Seen and Heard in Norwalk: Don’t show me myself

A new television shows a live video feed of Norwalk’s Common Council getting ready for Tuesday’s meeting.

NORWALK, Conn. – Here are some items of interest that were seen or heard recently in Norwalk:

Please, no mirrors

It’s hi-def in the council chambers these days, as two HDTV flat screens hang from the ceiling providing live video feeds of Common Council meetings. There’s also a flat screen where non-council members can’t see it, on the floor inside the oval (just under where a reporter might leave a recorder), for council members to see presentations.

Norwalk BOE 091713 007
A presentation on Brighter Futures is displayed at the Sept. 17 Norwalk Board of Education meeting in the council chambers at City Hall.

Tuesday was the first meeting with the new equipment. Mayor Richard Moccia swiftly instructed City Clerk Erin Halsey to shut the floor monitor off.

“We’re just staring at ourselves,” he said.

Halsey has the keys to the electronic castle. She can flick a button and send a screen down across the room, for instance.

“I’m the queen,” she said, grinning.

News only a web nerd could love

No, you won’t find the video of the last council meeting on the city’s website yet. If you try, you’re going to have to click, click, click, click, click.

Go to the website. Click on Agendas and Minutes. Click on View videos of Common Council meetings. Get to Common Council meetings 2012.

That’s right, 2012.

Look at the top, see Home > Visitors > Norwalk Videos > Council Meetings > Council Meetings 2012.

Click on Council Meetings.

Click on Council Meeting Videos for 2013. Finally, you see a list.

It’s Sept. 28, 2013. Has no one noticed this yet?

The latest in men’s hair news

Former Norwalk Police community policing Officer Carleton Giles has been very visible in Norwalk of late, as he is campaigning for Democratic mayoral candidate Harry Rilling.

Carleton Giles retired April 30 after 33 years in the Norwalk Police Department. He is now sporting a beard – how different!

“For 35 years I had to be groomed,” he said. “Something like a midlife crisis –not going to buy a Maserati or anything.”

Do you trust CDOT to design local traffic?

Seen: At the corner of Ferris and Connecticut Avenues, a left turn green arrow.

Seen: A vehicle sitting at the green arrow, unable to go straight because there is no round green light to accompany that green arrow. No turn lane there. First car in line sits and waits until the light turns green. It turns green in the other direction as well, so the wall of cars moves forward long before the second car in line gets a chance to make that left.

Way to go, Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Rivera to the rescue

More than a year ago, Kate Johnson, a 38-year resident of Norwalk and sales manager of Norwalk and Rowayton William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance, said she wasn’t sure about what effect school budget cuts would have on the local real estate market.

“We have to wait and see,” she said. “I would not say people are leaving in droves and I would not say people are coming here because of the schools. Those of us who are here are waiting to see what will happen. I would say give us six months.”

On Friday, she said it’s all good. No problem.

“We’ve got a great new superintendent of schools, and we’re working on good Board of Education members,” she said.

Norwalk 092713 033
Seen in Norwalk: Vote for who? There’s a time warp on Flax Hill Road, where Vinny Mangicopra is apparently still running for mayor.


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  1. Don’t Panic

    Can’t wait for the long overdue overhaul of the city web site. Maybe they will send out notices that actually tell you the meeting information instead of just a link.
    That is the ssme DOT that Mr. Zullo expected would time traffic lights to perfection near the new BJs. Just sayin’

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