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Rilling wins reelection; Democrats crush Republicans again

Mayor Harry Rilling celebrates, Tuesday in the Hilton Garden Inn. At left is Lucia Rilling; at right are State Rep. Chris Perone (D-137) and State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25).
The election is over!

(Updated, 4:40 a.m.: Complete story.)

NORWALK, Conn. — Mayor Harry Rilling has defeated Republican-endorsed challenger Lisa Brinton and won reelection for a fourth term.

Rilling will again be supported by a 14-1 Democratic Common Council. The Board of Education will be entirely comprised of Democrats, and feature six women on the nine-member panel. Tom Keegan will be the only Republican Council member.

“Suffice it to say, the Norwalk Democratic Party is at the top right now in the city of Norwalk,” State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) said, in helping to announce the results to Democrats gathered at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Rilling celebrated with an exuberance like what he showed six years ago, when he defeated eight-year Republican Mayor Richard Moccia to take office.

“I’m so honored and privileged to be reelected for a fourth term,” Rilling said. “…I just I don’t even think I can explain what I’m feeling right now. I am so happy. This is an amazing city. I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished together.”

“The sad thing is I’m not the loser. The city of Norwalk is,” Brinton said, sitting in the Norwalk Inn, later.

Democrats and Republicans saw the election results in different ways. Democrats had a tally that showed Rilling had won with 55.2 percent of the vote. Republicans appeared to be using the News12 tally: the station said that the count was 52% to 48% with 100% of the results in. News12 said Rilling had 7,353 votes and Brinton had 6,830.

At about 11 p.m., Brinton had not called Rilling to concede. This was a first, he said, as the challenger has always called to concede when the results became obvious.

Republican-endorsed unaffiliated Mayoral candidate Lisa Brinton, center, and Juanita Olguin, right, Tuesday evening in the Norwalk Inn. Behind them is real estate broker Jason Milligan.

“No absentee ballots. That’s why I haven’t called,” Brinton said, citing the 523-vote difference News12 was advertising. “I’ll call Harry in a couple of days but it’s 500 votes and no absentees, I’m not calling that man.”

Norwalk Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells, at 1 a.m., released preliminary results showing Rilling had won with 55.4% of the vote. That does not include absentee ballots.

Rilling, former Norwalk Police Chief, won reelection two years ago with 56% of the vote. He won reelection in 2015 with 63% and defeated Moccia with 54.5%.

Brinton ran two years ago as an unaffiliated petitioning candidate and got 22.4% of the vote, ahead of Republican Andy Conroy, who got 15.2%. She sought the Republican endorsement this year so she could take Rilling on head to head, she said.

The campaign was marked by vitriol, including attack videos spread through social media by a Brinton supporter.

Attorney General William Tong, in introducing the victors at the Hilton Garden Inn, said Rilling had “weathered a lot of negative personal attacks” and done his campaign “the right way.”

“The voters have responded to a positive message and as the Attorney General says, this campaign and the Mayor in particular gone through a number of negative attacks, a number of negative campaigning and falsehoods, but the people of the city of Norwalk have seen right through that,” Duff said.

“We’re going to continue to see responsible development and work on our infrastructure and we’re going to continue to see … elected officials who treat the public with respect. They listen, they are civil. And we have seen that in our ballots tonight, how they have elected people who will be that way and they have turned their turn aside people who are not that way,” Duff said.

From left, Lucia Rilling, Mayor Harry Rilling and State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25), Tuesday evening in the Hilton Garden Inn.

“We understand what people are all about, what people need, and I am so proud to stand here as a Democrat,” Rilling said. “…We have a team that will serve this city with dignity, professionalism, honor, and more importantly, appreciation, appreciation for your support, making sure that we are going to continue to grow this city the proper way, and to continue to make this city not only the strongest and most progressive city in the state of Connecticut, but the strongest, the most progressive city anywhere.”

