Sandy Hook Commission will renew call for gun ban in final report

Sandy Hook Commission (Hugh McQuaid photo)
Sandy Hook Commission (Hugh McQuaid photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – Preventing access to certain guns will be a central recommendation of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission when it completes its report next month after more than two years of work.

The panel of education, mental health, law enforcement, and safety experts was created by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and has been meeting periodically since shortly after the Dec. 14, 2012, murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The group is drafting a comprehensive report on the shooting and recommendations to curb future tragedies.

At a Friday meeting in the Legislative Office Building, members of the group discussed re-approving an interim recommendation to ban the possession or sale of any gun capable of firing more than 10 times without having to reload.

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6 responses to “Sandy Hook Commission will renew call for gun ban in final report”

  1. Scott

    Going national with these laws? Who fl the politicians in this state think they are? If this makes it to the supreme court and they deem it constitutional it could rip this country in half again. The civil war was said to be bloody? It will pale in comparison. This may just be the end of the United States as we know it. I fear for my family’s future. People will say I’m overreacting and I pray they are right.

  2. M. Murray’s

    Shocker. A committee appointed by a left wing anti-gun Givernor advocated for more gun control laws. How many on this committee have carry permits? Own the average semi-auto handgun that average 12-15 rounds? Why doesnt he appoint a committee of welfare recipients to see if they need more welfare checks? How about a committee of environmentalists to see what they can recommend about what we should regulate about cars?

  3. Scott

    This is exactly the reason why the majority of gun owners refuse to register their weapons and magazines. The repeated phrase was registration leads to confiscation. I wanted to believe in our constitutional rights but it appears our government doesn’t. If want they want passes America is dead.

  4. srb

    Oh my goodness if I don’t have my AR-15 it’s going to be the end of the world! 10 bullets just aren’t enough- after all I am a lousy shooter. The US is coming to an end, what about all those patriots back in the American Revolution. How would they have won the war w/out the ability to reload their magazines, much less the Civil War. If I have the right to bear arms, I should be able to decide what kind of arms and if I want a tank, so be it…I have to protect my house somehow and if I want a nuclear weapon—well they did call it MAD and it did work. I’m so upset, geez, under these repressive regulations I may as well move to North Korea.

  5. Scott

    Sorry but you don’t get to rewrite the constitution. It doesn’t belong to just you. The reasons our founding fathers created the second amendment still are applicable today. I don’t own an AR15 but I should have the ability to. It is a semi automatic rifle. There is no difference between it and my .22 cal. semi automatic rifle. Actually the AR15 can be made to shoot .22 cal. So the fear of the AR15 alone is illogical. If you are afraid of guns I understand but prejudice against this one weapon leaves me scratching my head.

  6. Srb

    Scott the current crop of Supreme Court judges have held 5to4 with a stricter interpretation of the constitution but historically they haven’t . Sorry Scott even if u become a Supreme Court. Justice you’ll only have one vote and like it or not, no Supreme Court judge has ever issued an opinion that weapons can not be regulated .

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