Rivera looking to establish school in South Norwalk

Norwalk Superintendent Manny Rivera answers questions at Thursday’s Mayor’s Night Out.

NORWALK, Conn. – Among the ambitious goals and plans that have been laid out by Norwalk Superintendent Manny Rivera is a new school for South Norwalk.

No decision on whether it would be a new building or in the South Norwalk Community Center.

Rivera disclosed that information Thursday at the Mayor’s Night Out.

“We are … having very serious discussions about opening another school in the South Norwalk area,” he said. “I believe we need to have one to serve families in the South Norwalk area. … Hopefully that will evolve to a point where it will become reality, not in the too far distant future, but where we are able to put all the pieces in place.”

Rivera’s comments were made in response to a number of complaints about no schools in the neighborhood. Georgiana Scott said her grandson goes to Silvermine and she rarely attends any of the events he is involved in there. He’s doing fine, she said, but, “We have the South Norwalk Community Center … it is in the neighborhood, why can’t it be underutilized for education and entertainment? It’s there, it’s available,” she said.

On Friday Rivera declined to elaborate.

Asked via email if he was thinking of building something new or using the South Norwalk Community Center, he replied, “It could be one or the other.”


6 responses to “Rivera looking to establish school in South Norwalk”

  1. Casey Smith

    There used to be at least three schools in South Norwalk, Ben Franklin, Columbus and Nathaniel Ely. I thought the whole reason that Columbus became a magnet school was because the residents didn’t want a “neighborhood” school, they wanted their kids to go to other schools.
    As for school buildings, what about Nathaniel Ely?

  2. Silence Dogood

    Ely, Franklin, new building whatever it takes. It is time to end the failure and racist practice of bussing kids all over the city. Kids need to be in classroom and in their communities instead of hours on a bus each day to some unfamiliar place that parents barely have access to.

  3. Admo

    I agree with Silence Dogood It’s time to have another school in South Norwalk!!

  4. anonymous

    It’s the right thing to do.

  5. CT Patriot

    Silence Dogood is right on. Kids should go to school in their own neighborhoods, with kids from their own socio-economic class. it creates community instead of animosity. It IS RACIST to bus kids all over the place and make them go to school in an unfamiliar place with lids they resent. Liberalism is a failure.

  6. Dawn

    I was talking to a parent of a South Norwalk child yesterday and she still has no idea where her child will be going to school.
    they have told her it will be on the other side of town. she said NO WAY!!!
    My neice in South Norwalk was assigned to Cranberry. She got into a Magnate.
    What a waste of resources to bus kids all over town when they live right near a school.

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