“This is not about me,” Brinton said. “It’s never been about me. It’s about the city. The problem is now ‘POKO’ is going through. The (Walk) Bridge is going through.”

Brinton had promised to seek a 90-day moratorium on the state’s plan to rebuild the Walk Bridge, the aged railroad bridge over the Norwalk River. She charged that Rilling was delaying a vote on the plan to move “POKO,” officially called Wall Street Place, forward because she got the Republican endorsement and he knew he was in a tough reelection fight. Rilling said the parties were working to adjust the POKO plan in response to public input, and that it hadn’t worked out yet.

Brinton said, “I’m the only one that’s had the courage to stand up to that, to the police chief Mayor, because everyone else is afraid of him. I’m not afraid of Harry Rilling.”

She said she thought the vote tally would end up at 51-49, “it’s going to be very close, which is what I predicted.”

“The loser is the city of Norwalk. Because it’s sad that this girl from Salt Lake City cares more about the city of Norwalk than our police chief Mayor, than the guy born and raised here,” she said. “He’s selling this city out, block by block.”

Brinton’s campaign treasurer, Republican Board of Education member Bryan Meek, lost his bid for reelection to represent District D, with 1,650 votes to Democratic challenger Erica DePalma’s 2,358 votes. She won with 58.8% of the vote.

“I lost my seat by a substantial margin tonight and I’m fine with that.  My opponent is worthy and will hopefully be up to the task of massive deficits coming up,” Meek wrote in a 3 a.m. email to fellow Republican Town Committee members.

From left, Common Council member Doug Hempstead (R-District D) and Police Officer Tom Keegan, the apparent winner of Hempstead’s seat.

Keegan, a police officer, came in second in District D to incumbent Council member George Tsiranides. Wells’ tally shows Keegan with 1,995 votes, ahead of Democratic candidate James Page’s 1,901 votes. This makes him the only Republican to win a major elected position. He will take the seat held by veteran Council member Doug Hempstead, who has served as the only Republican on the Council for the last two years.

Keegan said he had “big shoes to fill.”

“I’m humbled,” he said. “I promise to do my very best. And I hope that even though I’m the only one there, that there’s an army behind me.”

Hempstead said Brinton “campaigned well, she did a great job. I mean 49 to 51. That’s a hell of a gain for the Republican Party compared to where we were two years ago.”

You could lift a line from NancyOnNorwalk’s story two years ago and use it today with no problem: “14 Democratic Party-endorsed Council candidates had won, and all of the Democratic Party-endorsed Board of Education candidates.”

“Oh, well…” former Republican Town Committee Chairman Victor Cavallo wrote in a late night comment on NancyOnNorwalk, marking the results from what he’s called his “impeachment,” the RTC vote to replace him with Norwalk Police Officer Mark Suda in March 2018.

Also noteworthy in this election: Michele Sweeney won the Third Taxing District Commissioner spot as the Democratic-endorsed candidate, unseating former Democrat Debora Goldstein, who was on the ballot as a petitioning candidate. Republican Read Auerbach will be Third Taxing District Treasurer, replacing Democratic incumbent Ed Holowinko, who was appointed to the role.

Council member Barbara Smyth got more votes than Rilling. Colin Hosten and Manny Langella, who have tried before, have won election for the first time.

The results, according to Wells:

Mayor’s race

  • Harry Rilling 8,761 (8,377 on the Democratic line and 384 Working Families Party)
  • Lisa Brinton 7,031


City Treasurer

  • Joe Tamburri, D 8,405
  • Jerry Petrini, R 6,482


City Sheriff

  • Robert Burgess, D 8,554
  • Scott Vetare, R 6,207


Town Clerk

  • Rick McQuaid, D 8,827
  • Rick McQuaid, R 6,033


Council at large

  • Barbara Smyth, D 9,578 (7,968 as a Democrat, 1,610 Working Families Party)
  • Manny Langella, D 8,305 (7,699 as a Democrat, 606 Working Families Party)
  • Nick Sacchinelli, D 8,263 (7,666 as a Democrat, 597 Working Families Party)
  • Greg Burnett, D 7,921 (7,432 as a Democrat, 489 Working Families Party)
  • Colin Hosten, D 7,823 (7,330 as a Democrat, 493 Working Families Party)
  • Rich Bonenfant, R 6,874
  • Glenn Iannaccone, R 6,356
  • Artie Kassimis, R 6,127
  • Patrick Murphy, R 6,013
  • Darnell Crosland, R 5,169


