Rilling should step down from Norwalk Zoning Commission

By Art Scialabba

Chairman, Norwalk Republican Town Committee

NORWALK, Conn. – In response to Dorothy Mobilia’s letter concerning Harry Rilling’s position on big box stores, she misses the real significance of the letter Mr. Rilling’s letter to the editor.

As a consequence of his published opinion on big box stores, Mr. Rilling has effectively disqualified himself from sitting on any future applications that might be considered “big box.” He has published his bias and therefore can no longer be an effective zoning commissioner since he cannot approach such an application with an open mind. 

Rumors abound that other “box” type stores may be looking to locate here and when they do apply to the Zoning Commission with Mr. Rilling actively sitting in judgment, he now exposes the city to potential costly lawsuits, resulting in whichever next “box” dares to look at Norwalk as a good market, being approved.

Just the opposite of Mr. Rilling’s stated goals. His opinion letter served no purpose as a zoning commissioner, it only served to further his campaign. Maybe he should consider resigning from the Zoning Commission since his priorities are clearly elsewhere. As to the two pensions that Ms. Mobilia refers to as incorrect, that Mr. Rilling is, in fact, only collecting one pension of over $80,000 a year, she is right.

But, I think the original letter that refers to two pensions was actually referring to the two salaries he collected for about 11 years. Mr. Rilling was collecting a salary of more than $100,000 while simultaneously banking an additional $75,000 per year from a form of “drop plan” he was on.

So, maybe the original writer was thinking of the more than $800,000 he received while collecting a salary of over $1 million for that period of time.

Leads one to wonder just how much more he wants to make on the backs of the taxpayers.

Art Scialabba

Chairman, Norwalk Republican Town Committee


2 responses to “Rilling should step down from Norwalk Zoning Commission”

  1. Tim T

    Art Scialabba
    In as much as I am not a Rilling supporter or that of your failure of a candidate Moccia and I am a supporter of big box stores. Your letter is the dumbest thing I have ever read suggesting Rilling should step down from the zoning board. Everyone has their opinion and Mr Rilling is entitled to his. What you have done is show just how ignorant and bias you party is.

  2. Suzanne

    Mr. Rilling has been the sole participant on the Zoning Commission that, with research into an issue, votes his conscious and not “his” party. His letter about big box stores further qualifies him on the Zoning Commission as a person of conscious, someone who is concerned about the overall development of Norwalk and not simply the tax base, which eludes this administration in increasing commercially through all of its incentives to big business while burdening the home owner. Mr. Rilling expressed an opinion based upon his well-founded and researched views of the impact of big box stores to a community. I would think this makes him an even better participant in the Zoning Commission and hardly a candidate for stepping down.

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