Rilling’s Norwalk mayoral coffers stuffed by 18 donors giving maximum

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Former Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling is one of four Democrats running for mayor. There will likely be a primary.

NORWALK, Conn. – Former Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling not only leads the field of four Democrats vying to be mayor in terms of financial contributions, but he’s done it with a significant number of big-ticket donors.

More than half of Rilling’s $30,348 in contributions from Feb. 24 to March 31 come from $1,000 donors – 18 people total, 11 of them from Norwalk.

That includes the Gavriledes family of Norwalk, Former Mayor Bill Collins and three New York men with the same last name, all working for the same company.

Other supporters include Former Mayor Alex Knopp, Norwalk Federation of Teachers President Bruce Mellion, Head of the Harbor developer Michael DiScala and Christopher McMahon of McMahon Ford.

The maximum contribution that can be made to a candidate is $1,000. The campaign received contributions from 85 donors; 56 of them live in Norwalk.

The donors:

Anthony Magliocco Jr. of New York City $1,000 (Executive, Bulldog Ventures LTD)

Joseph Magliocco of New York City $1,000 (Executive, Bulldog Ventures LTD)

John Magliocco of Rye of N.Y. $1,000 (Bulldog Ventures)

Former Mayor Bill Collins of Norwalk $1,000

Catherine Murchie of Norwalk $1,000

Stanley Goldberg of Wilton $1,000 (Norwalk Real Estate)

Kenneth Lametta of Norwalk $1,000

Attorney Edwin Camacho of Norwalk $1,000

Nicholas Pichotta of Southport $1,000 (The Cooper Companies)

Michael Discala of Norwalk $1,000

Phil Mendence of Norwalk $1,000

James Noel of Houston of Texas $1,000, an investor

Andreas Gavrielidis of Norwalk $1,000

James Ackerly of Norwalk $1,000

Enhio DiNino of Stamford $1,000

Michael Forbes of Darien $1,000

Chris Gavriledes of Norwalk $1,000

Hariklia Goodchild of Norwalk $1,000

Barbara Murphy of Norwalk $500

William Murphy of Norwalk $500

Christopher McMahon of Wilton $500

Nathaniel Yordon of Norwalk $500

Gay Cavanaugh of Norwalk $500

Billy Landan of Norwalk $500

Barry Lang of Tucson of Ariz. $500

Janet Lang of Tucson of Ariz. $500

Christine Lametta of Norwalk $400

Kathleen Lametta of Norwalk $300

Liliana van Gompel of Norwalk $300

Donna King of Norwalk $275

Joseph Dominick of Norwalk $250

Attorney Ira Bloom of Westport $250

Attorney Louis Colangelo Jr. of Fairfield $250

Nicole Coppola of Milford $250

Mark Pettorini of Norwalk $250

Mary Bellavia of Stamford $250 a retiree

Jill Tavello of Fairfield $250 Stew Leonard’s

Jessica Breisler of Norwalk $250

Kenneth Muro of Norwalk $200

Michael Corsello of Westport $200

Michael Mulvehill of Norwalk $200

Robin Boccanfuso of Norwalk $200

Former Mayor Alex Knopp of Norwalk $150

Joe DiBlasi of Westport $150

Lois Flynn of Norwalk $100

Daniel Godleski of Norwalk $100

Sue Thompson of Norwalk $100

Mary DiScala of Norwalk $100

Mary Burgess of Norwalk $100

Michael Frengs of Stamford $100

Michael Foley of Norwalk $100

Lawrence Andronaco of Norwalk $100

Stephen Rilling of Trumbull $100

Alan Weber of Fairfield $100

David Hill of Trumbull $100

Bruce Mellion of Bridgeport $100

Attorney David Cohen of Stamford $100

Patricia Jurglielewicz of Easton $100

Mike Mushak of Norwalk $100

Attorney Gary Oberst of Norwalk $100

Betsy Wrenn of Norwalk $100

Tiffany Ofiero of New York $100

Lynne Moore of Norwalk $100

Joe Passero of Norwalk $100

Attorney Urban Mulvehill $100

Galen Wells of Norwalk $99

Stuart Wells of Norwalk $99

Donald Andersen of Norwalk $50

Steven Wallerstein of Norwalk $50

Patricia Suda of Norwalk $50

George Billings of Norwalk $50

William Krummel of Norwalk $50

Emorfia Petrides of Norwalk $50

Hu Lindsay of Norwalk $50

Susan Mansfield of Norwalk $50

Arthur Goldblatt of Norwalk $50

Felicia Rozek of Norwalk $40

Beth Singelbaum of Norwalk $30

Stephen Land of Norwalk $25

Anita Behnken of Norwalk $25

Kaye Anderson of Norwalk $25

Jules Lang of Norwalk $25

James DiCarlo of North Haven $25

Corrections made, 2:12 p.m.; 12:49 a.m. April 13


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  1. ScopeonNorwalk

    The good thing for the other candidates is that 18 of this guy’s donors are maxed out.

  2. Mario B

    The bad thing for the other candidates is that 65 of this guys current donors are not maxed out.

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