Rilling plans to mediate BOE racial dispute, says Chiaramonte comment was out of line

Mayor Harry Rilling ssays e will try to settle the problems on the Board of Education.
Mayor Harry Rilling says he will try to settle the problems on the Board of Education.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling said Wednesday he is going to sit down with members of the Board of Education who are involved in a controversy involving race and try to resolve the situation.

He also spoke out against a comment made by board member Jack Chiaramonte.

Rilling, who said he did not want this “playing out in the public arena,” issued a press release Wednesday after taking exception to a published report attributing a comment to him as relayed by a third party – NAACP President and attorney Darnell Crosland.

“There is an inaccurate description of my remarks to Attorney Darnell Crosland in today’s press,” he said in the release. “I have spoken recently with Mr. Crosland and suggested meeting separately with persons on both sides of this issue. I recommended we begin a dialogue and eventually bring both sides together.”

The issue to which the mayor referred involves charges of racism leveled by Board of Education members Shirley Mosby, Rosa Murray and Migdalia Rivas against members of the BOE, including Chairman Mike Lyons.

Lyons has denied the claims and demanded proof, which has not been forthcoming. Lyons has said he would not respond to the charges filed with the NAACP and would not agree to talks with the organization until he was given supporting evidence.

Mosby said Tuesday night she has evidence to back up her claims, but would not make it public unless and until the situation winds up in court.

Complicating the issue was a statement made by BOE member and former Chairman Jack Chiaramonte, who called Mosby “the girl who cried black” in reference to her repeated claims of improper treatment of minorities because of their race. Chiaramonte was given a chance by NancyOnNorwalk to walk his comment back last week, but he chose to stand behind his words.

Rilling said Chiaramonte should not have used those words.

“That certainly didn’t help the situation and was, in my opinion, insensitive and shouldn’t have been uttered,” Rilling said Wednesday.

Several people, some from out of town, made their unhappiness known at Tuesday night’s BOE meeting.

Rilling said he wants to try to bring everyone together even without the “evidence” both he and Lyons originally said should be put forward.

“I feel that at the onset of these discussions, no evidence in support of any underlying claims or allegations would be necessary,” the mayor said.

“You have to get people talking and willing to talk,” he said. “I know all the people involved and I know their best interest is the young people in the school system. We need to refocus.”

Rilling said he agrees with Crosland, who made an observation about the situation.

“Darnell said in our conversation that perception sometimes is reality to people, and we need to find out why they feel this way. I said I agreed.”

“I want to sit down separately with people to get the dialog started. I don’t want this played out in the public arena,” Rilling said. “I just think its caused problems and I think we need to get this resolved and not played out publicly, but to get these things resolved so people can start moving forward with the business of the board.

“I fully expect both sides to come together and return to the mission of service to the children of Norwalk.”



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  1. Here We Go Again

    Harry, please step down as Mayor of Norwalk.

  2. Ziggy Stardust

    Yes Harry, please step down! You weren’t at the meeting and now you kow tow to Croslands? Chiaramonte’s remarks were on the money. What? Shirley Mosby’s accusations weren’t insensitive ? She lies and you want to give her a therapy session to find out why she feels bad enough to go public with racist lies? Chiaramonte calls her out for her lies and you say he’s insensitive? Well you have some nerve Harry. I guess you are a true politician! Shame on you!

  3. Taxpayer Fatigue

    I think Mayor Rilling is showing appropriate leadership in this situation. We don’t need more bullying and bellyaching on either side of this issue.

  4. Nora King

    I think at this point that Mayor Rilling does need to mediate. Shirley Mosby has escalated this into a distorted issue of race. I don’t care what the color of your skin is, if you are male or female, young or old or if you are purple with pink polka dots. What I care about is that you are making the right decisions for the Norwalk Educational System. What has Shirley done for our Educational system? Nothing. She has fought every superintendent, has not gotten behind programs like Common Core, or better curriculum for our students. She just likes to fight over meaningless issues. She is the one who has to go. I am a Democrat but I support Mike Lyons 100 percent. He has done a great job as Chair. The BOE should not be about politics but our children. Shirley and her supporters always want to make it about race and if you are a Democrat you must support her. Well I don’t. It has nothing to do with her being African American but everything to do with her qualifications. She should step down and allow some one who doesn’t support this circus that she has brought into Norwalk. I am saying this as a mother. I want leaders on the BOE that are making the right choices for our children. I could care less on what party you are affiliated with. My motto is the best education for our children.