Council District A

  • Kadeem Roberts, D 1,908 (1,673 as a Democrat, 235 Working Families Party)
  • David Heuvelmann, D 1,845 (1,598 as a Democrat, 247 Working Families Party)



Council District B

(These results are from the Democratic Town Committee; there appears to be a typo on Wells document)

  • Ernie Dumas, D 1,004
  • Darlene Young, D 1,086


Council District C

  • John Kydes, D 2,115 (1,957 as a Democrat, 158 Working Families Party)
  • George Theodoridis, D 1,736 (1,613 as a Democrat, 123 Working Families Party)
  • Michael Foley, R 1,586
  • James Anderson, R 1,264


Council District D

  • George Tsiranides, D 2,186 (2,031 as a Democrat, 155 Working Families Party)
  • Tom Keegan, R 1,995
  • James Page, D 1,901 (1,788 as a Democrat, 113 Working Families Party)
  • Carl Dickens, R 1,638


Council District E

  • Tom Livington, D 2,143 (2,071 as a Democrat, 135 Working Families Party)
  • Lisa Shanahan, D 2,085 (2,132 as a Democrat, 140 Working Families Party)
  • Peter Bondi, R 1,338
  • Ron Paladino, R 1,326


Board of Education A

  • Godfrey Azima, D 1,514 (1,397 as a Democrat, 117 Working Families Party)
  • Alexandrea Kemeny, R 996


Board of Education B

  • Sherelle Harris, D 1,202


Board of Education C

  • Diana Carpio, D 7,312 (1,813 as a Democrat, 168 Working Families Party)
  • Jason Christopher, R 1,458


Board of Education D

  • Erica DePalma, D 2,358 (2,180 as a Democrat, 178 Working Families Party)
  • Bryan Meek, R 1,650


Board of Education E

  • Mike Barbis, D 2,345



  • Andy Garfunkel, D 8,426
  • Samuel Pride, D 7,353
  • Shannon O’Toole Giandurco, R 6,059
  • Kathryn Martino, R 5,450



  • Ernie Dumas, D 7,588
  • Johnnie Mae Weldon, D 7,181
  • Jalin Sead, D 7,125
  • Samuel Disraelly, D 6,945
  • Peter Bondi, R 6,262
  • Frank Mauro, R 5,814
  • Ray Cooke, R 5,782
  • John Romano, R 5,781


First Taxing District Commissioner

  • Marija Bryant, D 927
  • Rosa Luciani, R 463


First Taxing District Treasurer

  • Jalin Sead, D 1,087



Second Taxing District Commissioner

  • Martha Wooten Dumas, D 927
  • Harold Bonet, R 285


Second Taxing District Treasurer

  • Darlene Young, D 968


Third Taxing District Commissioner

  • Michele Sweeney, D 740 (680 as a Democrat, 60 Working Families Party)
  • Charlie Yost, R 584
  • Debora Goldsten 141


Third Taxing District Treasurer

  • Read Auerbach, R 725
  • Edward Holowinko, D 688


Sixth Taxing District Commissioner

  • Tamsen Langalis, D 542
  • Tamsen Langalis, R 337


Sixth Taxing District Treasurer

  • Gilbert Kernan, R 581


Original story (which had been edited shortly after it was posted): 

NORWALK, Conn. — Mayor Harry Rilling has survived a challenge from Rowaytonite Lisa Brinton.

