Rodgerson gets Citizen’s Election Program funding

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Keith Rodgerson

WILTON, Conn. – Democrat of Wilton has qualified for the Citizens Election Program (CEP) for the 2014 general election.   Rodgerson is a candidate for the 143rd House District state representative set currently occupied by Republican Gail Lavielle, who is running for reelection.

“I am truly humbled by the wide-ranging support from the district and the region,” Rodgerson said in an emailed statement. “From old Georgetown high school friends, to seniors in Wilton, and to business owners in Norwalk, the response has been tremendous. I will always be grateful for their trust in me.”

The Citizens Election Program is a grant program administered by the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission, designed to make an equal playing field for all candidates wishing to run for election. To qualify, a candidate must raise $5,000 in contributions of $100 or less, including individual contributions from at least 150 residents of the towns they are seeking to represent.

“I am a strong supporter of clean elections and I am glad to be able to take advantage of the Citizens Election Program,” he said. “The CEP allows working people the opportunity to pursue public office without making overtures to out of state corporations and without having to be a millionaire.”

“CEP is an important facet of a series of initiatives aimed at increasing participation in our democracy and levelling the playing field in favor of Connecticut’s interest,” Rodgerson continued. “I fully support the electoral access, voter registration, campaign contribution disclosure and this year’s constitutional absentee ballot reforms that my opponent, Gail Lavielle, has voted against”

Rogerson said that, with funding in place, he plans to focus on communicating is plans to the voters.

“They want to know how we can begin to pass legislation and secure funding after four years of partisan grandstanding,” he said. “This gives me the opportunity to explain to voters across the 143rd District my plan to repair our broken relationships on both sides of the aisle in Hartford.”

The 143rd District consists of parts of Norwalk, Westport and Wilton.


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  1. Bill

    Worked in government, made money off government, now has a non-profit that gets money from government, and government funds his campaign, but he will stand up against government waste and deficit spending …lol…yeah right

  2. Won and Done

    I think that you are confusing Keith with Gail Lavielle. Gail’s only employment since she moved to CT in 2009 has been for UCONN and the State of Connecticut.

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