Scialabba: ‘A different kind of campaign’ in 137th

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To the Editor:

Now that the primaries are over and the cast of characters (a/k/a candidates) are set for our races in this fall’s election, I would like to announce a different kind of campaign for the 137th State House race.

Citizens in the 137th House District will have the choice between my vision to change the direction of our State (by voting for me), or to continue with the failed policies of the Malloy administration (by voting for my opponent).

But this campaign season, in this race, you are about to see something completely different.

For starters, here is a list of what I will not be doing.

I won’t be cluttering up your mail-boxes with flyers you don’t want to read.

I won’t be littering your lawn with signs you really don’t want to see.

I won’t be knocking on your door while you’re watching TV.

I won’t be calling you on the phone, just when you’re about to eat dinner or sip a cup of tea.

Debates are a non-starter. My opponent will say “Blue” and I will say “Red,” but then again, you already know that, as you can’t be led.

In other words, I won’t be bothering you at all this fall.

Go ahead and enjoy the season, the season of falling leaves and football.

No political fanfare this year from me, and if you won’t be around Nov. 4th, don’t forget to vote Absentee.

Here’s what I will be doing. I will continue being politically active. I will continue my support of numerous campaigns, just as I have for over 10 years as the former Chairman of the Norwalk Republican Town Committee. Having a well-documented history of hard work and results, I will go on showing what our Republican philosophy is, and showing responsible, responsive leadership. I will be happy to share my thoughts with you or hear your concerns as I am always just an email or a phone call away.

If you feel that we are getting the best from our State government, then obviously change is not for you.

However, you may feel, as do many Norwalker’s, that we need to change the direction our State is heading, your choice is right here. And if you also think we need to encourage job growth, promote better educational achievement for all our children, make Connecticut affordable (especially to be able to stay and retire in), and bring back sanity in the State’s finances (now ranked at the bottom of the nation), then all you have to do is to vote for change on “Row A.”

My campaign is simple, and you know the issues. It’s up to you to come out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Sorry, nothing rhymes with Scialabba. But if you elect me as your State Rep., I will always do what is Best. I respectfully ask you to vote for me, Art Scialabba, as well as all my friends on Row “A,” please.

Art Scilabba



2 responses to “Scialabba: ‘A different kind of campaign’ in 137th”

  1. DeeeeMoooo

    In other words, I am the placeholder candidate; and since nobody has stepped forward who actually wants to run for this office, don’t expect mail, phone calls, visits, or debates. I will not run a campaign except for an occasional letter to the editor.

  2. EveT

    In other words, I’d rather Democratic voters stay home, so I’m not giving them a reason to come out and vote. Even though Chris Perone will probably win the 137th, the “good” news is that this district won’t vote for Malloy and other statewide Democratic candidates. Is that the plan?

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