  5. Casey Smith

    Okay, Mayor Rilling, I’ll agree with you that Mr. Chiaramonte’s comment was out of line if you agree that Ms. Mosby’s comment about pulling every white hair out of Mr. Lyons head was also out of line.

  6. LWitherspoon

    Assistant City Corporation Counsel Jeffrey Spahr’s response, requesting evidence and details of the allegations, was appropriate. Mayor Rilling himself said that the complainants should bring forward their evidence. Now he has changed his tune. Disappointing. First there was Candidate Rilling’s embarrassing silence regarding the Amanda Brown incident. Now this. It appears there was one standard as Police Chief and an entirely different standard as Mayor.

    1. Mark Chapman


      Actually, there was a bit more to it, but, as with most things, we don’t just throw everything into the story. Seems that, according to the mayor, Mr. Crosland pointed out in a legal text to Mr.Spahr that no evidence is required for a first meeting, that it is not necessary to present your entire case, and they agreed, and the mayor agreed. It also was agreed that the city attorneys should not represent one side of the board against the other.

      In the aftermath of the Brawl at City Hall, candidate Rilling told us that he learned as a cop you cannot rush to judgment, you have to have all the evidence. In this case, the mayor has said he has not witnessed any of the behavior Mike Lyons is being accused of, but agrees with Mr. Crosland that perception can be someone’s reality. The diplomacy route may not be satisfying to many people who want someone’s head, but it is the route being taken.

  7. David

    You know what? Good! We’re three weeks from that start of the school year and it’s about time this thing was put to rest. It appears blatantly obvious that no one directly involved, thus far, wants to take a definitive action to get past this. Before the school year starts and before either “side” digs in further, we’ve got to move on.

  8. One and Done.

    AFSCME finally got Harry’s number. And he finally answered. Let’s see how much this settlement costs the city. Hopefully another neighborhood won’t be destroyed like Kendall.

  9. EveT

    Some Democrats will probably be upset that a Democrat (Ms. King) publicly criticizes another Democrat (Ms. Mosby), but I think Ms. King is right that party loyalty is not as important as ensuring a quality education for our kids. The BoE should be going about its business, not wasting time and energy on this circus.

  10. Ziggy Stardust

    @Mark Chapman
    Sorry Mark, this is not the road to diplomacy. If Rilling wanted to be a diplomat, he wouldnt chastise either side before meeting with them. After meeting with Croslands, He has come out and called Chiaramonte’s comment out of line, while sympathizing with Mosby’s racist accusations as a reason to find out why she felt she had to say those things. Not a word on how out of line she was. As I see it, Rilling has lost his credibility to be a mediator. It’s just as Casey Smith said above. Can’t call one side out without calling out the others. Not fair play at all. Shame on Harry Rilling for folding like a bad deck of cards to the circus led by Crosland and Mosby. Shame!

    1. Mark Chapman

      @ Ziggy

      Sorry, I disagree here, and I am loathe to get into non-factual discussions in our comment section. But Mr. Chiaramonte’s comment, seen as racially insensitive by many, threw gasoline on the fire and gave credence to her argument. This is not the first time Mr. Chiaramonte has said something with an ethnic or racially insensitive tone. In 2011, the AP picked up the story when he accused unions of caring more about getting “more shekels.” Not dollars? The Jewish community was not amused. At the very least there seems to be a need for some remedial sensitivity training here. We still don’t know what Ms. Mosby’s beef with Mr. Lyons is, and that is, I am told, going to be addressed. She, too, has a history of similar claims, but we have no record or no example of what she is alleging here, and she seem reluctant to share. At this point, the only thing you can say is she is making claims with nothing to back them up, something the mayor, Mr. Lyons and many others have rightly said. We know what Mr. Chiaramonte said.

  11. John Hamlin

    I thought this was a political food fight not a legal proceeding. If there is some cause of action that Ms Mosby can bring against the board or its members, let her file the lawsuit and let it play out in court — and let the BOE get back to business. Otherwise, she chose to have a public airing of her grievances in the press, so let her go public with her evidence. Instead, now that the accusations have been publicly made, they want to have a private discussion. Seems too late for private mediation — unless preceded by an apology from Ms Mosby for going public prematurely — at the very least.

