Rilling taps Knopp to lead transition team

Former Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp and former Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling attend a recent police memorial. (Photo by Miguel Cruz)

Update: Mayor-elect Harry Rilling will be sworn in at 12:30 p.m. Nov. 19, rather than 10 a.m. as originally planned.

NORWALK, Conn. – Former Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp will lead Mayor-elect Harry Rilling’s transition team, Rilling announced today in a press release.

Knopp will chair the eight-person committee that also features former Mayor William Collins.

“I selected this distinguished group of current and former Norwalk officials to move the transition process along very quickly given the extraordinary short window of time provided in the Norwalk Charter to launch our new administration,” said Rilling in the release. “Many of these residents have been deeply involved in previous mayoral transitions and their municipal government and community experience will enable me to hit the ground running when I assume office on Nov. 19.”

Rilling said he met with Mayor Richard Moccia Tuesday morning.

“I thank Mayor Moccia for meeting with me this morning to discuss the transition, and after that meeting I asked Mr. Knopp to begin my committee’s liason with the Moccia Administration,” said Rilling.

The mayor-elect has begun meeting with newly elected and re-elected Republican and Democratic members of the Common Council.

In addition to Knopp and Collins, members of the Transition Committee are:

• Donna King, former Norwalk Councilwoman

• Edwin Camacho, Esq., attorney

• Corrine Westin, former Norwalk Zoning Commissioner

• Adam Blank, Esq., former Norwalk Zoning Commissioner

• John Igneri, District E councilman, liaison to the Common Council Democratic caucus

• State Sen. Robert Duff, liaison to the CT legislative delegation and the Malloy Administration

The committee will aid Rilling to prepare for the mayoral swearing-in ceremony at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19, and for the first Common Council meeting at 8 p.m. Nov. 19.



12 responses to “Rilling taps Knopp to lead transition team”

  1. Break the Unions

    This should tell us everything we need to know about the next 2 years and it’s not good.

  2. Asa H. M.

    Back to the future…

  3. Tim T

    Check out this video of former Mayor William Collins.

  4. Aunt B.

    Cmon, lighen up. Give the lad a chance. He is trying have to give him credit for that. Doing more than all the armchair critice are doing.

  5. Daisy

    Yup – back to the future. Shades of Dubya picking Cheney for Veep. Gotta look forward.

  6. LongTimeDem

    10 points to whoever identifies the moderator in Tim T’s video.

    Bonus points to whoever correctly answers the question “Where is he now?”.

  7. M Allen

    Bill Collins – Friend of the Police. LOL

  8. Aunt B.

    Why that’s Ritt. Ritt Goldstien, think he is in Sweden right now. Some career Ritt is having, for sure. Thanks for pointing him out LTD. Can tweet hello to Ritt @RittGoldstein. Tell him Norwalk says hello.

  9. LongTimeDem

    Aunt B Wins the Prize _and_ the Bonus Round!
    Your, prize, Aunt B. is a free link to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights regarding Ritt’s asylum claim:

  10. lael


    That video was really something. In it, Collins is advocating for a state-wide complaint review board that will reduce local control and oversight of the police. WOW–that’s radical. And to hear him talk about the police, clearly he is completely anti-cop. He acts like the cops are the criminals! With Collins and Knopp so involved again in leading Norwalk (rumors are abounding that Knopp”s going on a high-profile commission,) the police union will realize fast they backed the wrong horse. Moccia was very supportive of the police but I think they’re going to find that while they will get their promised promotions from Rilling, what will matter to their new mayor will be the opinion of the leftists that got him elected. If a controversial event happens involving the cops, Rilling will be with the anti-cop radicals and not them (as he has been in the past.) From now on, it’s going to be about what’s best for Mayor Rilling and pleasing those that put such big money and professional help behind him to get him elected.

  11. Norwalk Lifer

    rumors are abounding that Knopp”s going on a high-profile commission


    Prove it

  12. M Allen

    Collins has always been anti-cop, anti-military, dyed in the wool, bleeding heart lib.
    And Lifer, there’s no way of proving it until it’s announced. But it will be announced. So then you’ll have your proof.

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