Rilling won reelection to a fourth Mayoral term on a 55.2-44.8 count percentage-wise, according to preliminary results presented by the Democratic Town Committee.

Democrats depict the results as another crushing defeat for the Norwalk Republican Party. They say Democrats Diana Carpio and Erica DePalma have won election to the Norwalk Board of Education. Rilling will have a solidly Democratic Common Council, they say.

Dem statistics show that every Democratic at Large Council candidate has won. It appears that Tom Keegan will be the only Republican on the Council, representing District D.

Michele Sweeney has handily won the Third Taxing District Commissioner spot, unseating incumbent Deb Goldstein.


44 responses to “Rilling wins reelection; Democrats crush Republicans again”

  1. Tony Pavia

    Hometown Harry vs Salt Lake Rowayton Lisa? Couldn’t just use first and last names?

  2. Residente

    Corrupt (fake) democrat Rilling wins re-election.. Yay more development to come, as the contaminated Norwalk River cleanup remains an afterthought.. Develop more, use LI Sound money on a parking lot repaving project..

  3. TRS

    Looks like Lisa did much better than expected in this heavily Democratic city.

  4. Victor Cavallo

    Oh, well…

  5. Mike Mushak

    Love wins!

    Hate loses!


  6. niz

    Sincerely, hope the issues presented in this election cycle get the proper attention and effort to remedy.. for the betterment of Norwalk and all its residents.

  7. Blue will wash hate away….
    Will bring BOE class & money spend transparency……
    Pure pleasure…..

  8. Paul

    TRS you’re right!! Especially considering the number of electorate that voted for the party and not for the individual. Unfortunately, NORWALK LOST. Tony it’s 2019 not 1975

  9. Robert J Sodaro

    Congratulations to Harry and to the entirety of the Democratic slate.

  10. Mary Hadalamb

    So glad I moved out of Norwalk to a county that is 98% R. Good luck Norwalk – your taxes are going up and you won’t be able to get anywhere because the traffic and over development are taking over.

  11. Barbara Meyer-Mitchell

    Congratulations, Mayor Rilling and all who will serve! Thank you to everyone who was willing to step up to serve. Public service is not easy, but it’s worth it when you can make a difference for your community.

    Campaigns and elections are exciting, nerve-wracking, and often divisive. To justify endorsing one candidate over another we can end up emphasizing the differences between us, rather than the commonalities. Many worked hard on campaigns for months to support their candidates and the issues they believe in. As we wake up this beautiful morning, and in the coming weeks we need to move on from campaign rhetoric and reach out to each other to work together for the betterment of our city. Let’s try to move beyond the cracks and divides between us, and seek out the issues that unite us. Better schools, safer streets, financial and environmental sustainability, smart growth and development, and mutual respect are the issues we must work together to solve. The people elected yesterday will serve all of us, not just those that voted for them, or volunteered or donated to their campaign. Please, reach out to your new representation and share your stories and your hopes for Norwalk. We are all needed to weave together Norwalk’s American Dream. Thank you, Norwalk, for turning out yesterday and for your work to strengthen our community tomorrow!

  12. John ONeill

    Should be an interesting couple of years. Without Hartford/DC support on exploding ELL costs taxes have to go up and educational programs will be cut. Mathematically, there’s no way around that. I wish everyone the best of luck. I will also say Both political parties need to do a better job of vetting candidates. What do parties actually know about some of these candidates they prop up…But then again, a convicted felon is the Democrat endorsed Mayor of Bridgeport, so maybe I’m being naïve.

  13. Bobby Lamb

    Some observations:
    1. The 10 point victory and nearly full sweep is the exactly same as 2017
    2. Lisa’s “change” campaign did not attract any additional votes
    3. It’s telling that she didn’t know how to get the election results. Or follow campaign finance rules.
    4. Her refusal to concede and her comments lack dignity and show her true colors (as if we couldn’t see them earlier from her very very nasty campaign).
    5. The behavior she and her supports exhibited at the polls was just as appalling as her campaign – from screaming at everyone from Bob Duff’s mom to video taping and harassing first responders going to vote was seen by voters and rejected.
    6. Lisa Brinton is toast. Two resounding defeats. Total rejection of negativity. If the Republicans want a chance of ever winning back a seat at the table they will need to think long am hard about their next candidate.
    7. This has been exhausting to watch. And ridiculous it takes place every two years. We need four year terms.

