Rilling gets Norwalk Police endorsement

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Harry Rilling attends a Norwalk Police Commission meeting in May 2012, one of the last of his 17 year career as police chief.

NORWALK, Conn. – Former Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling has gotten a ringing vote of confidence in his drive to unseat Mayor Richard Moccia – that of the men and women who worked under him for years.

The Norwalk Police Union voted last week to endorse Rilling, a Democrat, according to a statement from Det. David Orr, union president. Orr cited Rilling’s record as police chief, and while he threw bouquets of gratitude to Moccia for eight years of “dedication and commitment,” strongly suggested Rilling is the man for the job now.

The words are very similar to those used by the Norwalk firefighters union.

“The men and women of the Norwalk Police Union believe that as mayor, Harry Rilling will work to re-establish a cordial working relationship between city employees and city managers, and that he will respect not only the collective bargaining agreements that the city has with their unions, but the spirit of honesty and fairness with which they were written,” Orr said in the statement.

Both Moccia and Rilling spoke to the union membership last Thursday, Orr said. Rilling, a zoning commissioner, missed a combined meeting of the Plan Review Committee and Zoning Committee to be there.

“The Norwalk Police Union is grateful for Mayor Moccia’s dedication and commitment to the city through the past eight years,” Orr said in the statement. “The Union recognizes and has always appreciated the amicable and mutually respectful relationship that we’ve had with the mayor during his tenure.”

Moccia was not available for comment.

Rilling was with the Norwalk Police Department for more than 41 years, spending 17 years as police chief.

“Harry Rilling rose through the ranks of our police department and established a reputation as an intelligent, progressive, tactful, and compassionate leader,” Orr said in the statement. “While managing the state of Connecticut’s sixth largest municipal police department, Harry Rilling always managed to remain accessible to the men and women he led and to the citizens that he served. As demonstrated through his leadership as chief of police, Harry Rilling understood the paramount importance of treating his workers fairly and with honesty and compassion. Harry Rilling understands the challenges that we face as police officers, and the important role that we play in promoting quality of life for the citizens of Norwalk.”

Rilling did not return a request for comment.


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  1. Mike Rotch

    Uh oh! It seems momentum is building for Rilling and it’s not looking so good for Former Mayor Moccia. Plus, based on Moccia’s performance during this election, I believe he wants to lose. I’m sure he’d rather retire than deal with this city’s political scene for two more years.

  2. LWitherspoon

    Where does Rilling stand on the question of abolishing the rank of Police Captain and replacing it with Deputy Chiefs?
    If memory serves, the Democrats on Common Council recently sought to drive a wedge between the Moccia administration and the Police Union with a non-binding resolution in favor of keeping the rank of Captain.

  3. “Rilling gets Norwalk Police endorsement”
    Uh, duh — like THAT is a shocker….

  4. Daisy

    Oh, wow, huge surprise there. A little courage would have been nice, but not to be expected. AND – once again, another union where majority of members don’t even live in Norwalk and loved Dick Moccia – and endorsed him – for years.

  5. Joe Espo

    Harry, a former union president, is making money promises to the police union, money promises to the fire union, and money promises to the teachers’ union. Except that instead of saying he promises money, he euphemistcally promises “respect.” Hookers use the word “roses” as a euphemism for dollars. Same thing. Hold on to your wallets if he’s elected, because we’re going to be rolled.

  6. Oldtimer

    This time they have a clear choice between a guy they have learned to not trust and a man they do.

  7. Karen

    Mike has made an interesting observation, “based on Moccia’s performance during this election, I believe he wants to lose.” Perhaps, perhaps, others have noted that also, however its mute, for the most part, now anyway. Its over for Mr. Moccia. This is his last wrassling match and he knows it, and yes it does show when you look close enough, He is exhausted. Admittingly its not the easiest job in the world but he had ample opportunity to do more for Norwalk and he didnt and allowed himself to be hoodwinked by developers and smooth talking conmen and women, costing Norwalk dearly while mr screwu ge turned his back on Norwalks children and underprivlidged. Time and time and time again. Lets see how Moccia goes out.
    With some class and as much dignity as possible, try and be an example or will he continue to allow wonderboy to run wild without a leash and end up losing other seats also, when the dust settles.
    Either way, its over for Mr. Moccia.
    Thank you for your service sir.
    Enjoy your golden years.
    Somewhere far, far away.
    And before you go, sock wonderboy in the nose.
    For yourself, how long you know you wanted too? and for the damage he has caused for all of Norwalk. But dont smack em in the parking lot with cameras and witneeses.
    The above was not an enticement or in any way encouragement to/for violence, it was a verbal expression of frustration. Conduct yourslef as gentlemen and gentlewomen. Pistol duels allowed only after all taxes, fees, dues, fines, debts and duel permits paid in ful. Duels held every sunday noon on mill hill only.

  8. RU4REAL

    Well said Oldtimer.

  9. piberman

    Looks like the “unions” really want to control Norwalk’s budget by electing Democrats. First the school teachers, now the fire fighters and police. A first for Norwalk. … Looks like the unions anticipate Democrats will boost spending sharply. Norwalk taxpayers can’t say they weren’t warned about what a union Democrat partnership would mean for Norwalk – a major increase in property taxes. Just like the union Democrat partnership in Hartford. If the NFT could negotiate the 5th highest salaries in CT under a Democrat controlled BOE imagine the possibilities with Democrat control of the entire City. Norwalk under Democrat leadership might well become first in taxes and first in municipal salaries. Voters beware.

    (This comment was edited to remove an assertion that was not factually accurate.)

  10. Mike Mushak

    I am in love with Karen, whoever he/she is! Thanks for the good laugh despite the deep sadness and disappointment you have written about. Great skill and wit. Hope to meet you someday during the upcoming and long overdue Norwalk Enlightenment.

  11. Tim T

    This comes of no surprise as everyone loves a boss that lets them get away with the nonsense the NPD does. Also let us not forget about the unlimited overtime on the backs of the taxpayers where many many cops are making close to 200000 per year. HOLD ONTO YOUR WALLETS

  12. Daisy

    SO glad I moved out of Norwalk. Still care ’cause I lived there all my life, but the taxes were choking me 5 years ago and if Harry DOES get elected, I’d be dead.

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