Rilling campaign final pre-election financial report

NORWALK, Conn. — Here is the campaign finance report for Democratic mayoral candidate Harry Rilling for the final reporting period prior to the Nov. 5 election:

Balance on hand beginning of reporting period: $24,045.77

Contributions from individuals $38,200; aggregate $131,864.99

Receipts from other committees: $7,850; aggregate $9,450

Other monetary receipts:

Total purchases of advertising – program book or sign: 0; aggregate $2,960

Total monetary receipts: $46,234.56; aggregate $146,479.19

Subtotals: $73,280.33; aggregate $146,479.19

Expenses paid by committee: $28,275.88; aggregate $101,474.74

Balance on hand at close of period: $45,004.45; $45,004.45

In-kind donations no considered contributions received: $1,146.63; aggregate $3,004

In-kind contributions received: $1,900.11; aggregate $1,964.75

Campaign expenses paid by candidate: 0; aggregate: $204.32

In-kind donation not considered contributions:

John Levin, $350, food & beverages

Winthrop E. Baum, $96.63, beverages

Christopher Kusske, $700, food, wine and service

Allen Koskowitz, $700,f ood, wine and service

In-kind contributions:

Daniel Amoruccio, $1,000, food & beverages

Vincent Amoruccio, $1,000, food & beverages

Individual donors


Arnie D’Angelo, Easton

David Westmoreland

Joseph Magliocco, New York

John Magliocco, Rye, N.Y.

Antonio Magliocco Jr.

Oscar Imbrogno, Stamford

Janet Lang, Tucson, Ariz.

Barry Lang, Tucson, Ariz.

Richard, McGonigal

Winthrop Baum, Fairfield

Gabriele Gavrielides

William Collins

Christopher Kusske

Terrence Meck, New York


Barbara Murphy

Steven Kerschner

Darunee Wilson

Michael Mushak

William Murphy, Rowayton

Stanley Goldberg, Wilton

Michael Forbes, Darien

James Ackerly

Ann Sheffer, Westport

Santo Silvestro, New Canaan

Francis Nash

Nathaniel Yordon


Elizabeth Gibbs

Nancy Meany


Christopher McMahon, Wilton


Michael Mushak


Michael Corsello, Westport

Patricia Russo

Abdelazzeim Mahmoud

Michael Dimeglio, Egg Harbor Township, N.J.

David Gable

Lawrence Weisman, Westport

John Kammerman

Edwin Camacho

Shahzad Mir

Frank Peloso, Easton

Anthony Aitoro

David Aitoro, Weston

Allan Kleban, Potomac, Md.

John Igneri

Edwin Camacho

John Margenot, Greenwich

Christopher Bogart

Laura Cramer

Adam Derrick, Westport


Joseph Carter

Gordon Tully

Michael Murray

Jeffrey Menoher, Ridgefield

Elizabeth Gibbs

Elizabeth Gibbs

David Brown

Mustafa Noor

Kevin Reynolds, West Hartford

Elisabeth Burns, Easton

Judy Farnsworth

Douglas Ormond

Joseph Dominick

Thomas Flaherty

Michael Mushak

Andrew Glazer


Nick Savopoulos

Craig Leroy, West Hartford

Robert Slapin


Stuart Wells

Stuart Wells

Galen Wells

Mark Turdcy

Jeanne McAndrew

Larry Rossi

Richard Felner, Fairfield

Sandra Tomaselli

Judith Bacal

John Metsopoulos

Elton Fowler, Tavares, Fla.

Ronald Brien, Greenwich

Kimberly Snyder-Bastoni

Marny Smith, $100

Edmund Schmidt, Darien

Mary Burgess

Anastasios Kyriakides

Anastasios Kyriakides

Anastasios Kyriakides

Noah Wilker

Heidi Godleski

Adil Khan

Patrick McCabe, West Hartford

Thomas Dorsey, West Hartford

Frank Murphy

Peter Fullam

Barbara Sansone

Robert, Earley, Avon

Azra Asaduddin

George Mandler

Anne Farrow

Larry Rossi

Melissa Petropoulos

Betty Bondi

Daniel Moore, Marl borough

Randy Santiago

Dawn Delgreco

Jennifer Boyd

Michael Martone, Cheshire

Keith Stover, West Simsbury

Jay Levin, New London

Jean Cronin Hughes, Old Saybrook

Tom Roncinske, Danbury

Tom Roncinske, Danbury

Tom Roncinske, Danbury

Thomas Vetter

Anastasios Kyriakides

Barry Kasdan

Robert Keyes

Carl Cooke

Sarah Boggess, East Greenbush, N.Y.

Demetrios Sotiropoulos

Gregory Luxenberg, Manchester

Ellen Becker

Thomas Mongellow, Newington

Lynne Scanlon, East Hampton, N.Y.

William Gregory

James Faber

Annapurna Duleep

Jeanne Taylor

Sereniti Dobson

Peter Thor

Urban Mulvehill


Peter Thor


Mark Scanlon


John Altieri

Debora Goldstein

Gary Oberst

Linda Johnson

Rose Marie Secada

Linda Johnson

Sylvia Schulman

Christine Names

Kaye Anderson

Irwin Weisbrot

Anastasios Kyriakides

Bruce Hume

Anthony Mobilia

Sophia Gevas

Tom Cahill

Jo Ann Friedlander

Edward Farris

Robert DiBella, Glastonbury

Shannon Sherry

Julie Monahan

Gregory Payne

Regina Krummel

Edwin Camacho

Robert Wagman

Mark Boykin, Bridgeport


Eliza Holland

Tom Orofino, Westport

Bruce Morris


Hu Landsay

Jacqueline Steiner

Sandra Billings

Laura Ferrera


Marlene Woodman, New Haven

Taber Hamilton


Adam Silver

Jeremiah Crowley

Abu Belal

James Alvord

MaryBeth Murray


Russell Wickett Jr.

Lynne Moore

Arthur Pliner


Donald Kehoe


Prosperity for Connecticut, $1,500

CT Council of Police Unions PAC, $1,500

Cops for a Better Connecticut PAC Fund, $1,500

AFSCME Council 4 OPC, $1,500

AFT Connecticut PAC, $750

Norwalk Firefighters PAC, $500

CT State Council of Machinists PAC, $250

Third Street PAC, $250

CT Association of Optometrists PAC, $100



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  1. rburnett

    WOW!!! Compare the number of Norwalk donors supporting Rilling with the number supporting Moccia. Tells the real story. Not only the amount Rilling received but where those dollars came from.

    Also, City Carting is on Moccia’s list. Of course they are, they got an “unprecedented” ten-year contrat from him. Oh and by the way, they also donated $3000 dollars to his last campaign just before getting that sweetheart deal. We need to get the corruption out of City Hall and bring back integrity.

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