Rilling tops in third-quarter donors; Mangiacopra holds cash-on-hand edge

Story updated 12:11 a.m. Sept. 4.

NORWALK – A shortened fund-raising period further squeezed by the need for Democratic mayoral hopefuls to collect petition signatures to get on the Sept. 10 primary ballot left the candidates scrambling for cash in the final reporting period before the election.

Former Norwalk Chief of Police Harry Rilling raised the most money from individual donors in the period, and had the highest number of Norwalk residents contributing to his campaign. Common Councilman Matt Miklave raised the second most money from individuals despite District D Democratic Chairman Vinny Mangiacopra having nearly twice as many donors.

Rilling reported taking in $10,022 from individuals in the quarter, giving him a three-quarter aggregate total of $58,784.99 raised from individuals going into the primary. Rilling reported 119 contributions from individuals, more than 100 from Norwalkers. His second quarter totals were 145 donors, including 122 from Norwalk.

Rilling’s total income from all sources to date is $63,864.

Mangiacopra picked up less than half Rilling’s total — $4,306 — in the third quarter, but came out on top over the three-quarter period with nearly $70,000 raised from individuals and groups. Mangiacopra had 43 contributions from individuals in the third quarter, 22 of them Norwalk residents. In the second quarter, he reported 237 individual donors, 71 from Norwalk.

Mangiacopra reported having $15,178.90 on hand going into the primary. Rilling reported $13,991.40 on hand.

Common Councilman Matt Miklave out-raised Mangiacopra in donations from individuals, bringing in $5,775 from 23 donors (15 from Norwalk) in the quarter, giving him an aggregate total of $35,281. Miklave has now raised a total of $45,466 from all sources.

Miklave closed out the reporting period with $4,209.10 on hand.

Former Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel raised just $76.21 from two individuals in the quarter and has an aggregate total of $9,704.90. He reported a balance on hand of $5,492.56.

Individuals are limited to giving up to $1,000.

NancyOnNorwalk will have the comprehensive donor lists starting Thursday.


17 responses to “Rilling tops in third-quarter donors; Mangiacopra holds cash-on-hand edge”

  1. Admo

    Andy why are you running?

  2. NorwalkVoter

    Andy continues to run the same race he ran in 2011. A very sad, lackluster campaign. Why indeed!

  3. Norwalk Dinosaur

    @TimT, if you still support Andy Garfunkel, you may have actually lost your mind!

  4. bill

    Miklave is surging and Mangiacopra is deflating fast

  5. LWitherspoon

    What did Mangiacopra spend $55,000 on? All I’ve seen are yard signs and a web site.

  6. Norwalk Dinosaur

    @bill, Matt “Linda McMahon” Miklave has donated close to $20K of his own dollars to his campaign. Not sure that self-love means he’s “surging”.

  7. SJ

    @NorwalkVoter and Dinosaur who are you supporting and why?

    Andy is a really nice guy.

  8. RU4REEL

    Sorry SJ, nice guys finish (with no money) last. Did Miklave really donate 20k to himself, talk about desperation!

    1. Mark Chapman

      @RU4REEL, et al

      No, Matt Miklave did not loan his campaign more money. Someone who saw the figures that we are publishing tonight or tomorrow may have misinterpreted the $10,000 figure that is on the books. According to the Miklave campaign (in a late night email response), the $10,000 shows on the books because the campaign has not yet paid back the earlier loan.

  9. SJ

    @ RU4REEL Andy is a really nice guy and maybe money is not everything in politics. If Miklave wants to dump $20, 000 into his campaign so what? He makes a honest living in the private sector.
    Rilling teaming up with that Bobby guy and Bruce Morris. No, thank you. The new BOE should cut Morris’ position and put a teacher in the classroom. However, that would be wishful thinking.

    Duff, Perone and Morris represent the status quo and have failed the people of Norwalk. I watched the endorsement video several times. These 3 do nothing reps said they support Rilling because he has served the city for 41 years. My question is… how more money does Mr. Rilling want?

    Damn, we paid you for 41 years.

  10. Tim T

    Norwalk Dinosaur
    Are you still supporting young unemployed Vinny from Bridgeport???The funny thing is no one even knows who he is..SAD

  11. RU4REEL

    Thanks Mark.
    True SJ money didn’t help Mcmahon, but in local politics it cant hurt!
    It shows true support when the public gives you their hard earned dollars.
    If you want Moccia out get behind Rilling, if you want to roll the dice don’t vote for Rilling on the 10th, remember no complaining when we get two more Moccia years due to divided Dems.

  12. Don’t Panic

    According to reports Mr. Rilling also loaned 10k to his own campaign. Mr. Mangiacopra’s monetary support largely comes from outside of Norwalk.
    Mr. Miklave is the only candidate who is clear on how he is going to pay for the things all four say Norwalk needs. He is the only one who has studied the successful tactics used by other cities to bring new jobs (not just new buildings or worse new holes in the ground) and ways to reform the budget process to get the most out of your tax dollars.
    It is time to put Norwalk back on track. Vote for real change.

  13. Norwalk Dinosaur

    @TimT, I am still supporting Mr. Mangiacopra. I don’t flip-flop. I think that he has run an impressive race and has given himself a very good chance to win on Tuesday.

    More than can be said for your laughable candidate, Andy Garfunkel and his $76.21 “I really don’t want to work for the job” haul.

  14. Tim T

    Norwalk Dinosaur
    Funny thing is Andy with his 76.00 will get more votes than the child from Bridgeport on Tue. Hey I hear McDonalds is hiring tell Vinny.

  15. Norwalk Dinosaur

    @Mark Chapman, if the loan has not been repaid it is still calculated in his total Cash On Hand. His numbers are grossly inflated because of this. I mistakenly typed $20K instead of $10K, thank you for the correction.

    @Tim T, I’ll pass that along, although I’m surprised you’d want to be his colleague.

  16. EastNorwalkChick

    Rilling has name recognition and on that alone, many will vote for him in the primary in order to have a strong candidate run against Moccia….the number of Norwalkers who have contributed to his campaign compared to the number of Norwalkers that have contributed to the other candidates is showing this trend.
    No, I’m not endorsing him, I’m still undecided….just stating a scenario that may play out on Tues.
    May just crash one of these vote counting parties just to see the results as they come in, it’s going to be a nail biter for everyone of these campaigns.

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