Rilling public safety platform: Seek grants to enhance budget

NORWALK, Conn. – Democratic candidate for mayor Harry Rilling took advantage of his endorsement by the Norwalk police union last week to roll out his public safety platform.

In a press release issued as the endorsement was being announced, the former police chief’s campaign said Rilling “will do everything possible to fully staff our city’s police department. He will work to ensure they receive the training, the tools, and the skills necessary to provide for the public’s safety.”

“I have walked the streets of this city and know what is needed to make sure the people of Norwalk are safe,” said Rilling in the release.”

The release said Rilling:

  • Will create more outreach programs for our young people so that they have positive alternatives among which to choose.
  • Will create a downtown ambassador program and encourage young people to serve
  • Will aggressively pursue state and federal grants as well as support from private foundations to help fund these initiatives
  • Will continue the citizen police academy that was started during his tenure as chief. He also will conduct a youth police academy to enhance and build positive relationships between them and Norwalk’s officers
  • Will continue reaching out to various neighborhood groups, businesses, and community leaders to form crime watch programs to support the chief in his role as a leader of the department.
  • Will continue his monthly nights out as he did as chief. These nights out will include the police department and other department heads to listen to the citizens of Norwalk and to develop priorities to improve their quality of life



3 responses to “Rilling public safety platform: Seek grants to enhance budget”

  1. Better Norwalk

    Grants huh? Will Harry do what our Mayor did and bring in a grants writer Pro-Bono? After all, the Mayor brought in a grant writer and it cost the city zip, zero, nada.

    Sounds like Harry is trying to learn from the best,his former “boss” and that would be our current Mayor, Dick Moccia.

    Harry can say he will look for grants, it’s another thing to actually bring them to fruition. Talk is cheap during an election. What are you bringing to the table Harry besides promises and wishful thinking? Where are these grants coming from? Who will attempt this grant writing from your team?

    We can hope he can, or we can go with a proven Mayor with a track record: Dick Moccia!

    On November 5th, vote row A and keep moving Norwalk FORWARD!

  2. RU4REAL

    I think the grant writer is paid position, not free.

  3. Tim T

    Odd as Rilling had 14 years as police consultant to make Norwalk safe.. However he failed and failed miserably . We had violent crime skyrocket and violent crime solved plummet under his “leadership” at the NPD.. Harry you are about 14 years late..
    However I will say what’s try I heard some of the best excuses for his failure… I think the best was that the criminals were not talking…

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