Seen and Heard in Norwalk: Eerily similar birthdays

Seen in Norwalk: An attack video, posted above. Posted to YouTube by al jabro, who has no other videos, and linked to in a comment on this site, the video criticizes Mayor Richard Moccia’s latest appointment: Bill Dunne to the Planning Commission.

NORWALK, Conn. – Here are some items of interest that were seen or heard recently in Norwalk:

Three days, four years, and a political party apart 

Former Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling attended Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting to greet new Norwalk Public Schools Superintendent Manuel Rivera. Also in attendance was Mayor Richard Moccia, an ex officio board member, who sometimes makes it to meetings, sometimes not.

Rilling wasn’t far into the room when Moccia called out, “Happy Birthday!”

Rilling said thank you, turned away and then spun back toward the mayor to say back, “Happy Birthday!” There was a bit of jovial laughter and a fast comment from Rilling, “Three days,” a nod and a wave.

Moccia was born Aug. 9, 1943. Rilling was born Aug. 6, 1947.

Happy birthday to both mayoral candidates.

Different citizens, different rules

Thursday’s Plan Review Committee meeting saw one zoning commissioner persistently but civilly argue with Corporation Counsel Robert Maslan, assisted, at one point, by a persistent Norwalk activist, who was quickly swatted down by Zoning Commission Chairwoman Emily Wilson and others.

As Zoning Commissioner Mike Mushak argued that the master plan called for implementing the recommendations of an independent study into zoning regulations, after arguing that the master plan recommends limiting buildings on Main Avenue to 10,000 square feet, Diane Lauricella called out “Point of information, Madame Chairwoman.”

“The public is not permitted to – ” Wilson said.

“You cannot speak at these meetings, Diane,” Commissioner James White said.

“Please stop interrupting the meeting,” Wilson said.

Lauricella said she wanted commissioners to know the facts – part of the requirements for a special permit is that it must comply with the master plan, she said.

Mushak seized upon that and used it in his argument.

Later, two Norwalk citizens who are not members of the commission got involved in the discussions. It was all very friendly. No one interrupted the neighbors of the proposed project, or said the public cannot speak at meetings.

Another zoning ditty: elderly entertainment on Main Avenue

At last month’s Plan Review Committee meeting, discussion turned to “a terrible bottleneck, especially in the winter time,” on Main Avenue – the Citgo at 309 Main Avenue and Russell Speeder’s Car Wash at 297 Main Ave.

Cars stack up there, commissioners said. Mushak said a late friend of his used the spot for entertainment.

Harry Kiesler died in April at the age of 90. He spent his last years at the Laura Raymond Homes at 290 Main Ave., next to the site of the proposed BJ’s.

Mushak said Kiesler and his friends used to take a lawn chair and sit in front of the home to watch the cars.

“They literally were guaranteed a good accident with some blood and an ambulance,” Mushak said. “This was their entertainment, believe it or not.”


7 responses to “Seen and Heard in Norwalk: Eerily similar birthdays”

  1. Norwalk lifer

    In watching this video and seeing the “Twitter” comments, such pearled jewels of breaktaking wisdom, one saying comes to mind:

    _The empty gourd makes the loudest noise_

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. Bill Dunne

    Great video, David … er, al jabro, or L boogie (hard to keep up with your pen names). Lively tune, strong beat, powerful argumentation (“Shut up!”). Pointed, it’s true, but also subtle and well nuanced. I’m definitely a fan. I know your heavy responsibilities on the Common Council don’t allow you much time to maximize your creative potential, but if I may offer just a couple of suggestions: You could have used a little more — not much, mind you, just a little — variation in the thematic exposition. And it could have been a tad shorter. Just a tad. What do you think, David?

  3. Jack G

    Republican? Democrat? Independent? Does anyone really want this childish crap on any level? I believe that David A. Watts is the author and a cowardice clown.

    If you are reading this David: Grow up.

    I don’t always agree with Mr. Mushak but I’d take a thousand Mike Mushak’s over this other clown. Mike bleeds passion for what he believes in and puts his energy into that and it shows. He deserves respect for that. And He gets mine. The creator* of this video should take notes from Mr. Mushak. This video is embarrassing, cowardly and immature.

    Every time I think* I want to get involved with the local political machinery something slaps the sense right back into me.

  4. Suzanne

    Jack G, This stuff IS toxic. I have standards of communication that are very strict and find myself devolving sometimes when I read about the political shenanigans of this town. I remember to remember, remind myself about what I value and what is truly important then kick myself once in a while when I am sucked into this corrosive dynamic called Norwalk politics/government. Then, fight “under the radar” for the things I think will materially affect our citizenry including me. You get to do that – it is STILL a democracy and that does not require name-calling, cat-calling, invective or otherwise uncivil behavior. In the meantime, you do have my complete sympathy.

  5. L boogie

    Everybody should chill and enjoy a funny video. The above video is geared towards hip hop fans. The message is only to bring humor and turn the tables on Mr.Dunne who said some nasty things about democrats in the past. The mayor knew this appointment would cause a dustup and clearly was looking for drama. Mr. Dunne thank you for being a good sport. Stop letting Moccia use you for his twisted political agenda.

    Come on everybody enjoy the music.

  6. Suzanne

    “The mayor knew this appointment would cause a dustup and clearly was looking for drama” And you certainly provided that with this video! I think it is silly irrelevance and maybe we do need that once in while in Norwalk.

  7. Norwalk lifer

    The comments that are contained in this video, should be considered in the appointment of this “person” and I use the term with poetic license. We don’t need jerks like this in positions of appointment in this town.

    You want to know why this city is melting like rancid ice cream in the summer sun? Read the words.

    I wouldn’t expect anyone to support this man, and the video be damned; Mr. Dunne’s comments here are just another example of Machiavelli’s theory;

    There is the thief who is sorry he stole and then there is the thief who is sorry he is going to jail.

    Norwalk Lifer

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