Rodgerson vs. Lavielle re: voting access

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To the Editor:

The right to vote is the cornerstone of democracy.  All elected representatives should ensure all eligible voters can vote even if getting to polls on voting day is difficult.

Disappointingly, Gail Lavielle voted against two Connecticut bills that allow early voting and flexible absentee ballots.  Enabling greater access for all registered voters, including those who are elderly, college age, military, and with inflexible work schedules, should not be a partisan issue. A majority of states have already adopted similar provisions.

Keith Rodgerson supports voter access, and I hope others will join me in supporting Keith on November 4.

Pamela Klem




One response to “Rodgerson vs. Lavielle re: voting access”

  1. Milton

    If you ask most people if they would support expanding absentee voting to make it easier for seniors, college students, those in the military and other who for whatever reason are unable to get to the polls they would tell you that they do support those changes. That should be the question posed to Representative Lavielle and I have no doubt that she would also support expanding access.

    HOWEVER, the proposed amendment to the state Constitution does far more than this. In fact, rather than modify the language in the constitution to allow for expanded but specific absentee voting, it just removes all authority on voting from the constitution and gives it to the legislature. Is that what we want? Do we want to hand over voting authority to our politicians? I think that is a really bad idea and will be voting no.

    I would support changes to the constitution with much more specific changes that would allow for no-excuse voting but still leave the protection and authority of the voting process within the constitution and not the politicians.

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