Rilling to reopen City Hall on May 20

The foyer in Norwalk City Hall, on April 21.

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk City Hall is reopening May 20. You will be able to walk in without an appointment, but will be required to check in at the security desk.

“All Departments will be available during normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. for routine business,” the City said in a press release.

“The public health situation is improving. More people are being vaccinated, with more than 50 percent of Norwalk residents having received at least one dose,” Mayor Harry Rilling is quoted as saying. “New positive COVID-19 cases are holding steady, and in many areas of the state, including Norwalk, case rates are going down. Things are heading in the right direction and it is time to get back to a greater sense of normalcy.”

City Hall closed more than a year ago, then opened in September on a limited basis. Citizens could enter through appointment only. Under those conditions, “upwards of 80 residents are conducting business inside City Hall on any given day,” the press release said.

The May 20 date was chosen strategically for two reasons, the press release said.

“First, by that date, City staff who wished to be vaccinated would have had ample time to receive both doses and be fully vaccinated. Additionally, this date coincides with Governor Ned Lamont’s announcement that he was lifting most COVID-19 restrictions across the state on May 19,” it said.

It continued:

“The Customer Service window inside the Main Entrance, and the Recreation and Parks window outside of City Hall, will be staffed every weekday. Those who wish to visit a department in-person should proceed to the Security Desk to be checked in and given a clearance badge. Residents are encouraged to continue using many of the City’s online services, as most routine business can be conducted remotely.

“Face coverings and physical distancing are required while inside of City Hall. Those who are not feeling well should not visit City Hall and consult with their medical provider.

“For a staff directory and listing of departments, visit norwalkct.org.”


6 responses to “Rilling to reopen City Hall on May 20”

  1. Bryan Kerschner

    Excellent news!

  2. Patrick Cooper

    Apparently the Spinnaker / McClutchy feasibility study came back negative, a planned retro-fit of City Hall into 400 boxed 250 sq. foot “studios” with shared bathrooms (“affordable housing”) was too expensive to deliver the 200% ROI they require. Heard at a Greek Orthodox Easter party on Sunday – “Harry, you can keep it”.

    I image residents won’t notice any change, and Norwalk city government will continue to deliver the tone-deaf, we-could-care-less indifference and you-don’t-matter attitude we have all come to expect of the Rilling administration.

  3. Bob

    APRIL FOOL!!!?

  4. Ken

    Tge sign should read employees only, bosses prohibited.if our employees can go them we should too. If we can’t go the employees should be home on unemployment.

  5. jlg

    @patrick – they should move the staff into an actual office building with an appropriate layout and use the current city hall as a school again.

  6. James

    Kids who go back to school before adults go back to work will look at generations of work-from-home adults and say, no wonder they are so messed up

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