  12. Ziggy Stardust

    And yes, we know what Mosby said too, and it was very racial, accusatory and most importantly, without Merritt. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I, but yours is the minority opinion. Most feel Mosby is playing the card here by her remarks. Yet Rilling doesn’t state this as being insensitive? Just Chiaramonte’ is being “insensitive”? Are you Kidding Mark? And now Rilling wants to Moderate a discussion between them? Rilling has lost his impartiality and his credibility as a mediator by deeming Chiaramonte’s remark as insensitive and not Mosby’s racist accusations. In fact, he meets with Crosland and they feel it’s about feelings and perceptions and they want a “Therapy session” to want to find out why Mosby feelings are hurt! Really!? Are you kidding again Mark? Poor Little Shirley Mosby’s feelings are hurt and they want to analyze why without reprimanding her Racist, lying accusations as insensitive?? What a joke!
    Chiaramonte’s remark was a perfect analogy to her actions. What did Mosby do Mark? Let’s repeat, She made Racist, lying Accusations publicly, she cried. Black! But she has proof she says. Where? Where is it Mark? Until she gives up her “secret proof” they should be regarded as lies. How long has she been sitting on this “proof” now? What’s it been 6, 7 weeks? Yet you & Rilling give her a pass?
    And your bringing up the sheckle remark is not too bright either. It has nothing to do with this matter. If you check the facts, you’ll find a poll found the remark was not racial, and the local Rabbi’s agreed. Let’s stick to the facts of a THIS story Mark. Rilling has lost all credibility by folding to this group and can not moderate this situation impartially.

    1. Mark Chapman


      See, because some people believe in talking and finding out where someone is coming from, you think you know what is in their head. Because some people see a situation where someone who is sitting in a position that she will be in for three-plus more years can either be constantly at war with the leadership or can have her thoughts heard, she is “getting a pass” from some people. You are wrong. And offending people with inflammatory racial and ethnic stereotyping is not the majority opinion in any civilized sector of society. People get fired for that all the time. But, in Mr. Chiaraamonte’s case, as in Ms. Mosby’s case, the voters are the only ones who have that power, and they don’t have it until the end of the term. So the adult thing to do is for the person playing it close to the vest to be heard in private and have the discussion, and for the person throwing public bombs to be told he is out of line and imflaming a situation. Look around, Ziggy. This city does not need more racial division. Comments like that divide and inflame. If the mayor, or the BOE head, or the FedEx delivery person can do something to advance healing rather than digging in their heels and beating their chests, more power to them.

  13. piberman

    What a sad day for Norwalk. Rather than support the BOE and reaffirm that unfounded claims of discrimination by elected officials are inappropriate behaviors Mayor Rilling has flip flopped, ignoring the advise of the City attorney and apparently caved in to the interests of the Democratic Party’s base to protect his political future. By under cutting due process within the BOE the Mayor has severely undermined the fine work of our BOE and once again exposed Norwalk as a City unable to properly govern itself. Promising “civility” as a candidate but as Mayor unable to stand up for good behaviors. Does the Mayor really think his intervention can resolve the agendas of these 3 non-performing BOE members ? Is it too difficult for the Mayor to affirm the fine work of our BOE and Supt rather than support those who would pull it down for selfish interests ?

    Had the disaffected 3 BOE members (2 of whom voted sgainst hiring Dr Rivera) followed proceedures first they would have presented their complaints within the Board with appropriate evidence rather than going public first and requesting NAACP intervention. Nor did they apparently contact the Board’s legal attorney. And by bringing in outside protaganists they further demonstrate their destructive agenda.

    After a fine career as City Police Chief who would have thought that as Mayor Mr Rilling would simply cave in to destructive voices in our community snd not support the integrity and fine work accomplished by our BOE. A sad day for Democrats, the BOE and our City. Are we now firmly headed into another Bridgeport following the politics of appeasements ?

    Backbone is sorely needed in City Hall. If the 3 disaffected BOE members have a case the courts are waiting. Let them get petitions to request resignations of certain BOE members. And let them offer to resign if they can’t get community support for their claims.

    What the Mayor’s “end game” ? Does he really think recorded talks with individual BOE members will satisfy the 3 disaffected BOE members and the Democratic minority base ?
    After all these 3 members avoided talking to the BOE about their complaints. Will the Mayor now attend BOE meetings ? By taking an active role the Mayor now gives these unfounded charges “wings” and further identifies Norwalk as a problematic City.

