Rilling rakes in campaign cash, Kydes says ‘response has been great’

Mayor Harry Rilling, at a 2017 campaign event. (File photo)

NORWALK, Conn. — Mayor Harry Rilling has already raised more than $60,000 toward his campaign for a fifth two-year term, $20,000 of it since the first of the year, according to spokesman Adam Wood.

Common Council member and fellow Democrat John Kydes, as-yet Rilling’s only opponent, trails far behind, but touts a $4,000 boost as of Thursday.

Both candidates were required by law to submit their fundraising totals by Jan. 10 for the last quarter of 2019. Now outdated, Rilling’s showed $42,025.01; Kyde’s, less than $1,000.

“Mayor Rilling’s campaign has raised $42,025 in about a month’s time. The campaign committee was created in November following the presidential election,” Rilling campaign spokesman Adam Wood said Friday. “Donations came from carpenters, firefighters, ironworkers, laborers, Democrats and Republicans. The majority of the contributors were from Norwalk and surrounding towns.”

The filing shows 15 donations of $1,000, the maximum allowed.

Common Council member John Kydes (D-District C), during the 2015 Memorial Day parade. (File photo)

Asked on Friday about his filing, Kydes said, “My website went live this morning and I’m happy to say that we raised over $4,000 in the first 12 hours. The response has been great and to have a majority of these donations come from Norwalkers is a great sign. I’m looking forward to what the coming months will bring.”

Kydes, a District C Democrat whose Council service began the year Rilling was first elected, announced in early December that he’d formed an exploratory committee for a possible Mayoral run. The maximum donation for an exploratory committee is $375 per individual, he said.

Rumor has it that Rilling may face more Democratic opponents.

Republicans haven’t announced a candidate.

“We are talking to a number of interested people in the party but have not settled on one yet,” Republican Town Committee Chairman Carl Dickens said in an email.

When Kydes announced his intentions, Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Eloisa Melendez said Rilling would hold his campaign kickoff in January.

“Due to the pandemic, campaigns are handling both fundraising and traditional events differently as evidenced by the recent presidential race. The circumstance presents a lot of challenges,” Wood said Saturday. “Large public events will likely not occur until the safety of participants could be assured. Public health is a top priority for the Mayor and that will be reflected in his actions as Mayor and as a candidate.”

Naomi Kydes, treasurer for Kydes for Mayor, filed a one-page report on certifying under oath that the Committee didn’t receive contributions or other funds in excess of $1,000 for the period between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31. Campaigns that receive contributions of $1,000 or less are not required to itemize.

On March 31, 2019, Rilling had raised $51,775 for his Mayoral campaign. On March 31, 2017, he had raised $96,745.

Nate Yordon, treasurer for Friends of Rilling, specified in the 36-page filing that the Mayor’s campaign began on Nov. 12. The summary:

  • $31,525.01 contributions from individuals
  • $4,750 receipts from other committees
  • $5,750 total purchase of advertising
  • $42,025.01 total monetary receipts
  • $1,772.91 expenses paid by committee
  • $40,252.10 balance on hand at close of reporting period
  • $150 in-kind donations not considered contributions received


“About 80% of contributions were donations $250 or less,” Wood wrote. “There were 109 total donations from individuals (60 from Norwalk residents). Committee receipts included contributions from the Connecticut Laborers, Sheet Metal Workers Local 38, Operating Engineers Local 478, New England Council of Carpenters and the Fairfield County Building and Construction Trades Council.”

“I am grateful to each and every donor for their generosity,” Rilling is quoted as saying. “These are challenging times and I am incredibly thankful for their ongoing support.”

“We are extremely pleased with the broad level of support for Mayor Rilling from across the community,” Yordon is quoted as saying. “While this is just the beginning, it is so encouraging to see so many different groups and individuals contributing to the cause.”

