Roodner Court resident touts transparency, change in bid for council seat

Diedra Davis is running for an at-large seat on the Common Council.
Diedra Davis is running for an at-large seat on the Common Council.

NORWALK, Conn. – Diedra Davis is making a run for an at-large Common Council seat in the Nov. 5 election. Among her volunteer positions, she has served as a member of the NEON Board of Directors and as vice president of the Roodner Court Tenants Association. She sees herself as a “change agent” ready to focus on solutions by keeping in close touch with the people of Norwalk.

NancyOnNorwalk sent a set of questions to all those running for Common Council to help the public learn more about the candidates. Here are Davis’ responses:

NoN: What are your priorities, and what do you bring to the board that should make voters give you the job?

DD: My priorities are

1. Transparency within Our Local Government

2. Unification and Opportunity Growth for our Diverse City

3. Economic Development

4. Process

5. Innovative Progressive Solution to simple and perplex issues affecting;

6. Education, housing, healthcare, small businesses, workforce development and corporate citizenship

I am a change agent that is focused on listening to the voice of our constituents at all times. I will utilize and apply common sense methods to real life issues. When we focus on solutions instead of problems there is progress. I intend to engage our constituents to become a part of the process therefore, celebrating solutions that bring actual real time results within our community as a whole

NoN: Several council candidates listed the schools among their top priorities at the East Norwalk forum, but the council has little control over what goes on in the schools. Other than votes on the final budget figures, how do you propose to have an impact on Norwalk’s schools?

DD: Engage parents within the community by holding informational educational sessions. Utilize social media to spread and share information about important milestones within our school system, request that our board of education members as well as common council members hold joint special meetings not just at city hall but within the community to ensure that parents are aware and understand that they are the first educators and advocates for their children while bringing forth important information and resources directly to the parents.

NoN: One of the biggest complaints we hear from our readers is about property taxes and how they just seem to go up. This year it’s around 4.8 percent. So what can be done differently, if anything, to hold the line on spending — or even roll it back?

DD: As a common council member, I would want to see how we are engaging our local corporations, how we are leveraging federal and state funding, how we are working with local not-for-profits to leverage additional funding for grants that they may already have. Innovative thinking

NoN: Do you believe it is essential to read and understand the Common Council info packets before voting, or will you depend on discussions, staff recommendations and constituent input to inform your vote?

DD: Not only do I believe that you must read the information in the packect. But one must do their homework and become an investigative report to determine the information in the packet is factual. I will not only read my information but, I will engage my constituents in the discussion

NoN: Would you support the formation of a charter commission?

DD: I would like to proceed with due diligence before making a commitment of yes or no.

NoN: Civility has been a big topic. What can you say to the voters to assure them that, if you are elected, they will find a kinder and gentler council?

DD: As an elected official I know that my when job when elected is to serve my constituents and not the other way around. For me, it is a humble privilege and, an honor to serve our community with respect at all times.


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