    Its hard to underestimate the damage Mayor Rilling has done by caving in to unsupported charges by disaffected BOE members. Hands down Mike Lyons has been far and away the most competent BOE Chair in modern Norwalk history. With the hiring of the most competent Supt. new hire ever. And elected by both Democrats and Republicans as Chair. Rather than support these fine efforts Mayor Rilling caves in to those who would destroy these suberb achievements with unsupported claims of discrimination.

  14. Dawn

    Mosby’s proof is probably in the same place as Chiquita’s proof of all the criminal activity that was going on at NEON.
    Still waiting for the criminal prosecution. But i guess there are more important things.
    Hope someone is watching the till over at he Community Health Center. Joseph E. Mann is on the job.

  15. John Frank sr

    The Mayor spent a long time as a cop. Lesson #1 in conflict resolution is seperate the two sides and listen. It makes sense to me that the Mayor has determined this conflict needs to be resolved. Somebody needs to be the adult in the process.

  16. piethein

    Thank you Nora for nuanced,calm and balanced response.

  17. Ziggy Stardust

    Mark, I couldn’t agree with you more. But here is where I have issue with your comments. Mosby didn’t not seek a quiet professional way to voice her concerns. Instead she went public through the NAACP and went as far as getting an “out of Towner” here to publicly protest. She was guilty of.as you stated, offending people with inflammatory and racial rhetoric . Now if she had this problem and these concerns, I agree she should of contacted the Chairman, the Mayor, whoever, and asked for a meeting to discuss these issues in private. But she didn’t do this, did she? She has been divisive and has constantly been attacking this chairman since the first day she was sworn in, by threatening to “pull every white hair out of his (Lyons) head” . She also has stated to Chiaramonte that shed used the ‘race card’ if she ever had to. Her racism claims have no substantiation to prove her point. This is the “card” being played. How would you like for me to accuse you Mark of being a racist without have a stitch of evidence to back it up? I would think you would find this offensive, unfair and unethical, wouldn’t you? You would then accuse me of of being untruthful (aka -a liar), and playing the card. True? Chiaramonte’s remark, while blunt, was very accurate. He was accused, along with the other BOE members, of being racist and unethical towards Mosby, Murray & Rivas, wasn’t he? As anyone who is accused of being racist and unethical, he was within his RIGHT to respond to such inflammatory and racial accusations brought against him, with out any proof to back up such allegations, to respond. And Chiaramonte responded by calling it what it was, Shirley Mosby playing the race card! I don’t blame Chiaramonte’s
    Net one bit. What I find offensive is, he is being singled out as having said “insensitive” remarks by this Mayor, while he turns a compassionate ear to Mosby remarks as someone who is lashing out and is misunderstood! What hipocracy! Why didn’t the Mayor label Mosby’s remarks as “insensitive”? And only Chiaramonte’s as such? Playing to his base, is that it? Yes or no, it doesn’t matter, because by doing what he did, he lost his credibility to be a mediator in this situation. I agree with your that this should be discussed by all parties involved and resolved in a non public manor, but it didn’t go that way did it? Rilling gave bias by his statement and no has no credibility in resolving this matter. What a shame. He who tries to be everything to everyone, stands for nothing or no one. What a shame.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @ Ziggy

      I think, through discussion, we re moving closer to agreement. Go figure. I have been accused in the past of being things, doing things and believing things, without a stitch of evidence, so I am sensitive to that, and I do happen to be a personal supporter of Mike Lyons in general. I believe he has done a terrific job. But he, like me, like the mayor, is an older white man who has never walked in the shoes of a black person. We can’t know how they perceive things based on their life experiences, based on their upbringing. We can read the books, watch the footage, listen to discussions, but we can’t know what someone else has in their core. I agree — Ms. Mosby make public statements that were inflammatory, and she was called out on them. The mayor said at the time that he was not getting involved and did not believe there should be any official action unless evidence was brought forward. But as this has dragged on, some evidence of racial problems was publicly presented — by Jack Chiaramonte. His words point to a racial insensitivity that may be seen by black and Hispanic members of the board as an institutional bias, especially when Mr. Lyons and other white board members did not distance themselves from the remark.