  14. Bernie S.

    Seems like the only hate displayed was from the Democrat Party with their late in the game dirty tricks…comparing Lisa Brinton to Donald Trump and then smearing her by association with the a****** email. The campaign donation story was another one, pumped by the Hour and this site in an effort to blacken Lisa. This is the state of Norwalk Politics, no intelligence wasted in actually thinking about who the better candidate is.

  15. JustATaxpayer

    In many areas of the country a glass of water with a ‘D’ on it can win election

    ~ Nancy Pelosi

  16. Steve

    Even though Lisa’s base was clearly energized, the Republican Party lost big in this City that up until 2 years ago was pretty evenly split. Even Meek lost in a historically heavily Republican area. Hmm…what happened in the past few years that might’ve changed things? We don’t want to become a one party town like Bridgeport or Darien. We need checks and balances. Can the Republican Party find itself beyond the low 40s in the Age of Trump? Too many of the people surrounding Lisa had the tone and vitriol of Trump—-sad….

  17. Karl M Deering

    Hang on to your wallets boys and girls the Dems are coming !!!!!!! If I could move I would !!!

  18. Steve

    One good thing about the infallible democrats sweeping Norwalk is that Mike can’t complain about anything anymore.

    The peace and quiet will be enjoyed by all residents.

  19. Al Bore

    Rilling won because the democrats have the democratic machine DTC that gets people to go out and vote, they work hard to bring in new democrats, they promote each other, and vote straight party line. The republicans RTC are divided, many republicans don’t go out and vote but they are the first to complain how bad everything is in Norwalk, and sorry to say as a republican myself we are a dysfunctional party here in Norwalk. We should learn from the dems how to be a party of one for the future. Lisa was amazing and I wish she won, I truly think she would have done great things for all of Norwalk with balance and transparency in our local government. Instead here we are worse off than before with single party rule for not only on the council but the BOE as well. Lisa you worked harder than anyone has ever worked for this job before you and I thank you for that. Isabel, you, and your family should be proud of what you accomplished! It was so close and you were an amazing candidate.

  20. Residente

    Brookfield properties knew the mall is a bust, cashing out less than a month after opening. Good to see the city is approving permits to developers with no vested interest.

  21. Cityguy

    “The sad thing is I’m not the loser. The city of Norwalk is,” Brinton said. I think the city of Norwalk determined who the loser was. How self centered can a person be?

  22. Bryan Kerschner

    Bobby and Steve brings up a good point. I know a good number of Democrats (myself included) who were on the fence about voting for Lisa, but ended up voting for Harry because of the conduct and demeanor of many of the people Lisa surrounded herself with. Optics matter when you’re trying to unseat an incumbentand theirs were terrible.

  23. John ONeill

    @Bobby Lamb : Regarding point #7. I think we may be happy there’s an election 2 years from now. Our local taxes next year should be a referendum on whether Bob Duff should be sent back to Hartford. He’s brought home ZERO for ELLers. That will be his downfall. It shocks me that very few people understand it’s significance. One last thing — We’re about to have a Dan Malloy Hangover — Hospital Tax Settlement will be $1.6 to 2.0 BILLION Dollars if rumors are true. I’m sure our legislators already know the amount, but wanted to hold off until after elections…If we have enough parades the masses will not realize the money is gone!

  24. The Norwalker

    I am just glad that the Norwalk Government has few Disciples of Trump walking the Hallways of City Hall…..

