is seeking a fifth two-year term.

A Rilling news release said, “For every $10 the campaign raised since July, over $9.50 has been from individual donors across Norwalk and Connecticut. Approximately 60% of individual donors in this filing were Norwalk residents who contributed an average of $153 per person.”

Riddle did not send a news release.

Peter Riddle of Stamford, Riddle campaign treasurer, submitted the filing. The Rilling filing was submitted by Nate Yordon of Easton.


Friends of Rilling

  • Balance on hand beginning of period: $114,491.18
  • Contributions from individuals: $11,750
  • Receipts from other committees: $3,061.16
  • Total purchase of advertising: $4,600
  • Total monetary receipts: $19,411.16
  • Subtotals: $133,902.34
  • Expenses paid by committee: $30,679.39
  • Balance on hand at close of reporting period: $103,222.45

Total donations from contributors listed in the filing:


  • Attorney William Hennessey of Stamford
  • Miguel Delgado, Salt Water Grille
  • Eurico Taviera of Naugatuck, Naugatuck Construction LLC
  • Jason Enters of Darien, EDG Properties



  • Patrick Eldredge of Riverside (total $1,000 since start of campaign)



  • Michael Mushak (total $1,000 since start of campaign)



  • David Westmoreland (total $1,000 since start of campaign)



  • Saida Rofhok, Fencecraft LLC owner
  • Curtis Stewart (total $1,000 since start of campaign)
  • James Jerolman of North Haven



  • Melissa Iacovacci
  • Adam Blank (total $750 since start of campaign)


  • Allan Kieban of Wilton (total $650 since start of campaign)
  • Craig Flaherty of Darien


  • Susan Weinberger (total $175 since start of campaign)
  • Theodore Randolph
  • Colin Hosten (total $482.24 since start of campaign)
  • Patsy Brescia (total $500 since start of campaign)




  • Michael DiMeglio of Margate, N.J. (total $450 since start of campaign)



  • John Kydes
  • Adam Derrick
  • Barbara Smyth (total $200 since start of campaign)
  • Joseph Masher (total $200 since start of campaign)
  • Pamela Parkington (total $200 since start of campaign)
  • Ronald Banks (total $350 since start of campaign)
  • Bruce Beinfield (total $300 since start of campaign)
  • John Moeling (total $850 since start of campaign)
  • Richard Baskin (total $350 since start of campaign)
  • Frank Peloso Jr. of Easton



  • Priscilla Feral
  • Marc Alan (total $175 since start of campaign)
  • Galen Wells (total $325 since start of campaign)
  • Sylvia Schulman (total $325 since start of campaign)
  • Sheri Brown (total $125 since start of campaign)
  • Kara Nelson Baekey
  • Diane Jellerette
  • Laoise King (total $225 since start of campaign)
  • Eloisa Melendez (total $125 since start of campaign)
  • Blanca Velasquez



  • Mustafa Noor
  • Marilyn Robinson (total $125 since start of campaign)
  • Karl Basone
  • Darlene Young
  • Lucy Dathan (total $75 since start of campaign)
  • Donna King (total $300 since start of campaign)
  • Jacquen Jordan-Byron (total $100 since start of campaign)
  • Caren Glickson (total $100 since start of campaign)
  • Jenn McMurrer
  • Nicol Ayers
  • Nora Niedzielski-Eichner
  • Diane Revolus
  • Douglas Stern (total $325 since start of campaign)
  • Melissa Murray (total $100 since start of campaign)
    Ellie Becker (total $150 since start of campaign)
  • Mary-Kay Harrity



  • Jan Degenshein
  • Sal Liccione of Westport
  • Barry Kasdan
  • Beth Siegalbaum (total $75 since start of campaign)
  • Mary Burgess
  • Adela De Ioizaga Carney



  • Heidi Godleski
  • Marion Glickson of Stamford



Contributions from Committees


  • Capital City PAC



  • AFT Connecticut PAC



  • CT Laborers’ Political League
  • AFSCME Council 4 OPC


Purchases of advertising


  • Cherry Hill Glass Co. Inc.
  • Main Enterprises Inc.
  • Canaan Distributors Corp.
  • Antinozzi Associates, P.C.
  • Colandro & Imbrogno Masonry, LLC
  • Kaestle Boos Associates
  • Mack Fire Protection, Inc.
  • New Era Mechanical Corp.
  • Camsan, Inc.
  • Mas Mechanical
  • TF Andrew Carpet One and Home
  • All in One Construction Group LLC
    GCV Construction LLC
  • Baybrook Remodelers Inc.
  • F.D. Rich Company Inc.
  • SoNo Development Partners LLC
  • TR SoNo Partners
  • TR Washington LLC



  • Bill Wells
  • Daniel Colandro



Friends of Jonathan Riddle

  • Balance on hand $60
  • Contributions from individuals $1735

Total donations from contributors listed in the filing:


  • Fred Wilms


  • Ellen Wink


  • John Romano
  • William Dunne
  • Scott Vetare
  • Richard Moccia of Ridgefield


  • James Kahmann

Correction, 1:30 p.m.: Riddle summary page listed expenses.