      None of this should be read as a statement of support for a position or an individual. I have never met Mr. Chiaramonte, but Nancy has had many a conversation with him and finds him to be a cordial, blunt person — but then, she’s from New Jersey. I have a problem with the way Ms. Mosby began her board tenure, and with her statement to Nancy on Tuesday that this site has not been fair to her. Maybe the commentors have not, but we allow all political opinions here within our stated guidelines. But I also know that it was alleged that Ms. Mosby said she would play the race card when she had to, but I also know she specifically told Nancy that never happened and that she does not talk like that, does not say those types of things. Who is telling thee truth? I don’t know, and will not presume to make public judgment based on my personal feelings or prejudices.

      I am glad the mayor is stepping in here, and support what he has said so far. I want to know what it is that Shirley Mosby finds offensive, and maybe the mayor can find that out. You can’t fix something or address it if you don’t know what it is. I am disappointed it took so long. I am disappointed in a lot of things I see, because I see educated adults in positions of power in every area of this city acting in their own self interest instead of doing what is best for the city as a whole.

  18. One and Done.

    @Mark. You need to take off the rose colored glasses. The mayor is clearly trying to have it both ways for one side here. It is shameful and he should have been at that meeting or given a reason why he could not be. He is on the board after all. He could have made a simple statement there and instead what we had was a circus that could have been prevented if he would stand up and be the leader he campaigned to be.

    1. Mark Chapman

      Rose-colored glasses? Please. I would like to see the mayor step up and use his position to influence the discourse in many areas, and I believe I wrote that in an opinion piece last spring. I do not, however, believe we should return to the days of a shoot-from-the-lip mayor whose attitude was “I’m the mayor, people elect me so I must be right” and “how dare you question me.” This mayor is trying to deal with a situation that extends well beyond the BOE, and the way he handles it will have an impact throughout the community. We see the racial divide daily in this comment section. There is a serious problem here, and not listening is not going to help. And not speaking out against racially tinged statements by public officials — statements that back up assertions of a racial insensitivity on the BOE — is not going to help, either. And we did ask the mayor why he did not attend. His answer was off the record. I am not sure we agree with th decision, but let’s just say he did not make the decision alone.

  19. piberman

    Has anyone asked whether the Mayor has the “authority” to demand “private” meetings with BOE members ? Will their contents be public record ? Has the City attorney given the Mayor approval to demand such meetings ? Can the working members of the BOE reject the Mayor’s demand on legal grounds to preserve their independence ? Are there any legal limits about what BOE members can say about other members or the BOE itself ? Can the BOE or Mayor legally demand to see the. “evidence” on the discrimination charges ?

    If the 3 members claiming discrimination do go to court can the BOE recover compensatory damages for legal fees and reputation ? Who will fund the court challenge ? NAACP ? Looks like opportunities galore for legal outlays here ? Who will restore Norwalk’s tatterred reputation where seedy politics entrench our BOE ? And where are the Norwalk parents supporting the 3 members ? All on vacation ?

  20. One and Done.

    Mark. His comments on Chiramonte are not consistent with his lack of taking a position on most anything. And he is very, very, very late to the game now. Stronger leadership would have headed this off a long time ago. Instead he is missing in action on most things. He wanted the job, now it is time for him to do it.

  21. David

    “Stronger leadership would have headed this off a long time ago. ”
    I think you’re absolutely correct, and it’s unfortunate that that leadership did not come from the BOE, internally.
    Look, I’ve been a strong supporter of Mike Lyons, he’s had a lot of “wins” while he’s been on the board, there’s been a lot of really positive progress. But “winning” and “leading” are not necessarily mutually inclusive.

  22. LWitherspoon

    @Mark Chapman
    Thank you for the additional information about Mssrs Crosland and Spahr. Reading your excellent summary above, I was reminded of how easily small matters can lead to great conflict. Ms. Mosby felt slighted, made a public accusation, Mr. Chiaramonte responded in a way that’s needlessly inflammatory, and now we are consumed with who’s right rather than with how the BoE can more effectively educate children. I hope that Mayor Rilling can find a way to resolve this conflict in a way that preserves the BoE’s integrity – a formidable challenge following the serious public accusations that each side has levied against the other.
    Let’s agree to disagree on Candidate Rilling and the Amanda Brown incident. Days after the event, after extensive reporting which included accounts from Police and the participants themselves, Rilling attended the press conference which was designed to forget about it and move on, with zero consequences for Ms. Brown or the Krummels. Bruce Morris, who is well-paid as a part-timer to propound a “zero tolerance” policy towards bullying at the BoE, presided over the whole sorry affair. I continue to feel quite strongly that town committee leaders and members should have been held to a higher standard.

