Sarah Mann elected to Common Council at Norwalk Republican Town Committee meeting

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – A replacement was chosen Thursday night for a Norwalk Republican Common Council member who resigned in November.

Sarah Mann, a member of the Norwalk Parking Authority, was elected to replace Joanne Romano, during a meeting of the Republican Town Committee, RTC Chairman Art Scialabba said. Romano represented District C.

Former Republican Common Council member John Tobin made a bid for the seat, Republicans Rick McQuaid and Jack Chiaramonte said. Mann was elected in a closed vote.

Mann was made a member of the parking authority in May. She is president of the East Norwalk Improvement Association.

Scialabba could not provide a photo of her.

Romano announced her decision at the Nov. 27 council meeting by reading a statement which included this comment: “The last year on the Council has been quite different than any other. I have never experienced the meaningless rancor, political grandstanding and disrespect rather than improving our city. It is pointless to me to continue down a path where there is no light at the end of a partisan tunnel; where my contributions are no longer looked at as meaningful and my voice is no longer acknowledged.”


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