Rodgerson gains mental health workers endorsement

Keith Rodgerson
Keith Rodgerson

WILTON, Conn. – The National Association of Social Workers Connecticut Chapter (NASW-CT) has given its endorsement to Keith Rodgerson for the Nov. 4 General Assembly election.

“I am honored to be recognized by the NASW-CT, Rodgerson said in a press release announcing the endorsement. “Social workers are on the front lines of so many of mental health issues that, as the tragedy in Sandy Hook showed us, have been ignored for way to long. Once I get to Hartford, I will work incredibly hard in making sure that we stop sweeping these issues under the carpet and actually do something to address them.”

NASW-CT represents more than 3,000 members statewide, according to the release.

Rodgerson said that many of NASW-CT’s priorities are in alignment with what he is already running behind, such as supporting the minimum wage increase, advocating for retirement security for seniors, as well as the expansion of school-based health centers and mental health care.

Rogerson’s opponent, Rep. Gail Lavielle voted against increases to the minimum wage, and also voted against the creation of the CT Retirement Security Board, according to Rodgerson’s press release.

The creation of the board was included in a last-minute budget implementer bill. Sections 180 – 185 of Public Act 14-217 established the new Connecticut Retirement Security Board. The vote was 91-56 in favor. Norwalk’s Democratic contingent voted yes; the Republicans voted no.

In the release, Stephen Karp, executive director of NASW-CT, said “Keith Rodgerson is a trusted voice for social justice in Connecticut. Sending him to Hartford will ensure that outstanding mental health issues will finally be addressed in a bi-partisan manner once and for all.”


4 responses to “Rodgerson gains mental health workers endorsement”

  1. Bill

    Wow, HUGE, win. What an endorsement, I think that might be a whole 100 person public employee union. Racking them up big time. True public employee winner this guy.

  2. We Deserve Better

    To Bill’s comment, the article states “…more than 3000 members statewide.” Unless math has changed since I went to school, that’s far more that “100”.

    More importantly, why wouldn’t the endorsement go to the incumbent? My guess is that they saw what so many of us already have: our current representative hasn’t done much for us.

  3. Bill

    They see in Rogerson more money for them out of the taxpayers’ pocket. Pretty simple.

  4. Donald Jones

    @Bill: Do you feel the same way with regard to the municipal and state police unions that support Toni Boucher? “More money for them out of the taxpayers’ pocket. Pretty simple.” Right?

    Yes, it is simple.

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