  23. M. Murray’s

    If more than a specific number of board members meet with the mayor, does it then become a meeting that falls under FOI?

    1. Mark Chapman

      @M. Murray’s

      If enough meet to create a quorum, yes. The mayor can talk with a couple BOE members without any public notice, minutes, or reporting. If he talks with five BOE members, there would have to be public notice, minutes, etc.; if it were a personnel discussion, say, to deal with the issue at hand, the meeting could be held in executive session and the content would not be subject to FOI. But they would have to provide public notice, as I understand the state law. So, if he meets with Mike Lyons and Jack Chiaramonte, it is not FOI-able. If he meets with the four minority members, I believe he is still under the limit, as he is not a voting member of the board. If he were to meet with the four minority members and the chairman, that would be an FOI meeting.

  24. RU4REAL

    Racism isn’t always blatant in your face stupidity, many times it is subtle, and you have no direct in your face proof. Anyone with any sense would not be an outright in your face racist, especially in Norwalk, you would stick out like a sore thumb.
    So you would HAVE to be subtle, especially if you are in a visible leadership position.
    For example treating minorities differently than everyone else in disciplinary actions, having rules but applying different rules for minorities but changing the rules back when white employees are adversely affected by rules you used on the minorities, or by using your subordinate supervisor of the minorities to do the dirty work.
    On the other hand, if a pattern of these subtle incidents persists what can you do as the victim? What happens when these incidents happen multiple times to multiple victims, would that be proof enough to take a stand as a community?
    I’ve known Mr. Lyons for some time and do not believe he is racist, from viewing the BOE meetings he appears more annoyed than anything else. Annoyance and impatience become one and here we are, maybe Mr. Lyons has been doing this too long.
    As for Jack, he was out of line to throw fuel on the fire and as Mark deftly pointed out, validating Ms. Mosby’s complaints which just may be true.
    Keep in mind that usually, in moments of drunkenness and anger, a racist will show their true colors.
    Harry is doing the right thing and getting a handle on this situation before it gets national attention, although it may already be too late.

  25. Don’t Panic

    If tjere is a quorum and they are carrying out board business, generally yes. But personnel matters and discussions surrounding legal claims can be held in executive session.

  26. Chuck

    If the talk is about the subtlies of racism, why are the subties of sexism not being addressed? Too dicey? Everybody has a mother but can anyone out there say they know someone, anyone who has never said or done something sexist?

    Rilling should be meeting with the 5 female BOE members and it should be public.

  27. Bill

    This just in, Mosby calls Nora King racist for disagreeing with her

  28. Ziggy Stardust

    @David, above you say “I think you’re absolutely correct, and it’s unfortunate that that leadership did not come from the BOE, internally. Look, I’ve been a strong supporter of Mike Lyons, he’s had a lot of “wins” while he’s been on the board, there’s been a lot of really positive progress. But “winning” and “leading” are not necessarily mutually inclusive.”

    Why is it Lyons’ fault that Mosby and her friends are so disruptive? Every president of the U.S. has had nut-jobs in Congress attacking them – does that mean the president didn’t show leadership? Roosevelt and Reagan were constantly under attack from partisans in Congress – did that make them bad leaders? Ever read what Lincoln’s opponents called him during his presidency? “Babboon” was one of the most common. Mosby showed her stripes when she threatened to ‘pull every white hair out of Lyons’ head’ at the very first board meeting, and she and her Dad have been on a tear with false accusations ever since.

    The Mosbys attack everyone who disagrees with them – including Mayor Rilling and even the NAACP itself! Saying Lyons (who’s been working across the aisle with Democrats since he took office) isn’t a good leader because the Mosbys are out of control is like blaming him for a thunderstorm that blows through. Nobody can satisfy the Mosbys.

  29. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow

    I support both Jack Chiramonte and especially Mike Lyons in this matter.
    Our so called mayor should have said something immediately after threats were made by Shirley Mosbey to physically harm Mike Lyons by pulling out every white hair on his head.
    Thank you Jack Chiramonte for stepping up when our mayor didn’t have it.

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