  25. Tony Pavia

    Thank you for running Lisa. You ran a great campaign, and had you prevailed, would have been a great mayor. I pray that you still stay engaged to fight for the large % of the electorate that DID vote for you.I am truly disheartened at the results of the election city-wide. More of the same policies and lack of forethought/planning. My wife and I actually are now pondering our future in Norwalk. It’s really telling that in a city of 80k people, so few actually voted. Disenchantment? Maybe. But your campaign energized people who have never gotten involved (including myself) in an election or political campaign before. Thank you, and enjoy the much deserved time off.

  26. TRS

    Wait…the Democrats say here in the article that they have “civil” leaders. Mike Barbis is one of the city’s top Democrats….where is his civility?

  27. Mimi

    What is the situation with the absentee ballots? When do we hear the count for those? A handful of people reported they got theirs too late for them to even count, and people who cast them in favor of Lisa are wondering what is the hold up with the tally. Could a recount be in order?

    Nancy, have you heard anything on this front?

  28. TRS

    We are NOW officially Bridegport.
    I would advise Lisa to run again in two years, as I think she’ll have a solid chance to win, but the whining, spinning dems will come up with something last minute (like labeling her a racist)

    Here’s the good news: Tuesday November 3, 2020…..Trump will win in another electoral college landslide, and all these dems will be crying and complaining for another four years.
    It’s going to be a thing of beauty, just like in 2016!

  29. John ONeill

    @Tony — Don’t jump just yet. One thing I noted in watching, reading. Republicans in this town need more energy. I went to a couple of political forums and came away thinking GOP nominees need to be more engaging, more energetic, more charismatic. I am not a politician, but I think Norwalk GOP needs to recruit candidates who can sell their platform better. Dems had more energy, younger candidates and a little more charisma. One can debate who has better policies, but Dems did a better selling job. — IF I were leading GOP in Norwalk I would start process of recruiting candidates for next cycle NOW. Best of Luck next year. Considering the lack of beef being brought back from Hartford, there’s no reason not to have some winners in the next race 2020.

  30. Faba

    “Suffice it to say, the Norwalk Democratic Party is at the top right now in the city of Norwalk,” State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) said, in helping to announce the results to Democrats gathered at the Hilton Garden Inn.

    When you’re done with the celebrations, note that with these victories giving the Norwalk Democratic Party a clear majority and control, the voters and taxpayers have also given each of you the responsibility and accountability to address the issues and deliver results.

  31. TRS

    It’s a repudiation of Mike Lyons that a Republican lost the seat on the BOE table. You can’t just send out nasty e-mails willy nilly. Glad Lyons and his attitude are gone.

  32. Bobby Lamb

    I am so confused why Lisa still thinks she lost by 500 votes. She saw one wrong News12 report and thinks that’s the gospel? The official reports have been out for almost 24 hours. Has she called to concede yet? Would love an update.

  33. moveoutnow

    Looks like Norwalk may just get its ELL $$$. But Duff and Co have pimped Norwalkers out to Hartford via the tolls you are getting on 95 and the Merritt. Rilling, Duff, Tong have sold Norwalk out. Jokes on the Dems who voted for them.

  34. Red headed movie star

    Thank you for running again Lisa. I’m sorry you lost as I believe Norwalk needs the great platform you offered. I’m sad to see Norwalk be a one party City…Thank you, thank you. You ran a great campaign.
    Rest you deserve it.

  35. Tysen Canevari

    Lisa ran a professional campaign. Harry did a nice job as well. I guess time will tell how we end up. I feel bad for the people in town with kids in the public schools. We are more concerned with teaching the kids that dont speak English than the children that do. We have great teachers in town and their talents are going to waste handing out lunch tickets and free breakfast. This is where Harry is costing us. Keep advertising us as a santuary city. Wilton, New Canaan, and Darien dont do this. Wonder why! Mark Suda and the republican party have their hands full to reorganize the party. Harry has a $130,000 a year assistant. Now his council can approve him a chauffer as well. Lol

  36. John ONeill

    @move out now – What’s the update you gave on ELL $$…We need $ 30 million a year.

