Rilling campaign lists donors, finance statement

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Democratic mayoral candidate Harry Rilling.

(Correction: A previous version of this report misstated the reporting period. Because the Democrats had to file an early report due to the September primary, the report periods for the Democratic and Republican mayoral candidates are not the same in this cycle. This financial report covers Sept. 2-Oct. 3)

NORWALK, Conn. – Figures on file in the Town Clerk’s office show that Democratic mayoral candidate Harry Rilling raised $34,880 from campaign contributions during the reporting period from Sept. 2 to Oct. 3. The campaign began the final month with just over $27,000 on hand.

Thursday, Oct. 10, was the deadline to file campaign finance reports for the period. Both Rilling and Republican incumbent Richard Moccia released some of the numbers earlier this week.

The Rilling campaign reported:

$13,971.40 balance on hand beginning of reporting period

$34,880 contributions from individuals this period; $93,664.99 aggregate

$1,500 receipts from other committees this period; $1,600 aggregate

$2,019.64 other monetary receipts aggregate (none this period)

$36,380 total monetary receipts this period; $100,244.63 aggregate

$0 total purchases of advertising this period; $2,960 aggregate

Income subtotals:

$50,351.40 this period

$100,244.63 aggregate

Expenses paid by committee:

$23,305.63 this period; $73,198.86 aggregate

Balance on hand: $27,045.77

In-kind not considered “contributions received: donations:

$859.37 this period


In-kind donations:

$44.64 this period

$64.64 aggregate

Donations (Sept. 2-Oct. 3)

(Donors are from Norwalk unless otherwise noted)

Committee: NE Regional Council/Carpenters CT OPC $1,500


William Gilmore

Chris Gavrilidis

Nicholas Pichotta

Clara Gilmore

Gail Wall

George Frank

Hariklia Goodchild

Kenneth Lametta, Lametta Construction

Ruth Brown

Donna DiScala

Michael DiScala, DiScala Real Estate

Thomas Rich, Stamford


Bruce Mellion, National Federation of Teachers president, Bridgeport

Joseph Rosetti, Palm Beach


Bruce Morris

Nathaniel Yordon

John Moeling

Diane Keefe

Vito Bochicchio

Ralph Bloom

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, Cos Cob

David Cole

Peter Romano

Steven Kerschner

Robert Berchem Milford

Richard Baskin

Charles Kriewald


Kenneth Bovi


John Hamlin

Jonathan Beyman


Peter Luchini, Wethersfeild

Peter Vimini

Andrew Glickson


David O’Connor

John Verel

Farhan Memon, spokesman, Al Madany Islamic Center

Andrew Greenfield

Anthony Avallone, Milford

Tobias Arianna

Salvatore Dinardo, Bridgeport

Antoinette Balin

Eric Bernheim, Milford

John Igneri

Lawrence Church

Patricia Russo


Nicholas Kazantzidis

William Kenney

Joseph Dominick

Michael Mulvehill

Elizabeth Gibbs

Robert Bryant

Anastastios Kyriakides

Kathleen Lametta

William Wrenn

Ira Bloom Westport

Peter Libre

Louis Colangelo

Ronald Restivo


Josephine Anderson

Randall Klein, Darien

David Brown

Troy Jellerette

William Sapienza, West Haven

Michael Foley

Josephine Anderson


Elsa Peterson Obuchowski

Daniel Obuchowski


Joseph Tamburri

William Reedy

Pamela Parkington

John Skrolt

Jeanne McAndrew

Daniel Amoruccio

Joseph Cote

Malcolm Gordon

Lawrence Andronaco

Mary Whyte

Michael DePalma

David Murchie

Christine Names

Tom Arbron

Gary Oberst

Margaret Holton

Charlie Taney

Catherine Murchie

Susan Wallerstein

Henry May

Michael Egmont, Trumbull

Gerald Moran

Jeremiah Crowley

Mary Burgess

Larry Rossi

Eleni Karakasidis

Margie Katz

James Doyle

John Frank, Palmetto, Fla.

William Reedy

William Schaberg, Fairfield

Nicole Coppola, Orange

Jeanne Taylor

Elizabeth Maurice

Dennis Doyle

Nicola Casella, North Haven

Wesley Jackson

Michael Gabrielle

Judith Rivas


Judith Bacal

Rucker Scott Georgana


John Hamlin

Teresa Siano

Fran Collier-Clemmons


Dorothy Mobilia

Lee Larchevesque

Christopher Bogart

Fred Smith

Lawrence Shapiro

Leslie O’Toole

Patricia Adams

Adela de Loizaga Carney

Edward Hatton

Anthony Buono

Tom Cahill

Heidi Godleski

Jules Lang

Eric Fischman

Susan Mansfield

Beth Siegelbaum

Marilyn Robinson

Jody Bishop-Pullan

Arthur Goldblatt

Nancy Usic

Harriet Haffner

Robert Cullen

Maryli Secrest

David McQuaid

Ann Powers

Cristina Kish

Doug Sutton


Karen Spencer


Eric Fischman

Carolyn Fuller

Joe Newell

Steve Frey

Judith Nelson

Laura Granstedt

Anita Behnken

Judith Cobin

Broderick Sawyer

Michael Mark Westport


Russell Wickett Jr., aggregate 95

Daisy Franklin

Laure Dunne

Francis Waters


Adam Silver


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  1. Daisy

    Only surprise there is Larry Rossi, who was always a friend of Moccia’s. The others are the usual suspects, plus a couple of out-of-towners who can give money but not vote.

  2. Another Harry

    That mosque spokesman in the middle has me worried. A lot.

  3. Broderick I. Sawyer

    What exactly do you mean usual suspects Daisy?

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