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John O'Neill October 14, 2021 at 9:31 am

Two things come to mind:
1) Is a contribution to Harry’s campaign a prerequisite for advancement in the Dem Town Committee ?
2) Capital City PAC? Glad to see Luke Bronin and Hartford funneling some of our taxpayer dollars back to Norwalk !! But one wonders why ??
3) West Norwalk’s 142nd District is happy to see New Canaan money from our Rep also flowing into Norwalker’s hands..Mayor Rilling could sure use every dollar.
4) I see that Barbara Smyth donated — All I’ve heard since moving to Norwalk is teacher’s not being able to afford to live in this town. Either I heard wrong or Mrs. Smyth came into some unexpected money.
5) John Kydes ? Wait a minute, is he running against Harry or backing him? Unless there’s more than one John Kydes in town.

Kenneth Werner October 14, 2021 at 12:29 pm

Considering that Mr. Riddle has stated he favored anti-vaccination and anti-masking policies that would increase the incidence of illness and death among Norwalk residents, I’m personally surprised he has accumulated even $1730 this quarter.

James R October 14, 2021 at 3:57 pm

I sure would hope Mr. Riddle is not planning to shake the hands of voters on election day considering he states on his website he is not vaccinated against covid19.

Jonathan Riddle October 14, 2021 at 4:14 pm


Normally I do not respond to comments on articles, but your blatant lie, complete misinformation, and complete mischaracterization of me warranted a response. This will be my only response and if you would like to discuss further I am always available for a public Q and A.

I am not anti-mask, nor am I anti-vaccine. Yes, I oppose government mandates dictating personal health choices.

I am curious, What scientific evidence can you share that shows choosing to not wearing a mask or choosing to not get the vaccine would increase the incidence of illness and death among Norwalk residents? Or was that a tongue-in-cheek comment to get a rise out of folks? The difference is I am well-read and educated on Covid, review the scientific research being released in its entirety (not the summaries which can be misleading), and never let a talking head on TV tell me WHAT to think. I think for myself and do my own research.

Here is the actual Science to educate yourself and perhaps move away from the media-induced fear-mongering talking points:

COVID-19 is a very serious and dangerous virus that we must all take precautions with.

Let me be crystal clear – The COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and our best defense against the virus, especially for our high-risk vulnerable populations. To clarify a misconception, the vaccine was not developed to eradicate COVID, rather reduce the risk of symptoms and hospitalizations, like an annual flu shot. A vaccinated person can absolutely still get infected with COVID, and the Delta variant can infect a vaccinated or an unvaccinated person equally, and equally, both can be asymptomatic carriers of the virus particles.

The emerging scientific research on Delta from around the world is finding Natural Immunity from a previous infection is at the very least equal to vaccination protection and provides longer protection. Additionally, a previous infection provided 6 to 13 times greater immune response than a previously uninfected vaccinated individual (Study link below). Of course in the same breath, the obvious must be stated; a previous infection and a single or double dose of the vaccine will provide above and beyond the immunity provided by natural immunity, thus supercharging any antibody response. Nonetheless, with the CDC reporting vaccine protections waning over time and Natural Immunity providing equal or greater protection as the vaccines available, public leaders must follow the emerging science today.

Anectodedly, I have natural immunity from a previous severe infection at the beginning of the pandemic and I am in the low-risk category. After consulting with my medical doctor, the professional recommendation I received was that the vaccine is medically unnecessary at this time. If I was in the high-risk category I would treat this decision differently.

As Mayor, I will follow the science and not mandate vaccines for any public or private business, as personal health choices should remain voluntary. After speaking with medical professionals about low-risk children, the professional recommendations shared with me is, it is medically unnecessary to mandate vaccines for a population that has a near 0% risk from COVID. Again, these are personal health choices a parent should make for their child, not the government. It is time to stop letting fear and politicians dictate our decisions, and return to logical decisions that follow science, not political science.


Tysen Canevari October 14, 2021 at 5:24 pm

Its called PAY FOR PLAY!!! All that money wasted on nonsense. Politics is a real dirty game. Riddle should be ashamed as well. Why run for mayor if you are going to half ass it. 2 more years of Tyvek temple and wearing masks in Norwalk. Sad

Al October 14, 2021 at 7:54 pm

Mr Riddle,

Welcome to the comments. Thank you for putting up the campaign site.

As a fiscal conservative and advocate for transparent government, could you clarify whether you applied for and took PPP loans? On the surface it looks like you received over $30,000 for a 1 person business (yourself) in 3 loans. Is this accurate and have you repaid them?

Thanks in advance for any transparency

Al October 14, 2021 at 7:54 pm

Mr Riddle,

Welcome to the comments. Thank you for putting up the campaign site.

As a fiscal conservative and advocate for transparent government, could you clarify whether you applied for and took PPP loans? On the surface it looks like you received over $30,000 for a 1 person business (yourself) in 3 loans. Is this accurate and have you repaid them?

Thanks in advance for any transparency

PM October 16, 2021 at 9:13 am

Mr Riddle, Please look at the projections from the University of Washington https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america?view=daily-deaths&tab=trend, especially the projections of worse case, current situation and mask usage. The trend lines separate significantly. As a person who just had a breakthrough infection, as a father who has a 12 year old daughter who contracted COVID and just had her first dose of vaccine (thank god), this is not about personal freedom, thats a straw issue. It’s a public health issue, I have has a few friends unvaccinated who have now died in their 50’s because of this disease. MY own course wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t much fun either, and the vaccines certainly improved both of our courses and in my case, may did even more. So please please stop talking about this in the way you do. It will not win you the votes you need and perpetuates a view that continues to put people at risk. As a public figure, I think you should have the responsibility to serve the public good. Please reconsider your view

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