  37. Pleasestop

    Lets face it.The RTC wanted Crosland not Brinton. Which was a joke to begin with. This was a half hearted endorsement of a candidate the RTC didn’t want and knew didn’t have a chance against Rilling. This debacle falls right into Mr.Suda’s lap in my opinion.

  38. Mike Lyons

    TRS, I’m 4-0 in municipal election campaigns. It’s quite a stretch to claim that other candidates’ defeats are a ‘repudiation’ of me after the voters elected me to the city government four times.

  39. Scott

    You get the government you voted for so don’t start complaining now.

    Lamont announces a plan to put tolls on bridges across CT rather than decrease spending elsewhere in order to reallocate money for road/rail projects.

    Oh wait, didn’t we have a referendum and the citizen of CT voted for a Transportation Lockbox that would prevent money from being diverted and put into the general fund. Of course we did, but that doesn’t prevent unethical politicians from grabbing that money and saying, “well, the taxes/surcharges never actually made it into the lockbox, we diverted it prior to it getting to the lockbox so it’s okay.” Unbelievable!

    And now that the election is over, it’s just a matter of time before our property taxes are increased to pay for ELL and other items.

    I wonder how many of you will have buyer’s regret?

  40. TRS

    Mike Lyons, always with a snarky comment. The guy can’t keep his mouth shut and can’t keep his fingers off the send button. Good riddance.
    How much more money in lawsuits are you going to cost Norwalk with your e-mails and tattling to other towns about other people.

  41. Glenn Iannaccone

    Number 3 is where $1,000,000 is coming from for the ELL inflow.

    A Special Meeting of the Board of Estimate and Taxation of the
    City of Norwalk is hereby called and will be held on November 12,
    2019 at 6:30 p.m. EST, at City Hall, Norwalk, Connecticut, in Room
    231, for the following purposes to wit:
    Consider Departmental Transfers and Special Appropriations:
    1. RESOLVED, that a sum not to exceed $5,063 be and the same is hereby
    transferred from Increased Revenues from the Town of Scarborough
    to the Police Department for police overtime work.
    2. RESOLVED, that a sum not to exceed $1,000,000 be and the same is
    hereby transferred from Fund Balance to fund matching funds for the
    YMCA build-out of the City owned property located at 98 South Main
    3. RESOLVED, that a sum not to exceed $1,000,000 be and the same is
    hereby transferred from Fund Balance to the Board of Education to fund
    additional academic resources related to the recent inflow of English Language
    4. RESOLVED, that a sum not to exceed $400,000 be and the same is
    hereby transferred from Fund Balance to the Community Services Department
    for additional mental health and social services for City students.
    Any other business proper to come before the Board.
    Dated at Norwalk, Connecticut, November 6, 2019

  42. Debora Goldstein

    $2.4mm in special appropriations one week after election day. SMH.

    And that’s the same date as the public meeting on proposed new zoning regs based on the freshly minted POCD.

    Wonder how long before the new Stormwater Management “utility” is blessed and that tax starts appearing next to your sewer tax.

  43. John ONeill

    Until Mayor Rilling and Norwalk State legislators come up with funds for ELL programs outside of Norwalk, we need to continue to raise hell.

  44. Mike Lyons

    TRS (always commenting through a fake name) – I made a simple factual statement – I’m 4-0 in municipal election results (which is a pretty good refutation of your ridiculous claim that somehow I was ‘repudiated’ in an election in which I wasn’t even on the ballot).

    And I didn’t cost the city a penny in litigation – those costs were generated by a former employee bringing an abusive lawsuit that tried to shut down my First Amendment right to hold that employee accountable. Here’s the only ruling entered by the judge in that case (not that I think facts could possibly influence the views of a coward like you who hides behind a fake name) – https://nancyonnorwalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Fensore-v-Lyons-17-0114-decision-on-motion-to-strike.pdf

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