The documents show these itemizations:


  • Paul Garavel of Garavel Auto Group
  • Billie Gastic, New York University associate dean
  • Michael Kolokowski of Wallingford, KBE Building Corp. CEO
  • Salvatore Monarca of Durham, Acranom Masonry
  • Donna DiScala
  • Michael DiScala, M.F. DIScala
  • Alan Cosby of Greenwich, AC Real Estate LLC
  • Christopher Kelly of New Canaan, F.D. Rich Co.
  • Sean O’Keefe of Newington, CEO Okee Industries
  • Rich Thomas of Stamford, F.D. Rich Co.
  • Peter Romano of Weston, Landtech
  • George Frank, a self-employed builder
  • Clayton Fowler, self-employed in real estate
  • Anthony Gaglio, Jr. of Stamford, Viking Construction
  • Anthony Gaglio of Stamford, Viking Construction



  • Adam Blank, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen
  • Sharon Vimini of Stratford
  • David Jurgielewicz of Easton
  • Patricia Jurgielewicz of Easton, Sedona Group
  • John Moeling
  • Alan Webber of Fairfield
  • Cariann Webber of Fairfield
  • Chuck Kriewald
  • David Gable, Hocon Gas
  • Gregory Kimmel of Milford, an attorney with Bercham Moses
  • Eugene Kelly, an attorney with Bercham Moses
  • Tracy Williams of Glastonbury
  • Edwin Camacho
  • Carol Goodchild



  • Lawrence O’Brien



  • Kurosh Marjoni of Weston, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen



  • Adam Wood
  • David Cohen of Stamford, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen
  • Deborah King of Newport, R.I.
  • Eric Bernheim of Weston, an attorney with Halloran & Sage
  • Vincent Crudele of Middlebury, QDS CEO
  • David Crudele of Middlebury, QDS CIO
  • Leo DiNicola of Watertown, Quality Data Services CFO
  • John Igneri
  • Patrick Eldredge of Riverside, Eldco Development owner
  • Richard Doyle of Hawinton, Richards Corporation
  • Daniel Kusic of McLean, Virg.
  • Allan Klebnan of Wilton, KBE VP of business development
  • David Herbst of Fairfield
  • Doug Stern
  • Michael Fazio of Fairfield
  • Christopher Kerin of Fairfield
  • Matthew Ritter of Harford, an attorney with Shipman & Goodwin
  • Winthrop Baum of Fairfield
  • Michael Schinella of Fairfield



  • Daniel Young of Stamford, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen
  • Joseph Pankowski Jr. of Darien, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen
  • Eric Higgins of Stamford, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen



  • Stephen Finn of New Canaan, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen



  • Kevin Tepas
  • Mike Mushak



  • Laoise King
  • Tom Livingston
  • Steven Frederick of Stamford, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen
  • Leonard Braman of Fairfield, an attorney with Wofsen Rosen
  • Colin Hosten
  • Sheri McCready Brown
  • Sylvia Schulman
  • Brian Stern of Westport
  • Troy Jellerette
  • Enrico Constantini of Trumbull, an attorney with Halloran & Sage
  • David Westmoreland
  • Bruce Chudwick of Farmington, attorney Shipman & Goodwin
  • Daniel McInerney of Trumbull
  • Lawrence Andronaco
  • John Lesko
  • Piet Marks
  • Barbara Smyth
  • Ronald Banks
  • Bruce Beinfield
  • Peter Brown of Stamford
  • Michael DiMeglio of Margate, N.J.



  • Donna King
  • Michael Witherspoon
  • Stuart Wells
  • Galen Wells
  • Greg Burnett
  • Robert Frazier
  • Joe Andrasko
  • David Heuvelman
  • Bill Ireland, firefighter
  • Melissa Murray



  • Lucy Dathan
  • Sandra Billings
  • Mary Ellen Flaherty Ludwig
  • Joshua Goldstein
  • Esther Murillo
  • Joel Zaremby
  • Andres Bermudez Hallstrom
  • Fran Collier Clemmons
  • Broderick Sawyer
  • Beth Siegelbaum
  • Judith Cobin
  • Caren Glickson
  • Lynne Moore
  • Anne Farrow
  • Marilyn Robinson
  • Pat Tinto



  • Daniel Obuchowski
  • Elsa Obuchowski



  • David Murchie


Contributions from Committees

  • NE Regional Council/Carpenters CT OPC $1,500
  • IUOE Local 478 PAC, Hamden $1,500
  • Firewall Fund PAC $500
  • CT Laborers’ Political League $500
  • Iron PAC 424, North Haven $250
  • Fairfield County Building & Construction Trades Council $250
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 38 PAC $250


Station House fundraiser, Dec. 31

  • $150 donation of services


Companies that bought advertising in a book for $250

  • Vimini Valuation Services LLC
  • Carlos Prime LLC
  • Sapienza Architects LLC
  • Vimini Real Estate Services LLC
  • McLean CF LLC
  • SoNo 50 LLC
  • C.E. South Main Ave.
  • Capital Equities LLC
  • 10 Mott Ave. LLC
  • Saugatuck Sweets
  • Beinfield Architecture, PC
  • Richards Corporation
  • GAR RE Services LLC
  • CT Pest Elimination
  • Kerin & Fazio LLC
  • KBE Building Corp.
  • Landtech
  • Bercham Moses PC
  • Hathaway Property Management Inc.
  • Construction Solutions Group LLC
  • Soundview Landing
  • Quality Data Service Inc.
  • Philip H. Cerone III Architect


Nora King February 2, 2021 at 10:24 am

All these companies do work for the city. All builders and many people from out of Norwalk. Wow…those are the supporter for team Rilling.

Bryan Meek February 2, 2021 at 10:44 am

Well at least one aspect of the Mayor’s office is busy. Any indication as to when City Hall might reopen ever again? What’s the matter no money in the capital budget for hand wash?

Bobby Lamb February 2, 2021 at 10:50 am

Kydes has nothing to offer – I think his lackluster fundraising answers his question about whether there’s any interest in him running. Throw in the towel John.

Randy February 2, 2021 at 3:38 pm

Nancy- I wish someone would work on bring the human trafficking issue to light!
I know there have been massage facility closures and arrests for prostitution. But would like to know more about these issues and court follow up. How is the data for these cases tracked? I would like to hear what our state and local government are doing about these issues?
What is our state/town data on human trafficking and how is law enforcement fighting and rooting out this problem.
And how are child protective services watching and protecting the children in their care from this problem? Please, let’s talk about the protective measures we have in place for these kids and also what the states numbers are for missing persons, runaways and recovered persons…both in and out of protective care. This is an important issue and human trafficking is REAL!! I really would like to see this issue talked about and covered much more by our politicians. Politicians please talk about it, we want to know where our town and state leaders stand on this problem. Also, let’s make people aware of what to look for and how to help the potential victims! I know there are people out there that feel trapped and need help from our local leaders! Thank you!

JustATaxpayer February 2, 2021 at 8:51 pm

I love driving up East Avenue and seeing the blinking sign telling me to wear my mask AND wishing me a happy holiday season. Thankfully we have Valentines Day, St Pats and Easter coming up.

At least the sign doesn’t still warn me of a water shortage. It’s sometime the little things that just go to show you how well our city is run.

James February 2, 2021 at 11:14 pm

“Rumor has it that Rilling may face more Democratic opponents.”

I sure hope so, the faction of power is too concentrated in Norwalk. Special interests get an advantage and a fifth term is too many.

This Mayor is tied tightly to the teachers union. Also the police department, although he’s silent on controversy. Attorneys, out of town contributors with local special interests, more attorneys, carpenters and construction trade.

Everyone is so convinced, in February.

Nora King February 2, 2021 at 11:14 pm

Hmm Bobby Lamb…Kydes has lots to offer. He is raising his kids here, has a business here and has been involved in the community for years. Rilling has been in office for 8 years. That is plenty of time. Change is needed. Too many apartments, no zoning reform ( which he originally campaigned on), a top heavy city hall that isn’t even full opened. Norwalk doesn’t need two more years of Harry Rilling. I am glad that John threw his name into the ring and is taking on a member of his own party because he wants change and doesn’t like the direction the city is taking in certain areas. Good for him and good for Norwalk! I applaud him and think it is a courageous move.

Norwalk resident February 4, 2021 at 12:00 am

I am surprised to see the police from the top 10 list dont donate. Harry allows the cherade of unlimited earnings and overtime to continue. Does Harry still have an office in city hall?

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